Austria: Muslim Taxi Drivers Unite And Take Stand Against… Blind People. You Read That Right.

(Tea Party 247) – Muslims hate Western culture and namely America. The U.S. has always been the ultimate Islamic target of terror and aggression. They hate us and want to destroy us in order for their pursuits of global domination to come to fruition. You would think we would be opposed to this agenda and want to fight against it. You’d be wrong. Americans are far too enlightened and ‘woke’ for that kind of nonsense. At least Americans of the liberal variety.

Europe is much further entrenched in the Islamic takeover than we are at this point, but this is only because of the fact that they are geographically connected to the Middle East. Something Americans should be extremely thankful not to be. Nonetheless, Europe is as overrun with liberals and their warped ways of thinking as we are. One of the cornerstones of liberalism if the idea that anyone of any skin color other than white, and any religion other than Christianity, is deserving of special “victimhood” status and privileges, even if it comes at the cost of others’ personal liberties, safety, or quality of life.

Liberalism dictates that white people are the devil and therefore Muslims take rank over them. As a result, Muslims are permitted to behave in ways that are inconsiderate, rude, and sometimes illegal. In Austria, Muslim taxi drivers have decided to take a stand…against blind people and their “unclean” guide dogs despite the law dictating that they must transport guide dogs.

Summit News reported:

Muslim taxi drivers in Austria are refusing to transport blind people with guide dogs because dogs are seen as being unclean in Islamic culture.

Tiroler Tageszeitung reports on how a former board member of the Association for the Blind, who is totally blind herself, ordered a taxi to drop her off at Innsbruck airport.

However, when the taxi arrived, the driver refused to take her dog.
Taxi operators Anton Eberl and Harald Flecker apologized for the incident but stressed that they only mediate calls and do not own the taxis.

“We try to make it clear to the drivers again and again that this is not the case for us and that these trips have to be carried out exactly like any other job. Unfortunately, at the moment we are not in a position to solve this problem satisfactorily, ” said Flecker, adding that drivers had to be told “again and again” about the rules.

According to the Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper, “80 percent of drivers now have a migrant background – and Muslims traditionally often regard dogs as “impure”.

Gabriele Jandrasits also tried to order a taxi to transport her and her Beagle-Jack Russell dog to the airport. Despite the fact that the dog was contained inside a transport cage, she was told that “most drivers would refuse to take dogs for reasons of faith.”

Local laws state the drivers must accept guide dogs for the blind, although many of them simply seem to be ignoring this mandate.

This is completely outrageous. Yet everyone is too afraid to stand up to these Muslim bullies. This isn’t just a bunch of Muslims taking a stand for their “religious” beliefs. No. This is a carefully orchestrated effort to slowly begin to impose their wicked ideology on European cities. Not only are they feeling out how far they can push the line without resistance, but they are introducing their beliefs as a societal dictate.

Slowly but surely they will begin to introduce more actions they cannot perform, whether or not it is their JOB, on behalf of their “beliefs.” Liberals will continue to defend them, the masses will continue to cower in fear of offending them, and they will eventually take over. Sharia law will soon be on the horizon if this lunacy is not stopped.

It will be hard to feel sorry for Europe once they completely fall to Islam. Will we still be willfully blind to their agenda then? I’m not optimistic.


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