Austin Police Have Chilling Warning About What Antifa Terrorists May Be Planning Downtown

(Tea Party 247) – According to internal Austin Police documents, militant Antifa and Black Lives Matter members are planning a siege in downtown Austin, Texas on Saturday using heavy weapons, roadblocks, and even snipers in an attempt to establish their own “autonomous zone.”

Infowars reports:

Our sources inside the APD have asked us not to publish the documents because it would lead back to them, but they are voluminous and detailed, and we have cross-checked the information and confirmed it to be accurate.

The intelligence reports are meticulously linked to the source postings by Antifa and Black Lives Matter in their public and private Facebook groups and on other internet postings.

According to the documents, a leftist “patriot militia organization” called the Texas State Guerrillas (TXG-M) may be mobilizing for the purpose of spearheading Saturday’s protest called, “March to Amplify Black Voices and Defund the Police.”

“The Texas State Guerrillas Militia has engaged in pre-operational planning for their activities dubbed Operation Gridlock, and intends to use gun trucks, medics, riflemen, navigators, and ground teams to scan for and eliminate threats,” the document states.

The group also “advises that their main purpose is to deny non-affiliated cars access to the crowd to ensure crowd safety, which may include blocking intersections.”

The APD documents also describe an individual who made a large purchase of hammers, hard hats, and megaphones at Harbor Freight Tools on July 29 in preparation for this event, and the subject “inquired if the hammers were strong enough to break car windows.”

The subject also asked about parking cones without a hole top to smother and contain police tear gas.

The internal documents also alarmingly explain how Antifa is planning to launch sniper attacks on police or anybody else who interferes with their downtown takeover.

“Info has been received that various members may be setting up overwatch/sniper positions in downtown area,” the document reportedly reads, and adds that Antifa plans to deploy “Five subjects/snipers at each location, with climbing gear (grappling hooks, ropes etc) needed to reach rooftops if necessary.”

A memo that corroborates the intelligence received by Infowars issued by East Austin housing provider Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation on Friday, warned tenants that Antifa was being bussed in from other cities and positioning snipers on nearby rooftoops.

“Austin Police have informed some managers of apartments and condos near I-35 that people are coming to Austin tomorrow may be armed and have plans to get on top of buildings along I-35 frontage road,” the memo says.

“Please be vigilant. Report any suspicious persons in our building to Austin Police. Pay special attention to the top floor and make a point of looking at the roof of our building.”

A former APD officer also told Infowars that the department’s explosive ordinance disposal unit was recently dispatched and located explosives in a room. The source noted that they had expected an attack on APD headquarters with explosives as part of this militant operation, similar to the one used in Seattle last week which injured 21 officers.

These people may seem like vanilla soy boys who don’t know how to hold a rifle, but remember who is behind them. They’ve got wealthy donors and sinister Deep State characters in their ring. They are an organized, militant terrorist organization that ought to be treated as such.

Who will stand up for them?


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  10. I was born & raised in Texas but have lived in the Midwest for 50 years. You may not realize this but Austin is known as a hotbed of Liberals.
    I hope what happened in Portland, Minneapolis doesn’t happen in Austin.

    No one loves their home State more than I do; Liberals really have no place or part In what the state stands for, its long history of Freedom, Loyalty, Judeo/Christian values… is the next Battle cry……Remember Austin.

  11. Terrorists do not deserve mercy. They do not merit praise. They are a scourge. ISIS was decimated by concerted counter-terrorism. We should be running the home grown terrorists out. Lock them up. Put them out of action. Send them on a long trip. Stop them in as many ways as it takes.

  12. It’s time for citizen action. It’s simple. If they come, we’ll shoot. If arrested for murder, there isn’t a jury in Texas that will convict us.

  13. Where the hell is our Home Land Security, The Rule of Laws, Law Enforcement, The National Gard and/or the Military ?!?!?! This is Insurrection upon Our America and Must Be Stopped !!!!!!

    • Liberal mayors are blocking them. Governor Abbott certainly won’t be sympathetic but it appears they want to create another Kent State and then they can demonize Abbott, Cruz, Cornyn and Trump. They do not care who gets sacrificed. And remember Austin is very, very left. Austin citizens will probably make them sandwiches or have pizza delivered.

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  15. Sounds like a deception to me, And a poorly planned one. Who would give up all info of tactics, personnel and their positions. But then again we are talking about 20 and 30 year old toddlers.

  16. If they come to AUSTIN TX we will shoot to kill. We are NOT going to tolerate communist in Texas! NO TOLERANCE FOR COMMUNIST PROTESTERS!

  17. Roof top is not only high ground available to APD. Where’s that retired Dallas Police Chief who sent in a robot home?

  18. Simple, just place police snipers with automatic weapons in helicopters overhead. See an anqueefa, take it out! Problem solved…

  19. Bring in the army …. NOT the national but the ARMY and get some sharp shooters and a team of crack troops and wipe out these terrorists this crap MUST END NOW FEDERAL PRISON FOR THESE WHO HURT OTHERS.

    • I differ.. For me I prefer the 82 and 101 Airborne, Marine airborne-recon and Navy Seals. I apologize to the Air Force for not be mentioned but there so good at dropping bombs that I thought why put the pickle barrel boys on the ground. Now a simple plan. Lets say 4 battalions with a total of 3000 troops. Enclose a 23 block area ,,slowly. No human gets out. All streets are one way streets towards the center. Lets position the Marine recon gentlemen on rooftops. All alleys and walk ways are blocked with troops. All back doors of buildings are guarded, any bad boys’ or antifa coming thru the rear doors get lit-up. A total of every terrorist in the web will be eliminated. I have no problem with the gathering of ears that’s up to the individual. All remains will be palletized and delivered to the million dollar houses of Pelosy, Schumer and Obama …
      The End.

  20. Have the police locked and loaded in complete riot gear, SWAT teams ready to take evasive action, and the National Guard locked and loaded and ready to take out these ANTIFA and BLM “PUNKS”!!! Get the jail cells ready for some new occupants.

  21. This bs has to be stopped even if these “protesters” have to be shot not just pepper sprayed or tear gassed. this is domestic terrorism to provoke a civil war.

  22. Tea Party 247 … WTF, exactly WHY are your Millennial Socialist LEFT-WING CENSORS “MODERATING” my post? YOU BEST APPROVE IT AS WRITTEN; AND NOT CHANGE ONE DAMN WORD! Jim McQuillan

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  24. Agree with first poster. Take them out, not just down. Use whatever means necessary. Handing out parking tickets to terrorists doesn’t work. If the professionals don’t handle this problem, the amatures will, then mistakes will be made.

  25. It’s people like Jasmine that think it won’t affect her. It will when Google burns to the ground and CEOs are arrested for allowing terrorist propaganda to be funnelled through them.

  26. It is time for Trump to engage the military….We cannot and will not allow these thugs to destroy our cities…If the mayors or governors won’t do it, the citizens will….

  27. Time to get serious and send a strong message this stupidity will not be tolerated! This needs to be stopped and stopped now. Use whatever force necessary.

  28. Last I heard was Austin had become majoritively Democrat. I suspect that if Antifa fascists establish a “stronghold” in Austin, they will open a portal for south-of-the-border jihadists (now also comprised of converted Hispanics and Aztecs), who are well-armed with training and military-grade weaponry. Texas militia and law enforcement should watch that “backdoor.” I also suspect that jihadist from the sleeper cells in USA may get activated to attack other cities with IEDs and other bombings in crowded places, like they do elsewhere in the world. The Austin matter may be just the beginning, and other cities could find themselves facing the same thing, all coordinated. The President’s response to such things will likely affect the elections, but if his response shuts down this insurrection with military-style precision and finality, he will easily get re-elected, in my opinion. Good Americans are tired of this insanity at their doors and will support Trump and local law enforcement and/or militia to end this madness.

    • and to think I considered retiring in Austin several years ago…. im glad I moved to the country & stayed in the Midwest

  29. Time to give our politicians every strong message to start legislating against these anti-American terrorist in our own land! Call all Representative in Congress as well as Senators. Guess what Mr. Pres.
    thugs are spreading out and wide ( FBI, so some real work ). Calling.DO J as well.

  30. Lock, Load, AIM and FIRE! . . . And, PROSECUTE the SURVIVING CRIMINAL (if there ARE any – HAPPY Hunting!). Send them to GITMO – PERMANENTLY and ASAP. The TREASONISTIC TRAITORS need to be HANGED as per the U.S. Constitution. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  31. Actionable intelligence; mobilize the Guard, roll the tanks bring in the 50 calibers, snipers and SWAT;;;;;;nip it in the bud…….

  32. These Terrorists need to be taken out and interrogated at Gitmo. Get the money trail and start freezing the money and accounts. If the terrorists play nice let them live their time on in prison if not give them a chance to swim home, the Navy can give them a ride out of Cuban waters to start their swim.

    It is time to get serious with these terrorist and meet force with force.

  33. It’s fu-n amazing that the city of Austin knows what they are planning and they are doing nothing. Now they are going to let innocent people and bystanders that have nothing to do with any thing get hurt because of their own inaction.

    • I do not believe they are doing nothing, just do not want them to know what they have up there sleeve till it is time to play! After all they would change there tactics if thy know what retaliation is being planned. Let them find out what was meant by the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas!” They will think they are a bunch of sheep like Seattle or Portland! They will find out they have a bunch of bulls there an they will get the Horn!!!

  34. Time for law enforcement to start shooting back and take control of the cities. These are nothing but terrorists and are trying to overthrow the government. The only thing they will obey is extreme force.

  35. These deplorable types need to be dealt with in the strongest possible way. They are fortunate to be operating in this country. Otherwise they would be shot down like the degeneratives they are.


  37. ALL ANTIFA need killing! There is NO rational justification for their existence in this country! Wipe them out to the last individual!

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  39. Time to put out the fire by firing back and cleaning house. These are terrorist not protestors and the liberal jerks backing them are traitors to our nation and people. Take them out.

  40. Send in tanks, A-10s, and AC-130 gunships. Leave no survivors. These blm and antifa scum have declared war on the U. S., and must be treated as enemy combatants.

  41. Austin is a beautiful city that has drifted into an all too liberal mind set and is choice pickings for radical anarchists who preplan their destructive behavior. Their claim will be the usual, that they are but “peaceful protesters” exerting their First Amendment Rights. Knowing who they really are and their exact goals in advance, those interested in true law and order should head them off at the pass with whatever force it will take and shut them down forcefully and promptly avoiding as much property damage as possible. We have all seen enough of Portland, Seattle, Chicago and NYC. Time to put on our big boy pants and shut this Marxist-Leninist violence down! Arrest them, strip them of all Government rights and throw their sorry asses out of this great nation.


  43. If we ignore this planned attack our freedom is over! These terrorist groups are the enemy of America. Take them down in this war! We are crazy if we don’t protect ourselves. Blue life matters, so send in troops if needed to help them. Drive these scum out of our Country and especially those funding them.

  44. Call in the national guard and work with local police to control these animals. Protect police and have video camera’s everywhere and recording everything for prosecution of all criminal activity

  45. If you think Austin is the only place that things like this are being planned I have some bridges in NYC you might be interested in.

  46. This is 100% terrorism and must not be tolerated in America. We need to send in the National Guard or Army and let them have target practice with these terrorists. Let them know We the People will not stand for this and we will fight back. Do what they did in Montana when the ANTIFA showed up to cause trouble: The Montana militia and a whole lot of armed cowboys showed up and ANTIFA took their weapons and signs and left. If we kill a few of them they willl get the message: No terrorists in the US!

  47. It’s time for all Texans to ban together, grab their firearms and head to Austin and clean house. These people are terrorists and will take over our country if this terrorism persists. You can deal with them, you can’t bargain with them and if it takes force so be it.

    • Austin is a commie city. The police will be ordered to protect the “peaceful” protesters. If the “peaceful” protesters react violently they will claim self defense against . These prog cities should be allowed to self destruct. They can’t be saved anyway.

  48. So no one took credit for the tower arms retracting at intervals as the camera flew down the Saturn V? In reality they all retracted together…that was something that really irked me. It did look cool to do it that way but it didn’t happen that

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    • Your roommate’s sister is a hooker and she should be charging more. My sister charges $300 per hour
      and she doesn’t do it on her laptop she uses a bed…

  50. I commented on this with an earlier post. This is top of the Line Terrorism. No different than ISIS or Al Qaeda!!! Meet them in the gutter and take them down. Drones, tactical snipers, and heavily armed vehicles. Give them one warning and then take out the obvious Bad Actors with tactical snipers (that is what they are planning to do as well). Then take as many down as you can with direct fire. This is a war, no different than in Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan against Domestic Terrorists!! If you check your history, the same thing occurred in Russia and later in Germany (Bolsheviks and Nazi Brown Shirts). This lead to the overthrow and in some cases the assassination of the leaders. ANTI-FA is nothing more than the modern version of Fascists, Nazis, and Red and or White Russian Communists!!! Shoot to kill and give no quarter!!! Send the survivors to any country that will have them and permanently revoke their citizenship!!! If not, let them rot in Gitmo or line them up and shoot them!!! That’s how you take care of Terrorism, abroad or in the Precious United States of America~~~


    • It is way past time to label these militant groups as homegrown terrorist. These people need to be herded and out in jail and kept there. These are coordinated attacks , well funded and its past time fir this by to be syopped.

    • I agree totally with you MIchael. All those in the pack should be deported and if they are American Citizens they should have their citizenship taking away from them and shipped out never to return to any American territory or USA.
      The White house should label these people as terrorist and go after them before they destroy more and hurt someone or murder them..
      Then they need to go after anyone funding illegal terrorist with in the USA and that include Islamic terrorist with in our country.
      Personally if they are US Citizens they should be tried sent to Gitmo and then hung/firing squad for betraying the USA (traitors they are).

    • They plan to use snipers (that was done in the 60’s as well) so we can have our own snipers. We just need to be careful not to shoot our own people.

    • I agree! Most Americans didn’t even pay attention while we were deployed. Obama brought in thousands of ISIS fighters under the guise of refugees and the bleeding heart liberals knew what he was doing, our own government knew what he was doing and they sat by. America hasn’t seen combat on our land since the civil war and many are seduced into thinking it will never happen here, well it’s happening and we have to treat it as such, a war for our homeland!

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