Assange: WikiLeaks Founder Continues To Endure Mistreatment In Prison

(Tea Party 247) – Lawyers for Julian Assange have repeatedly submitted unsuccessful requests to the Judge on the part of the renegade journalist who has faced inhumane treatment while imprisoned in the UK.

The Judge, however, has denied these requests, including denying Assange proper access to his case file.

Infowars explains:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been subjected to “horrendous” treatment at the hands of prison authorities, the Belmarsh Magistrate’s Court (sitting at Woolwich Crown Court) heard on 25 February. The award-winning journalist and publisher was handcuffed 11 times as he was shuttled between the courthouse and the prison (despite the two locations being practically connected to each other), he was also strip-searched twice, and his legal papers were confiscated from him, according to his legal team and fellow WikiLeaks journalists.

Edward Fitzgerald QC, one of the barristers representing Assange, has pled with Judge Vanessa Baraitser to intervene with prison authorities.

The Judge has refused, however, stressing that she had told Assange’s lawyers repeatedly that she had “no jurisdiction over [Assange’s] prison conditions.”

Baraitser, who seemed to be frustrated with the requests made by Fitzgerald, offered simply that “surely this is a matter for the prison governor.”

On January 13, 2020, Gareth Pierce, a renowned human rights attorney and part of Assange’s legal team, gave Baratiser “precedent of a High Court judge who called up Belmarsh prison’s governor on the phone to instruct him to change the prison’s practices towards an inmate,” Infowars notes.

Baraitser, however, was only prepared to make a general statement to the court that it would be “helpful” for the prison to improve Assange’s access to his attorneys and his case file.

She also previously refused to intervene on Assange’s behalf in November of last year.

Infowars notes that Assange’s lawyers are considering making submissions that the actions of prison authorities are a form of contempt of court.

Assange faces up to 175 years in prison on charges of espionage by the US government.

They’re linked to the role he played in publishing war logs from Iraq and Afghanistan, documents that exposed the mistreatment of detainees in Guantanamo Bay, and the US diplomatic cables in 2010 and 2011.


  1. President Trump NEEDS to get involved with Assange and bring him back to the U.S. and release him from this BS the left is putting him through!!! NOW!!

  2. Assange’s WikiLeaks disclosed the damning scandalous DNC/Hillary/Podesta eMails that may have swayed the 2016 elections as he correctly predicted among many factors for winning candidate Trump.
    A pardon may be in order.
    For justice

  3. Don’t understand why people would rather be lied to instead of being grateful for what this man sacrificed his life for, THE TRUTH!!!!

    • Convenience… It’s easier to eat sh!t with the big soupspoon and be comfortable in your slavery than get up from your TV couch and actually look for the truth!

  4. This is what happens when you bring truth to light against evil. Just saw compliments from the one world order billionaires like Mike Bloomberg George Soros and the builder burgers and let’s not forget that low life scum bag illegal alien Obama and his hold overs!

  5. Edward Snowden is heralded as a hero by the left, yet Asange is being held like an animal? I can’t help but feel the UK is carrying out a vendetta for someone powerful here in the US (Shrillary and or BarryO?).

  6. It would seem that someone in the United States Government who is in a powerful position is paying the UK to abuse this prisoner’s rights. That points to Schiff, Nadler, Obama, and it wouldn’t be surprising that Soros is involved. Clearly appears to be a revenge motive and considering that Hillary was involved, we have a case of paid torture for a number of different reasons.

  7. bring him back to Australia to work away from a prying media in cyber security… it would be a sufficient penance for 15 years…

  8. He is simply a Blogger like so many people nowadays who have access to a computer. Dude conspired with a freak to steal and expose classified information. Then try to claim journalistic impunity. Burn his ass I say.

    • I wonder how Pollock’s got the reputation for being dumb? Your post could be evidence. Lol If a government is doing something wrong, just classify it and it is alright. If anyone exposes it burn their ass to keep it alright. Why isn’t the great Lt. Col. Vindman and Eric Charmille in jail awaiting trial?

    • The “classified information” that he is being persecuted for was the release of the Podesta/Clinton emails that “violated their privacy.” They never denied that the emails belonged to them, but the violation of their privacy exposed the pedophile monsters to the light of day. Burn his @ss? The monsters that he exposed are the ones who should be “burned.”


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