As Statues, Churches Targeted By Radical Left, Christian Pastors Make This Vow

(Tea Party 247) – A group of pastors is stepping up to the plate as Christian statues, churches, and religious art are targeted by the angry mob of radical leftists that has taken our national dialogue into stranglehold in recent weeks.

The most recent assault on our most sacred values has been a claim that “European Jesus” somehow furthers “white supremacy,” in a thinly-veiled display of the deep-seated anti-Western values of the far-left, Black Lives Matter-adjacent protest movement.

Newsmax reports:

The pastors gathered in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), or Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP), this week to denounce the inclusion of Christian symbols as part of the protests over the death of a black man in police-custody in Minneapolis, Fox News Channel reported.

Brian Gibson, pastor of HIS Church with campuses in Owensboro and Henderson, Kentucky; and Amarillo and Dumas, Texas, was particularly angered by black activist Shaun King’s call to “tear down” statues and images of Jesus Christ because they were a form of “white supremacy.”

“Christians across America must stand against this violent religious discrimination and stand to protect sacred ground,” said Gibson, who presides over a megachurch. “This threat particularly targets the Catholic Church, and every Christian, despite denomination, and every person of the good book, should stand together in unity against this evil.”

In addition to King’s claim, St. John’s Episcopal Church next to Lafayette Park across from the White House has been vandalized twice, including being set on fire, during widespread protests.

Gibson and the pastors joining him have formed the Church Defensive Initiative, which has vowed to pursue prosecution of anyone who vandalizes churches and also seeks hate crime designations for any attempt to desecreate a chuch’s property or religious symbols.

They also affirm the right of churches to use physical force to protect their property and members.

“Next they’ll go for the cross,” said Pastor Kedrick Timbo of Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, Kentucky. “They’ll claim the cross is ‘whatever,’ and then they’ll require you and me to remove the crosses from our churches or the crosses from our homes.”

Gibson, who has previously been a vocal advocate for church exemptions to coronavirus social distancing regulations.

He has urged religious leaders “not allow our Christian heritage to be erased in America.”

Featured image credit: Peaceably Gather


  1. Robert. You need to lay off the kool aid or what ever it is that has polluted your feeble mind. You are not only confused, but it appears you are blind as well. I agree, that white supremacist’s exist and spew their vile hatred every chance they get, but attacking the Christian structure for being “too white” is not their M.O. To point out another fact, there are far more leftist/Democrat, white supremacists in this country than conservative white supremacists and guess who’s fueling the rage for Civil War… guessed wrong! It is the left wing LibTARDS, Progressives, Democrats, Activists, Socialists, Communists and otherwise braindead idiots like yourself.
    De-facing and tearing down monuments to the moral fabric/history that made America the most desirable place in the world to be a human being, will not solve a single injustice, past or present!
    Fighting for liberty and independence and the freedom to fail and succeed at your own hand or by the Grace of GOD is where we can all stand together. That’s, where it’s at, Brothers and Sisters. TRUMP 2020.

  2. God works in mysterious ways and it is heartening to see more and more minorities realizing what is going on and awakening to the fact that they must act to defeat this communist invasion from within. Let us pray that it will be in time to save our beloved country.

  3. Now just when did anyone prove they were radical leftist, They could be anyone who wants to express what they want out of life. Now in the investigations done so far it seems like White Supremists are in back of the destruction and wanting to start a Civil War, which in their minds would put blacks out of this USA or not be citizens with any rights, and some even express executed. ethnic cleansing they call it.

    • The “white” Antifa thugs are USA hating, Marxist leftists! Don’t be fooled, they wish to destroy America!

    • First they came for me, then they will come for you, then you, then you. After this we will cease to be a land of freedom and opportunity.

  4. This trash n treason n terrorism in this country is the crap that leads to No productive, Utopian brainwashed “kids”, destroying everyrhing with No Viable Proven plan of Effective Government. Since they were given toooo much, they do Not understand the Farming Principles of hard labor, sowing, reaping, n private property. Thet R focused on a few weak social areas Caused by those who do not n will not take Responsibility. They are Rapers n Pillegers of Society, not contributors. They Want, but will not Work or take instruction. Giving peopleStuff as created a weak society. Show me a winning millionaire ticket n I’ll show U a path of destruction!! If any, No winning ticket should b over a weeks wage!

  5. It may take the pastors to pound some sense into the WEAK local and state politicians who have allowed this crap to happen. , and the Democrats in Washington who condone it by their silence.
    WAKE UP, AMERICA. Rioting, tearing down statues, harassing, and attacking fellow citizens is a CRIME. JAIL TIME. Peaceful protesting allowed and encouraged.

  6. God has murdered thousands over the past thousand years…’memba the red sea after moses got to the other side..all the romans.. god..yes god, murdered them via drowning em such a hypocrite. & liar!

    • Even though you committed this to type, God still loves you. Many may have been murdered in His name. Yes, God still loves you for what you said. He is everything good. As for me, I stand for the flag and kneel for God.

    • God was helping the downtrodden, enslaved Jews escaping from the murderous clutches of the Egyptians. I see no problem as the Pharoah would have murdered every escaping Jew. The Egyptian forces did not have to enter the Red Sea, it was their own murderous rage that doomed them!!

    • Anybody who says “memba” because they can’t or are too fricken lazy to spell out remember are too stupid to be taken seriously.
      I feel sorry for you, you will not have a bright future.

    • Yeah..”NOWHERE MAN” that’s exactly what you are a lost no where man…Get a life. God did NOT kill these humans…There will be wars, famines, rumors of wars..on and on…pick up a GOOD BOOK and read a little bit…DUMB ASS

  7. Please be advised that I will no longer be contributing to your cause. Over the past few years I have given generously to your requests for donations. Now I see that you are no better than the liberal media when it comes to censorship. I posted two minor observations regarding this article and neither one was posted.

    Sadly….goodbye to any future support I would have provided.

    Lets see if you post this message.

  8. The claim is that Jesus was not white, and to portray him as white is racist.
    Well I have news for those that claim he was black….that is not true either. He was from the middle East and therefore most likely of the Brown race. I am sure that many Asians visualize a “yellow” Jesus
    Each of us “sees” Jesus as we understand from our own experience. What difference does the color of the skin of Jesus make?
    If you attribute the essence of Jesus to his skin color you are the most despicable type of racist and definitely not a religious person.
    Think about it!

    • This has nothing to do with religion from their standpoint, and everything to do with canceling out the things that you hold precious. Most of these anarchists are not religious, and many are atheists. They seek to destroy the identity that others use to hold true to. Most of them couldn’t care less what color Jesus is, was, or is portrayed as. They simply want to take him away from you.

    • We are all made in God’s likeness. Think about this. He made us all in His likeness. You talk about skin color, racism but try talking about what the Bible says, not your opinion(s). “May the sacred heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the whole world now and forever.” This is what Jesus wants as this is an excerpt of one of His prayers. This should answer any questions as to what He wants. To destroy a church is an attempt to destroy Christ of Savior. Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is absolutely worth fighting for as is His houses of worship. To say where He comes from means little to me. He came here, in this world, to save our souls. That is what should matter to us all. All He asked is to be adored, loved, glorified and preserved throughout the whole world now and forever. A simple request that some are trying to falter on.

  9. Plandemic! Biden is being used by the left once he wins Obama will continue his agenda which is to make this Great & bless country Communist. Christianity will b there main Target bcuz of our strong Godly beliefs. 🙏 like nvr b4 for this great Giving Nation!

  10. Christian church buildings are by far and away the most numerous places of worship in these United States and so they are attacked first. Then will come the vandalizing of other places of worship. Then will come the killing of those who worship God.

  11. Nah 4:17 Those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other,

    “Protector Fidelium”
    Protector of the Faithful

    We have surrendered enough

  12. Lets go Christians there is a lot more of us than them, but them is taking over everything we love about out country. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE LOCK AND LOAD NOW

  13. The idea that anyones life is of more value than anothers merely on the basis of the color of someones skin, or ethnic heritage is racism. That makes the Black Lives Matter movement a racist organization. So, then, how can they claim to be fighting racism? The love of God, and love for ones fellow man, regardless of race or ethnicity, are the only effective weapons with which to destroy racism. They work like a charm, and no one gets hurt. There are many multi ethnic Churches across the notion that prove that And what about the police. There are good cops, and there are bad cops. Most of them are good, They are doing their best to enforce the law, and keep our neighborhoods safe, and peaceful. They risk their lives, daily, to do this. When some one runs a red light, the cop who stops him to give him a ticket, could be shot dead by that person. There is a death risk, for every step a cop makes to simply, do his job. So, because we find a bad cop now and then, lets punish all of them. Defund them. or better yet get rid of them. With no one to keep law and order, the U.S.A. is finished. The Democrats and lefts, will be happy to take over and run things for us, and trample us, and take away our rights, a freedom. But then they are all greedy, and power hungry. They will be so busy fighting among themselves for the top[ positions, and the most money, there will be no real leadership. won’t that be great? The fellows from the Middle East can come in and eat us alive.

    • Just read, the police were ‘allowed’ to do their jobs in Beverly Hills, CA. Why am I not surprised. If you’re fortunate to own a weapon – by all means, USE IT, to protect yourself, family, and what you own. THEY DO WANT YOUR HOUSE …!!!

    • They are racist, they don’t care about anyone of any color. Their name is a joke and an excuse to riot and loot and destroy. Just look at how many black owned business they have destroyed. They are a domestic terrorist group.

  14. Thankful that slowly churches are awakening to real world reality. Glad that you are approaching this challenge with declarations of defensive statements. Hopeful that you will add the value of Biblical’s “pray without ceasing” teachings while being filled with holy spirit’s lack of fear while shepherding flicks of Christians to their Godly missions of love in an evil world while proclaiming God’s holy expectations

  15. We are in the midst of a spiritual war, and it’s time as christian we fight for our belief. This is not the time to turn the other cheek.? These Marxists wanting to erase history is just the beginning, because they have no direction or purpose except to turn this country into communist country. These pea brains are the small fish the sharks are the politicians who hate everything about this country but most of all they want power without exposure in the swamp and they have the propaganda fake news media with them. I am glad that some pastors are refusing to stay silent and are fighting for religious liberty.

    • Dr. Marshall … ABSOLUTELY … Wholeheartedly, AGREE …!!! It’s time to test the strength of our spines.

  16. These blm and Antifa idiots need a attitude adjustment. If the government won’t do the job then, as suggested by our founding fathers, it is up to us.

  17. What a great 1st step of action for a REVIVAL!
    Education in the roots of Christianity to those who don’t understand because of their anger, hate, and strife will be like cold water over hot coals. Bringing into their lives the love of Jesus, who was born a Jew, will definitely have a positive impact.
    Great job and will keep your ministry in prayer.🙏

  18. American Citizens: When is too much too much? Have you noticed lately that the “Fake News” portrays the rioters and looters – the criminals who indiscriminately walk around our streets and sucker punch the elderly white women and men or the poor white guy wiping down his tires in Brooklyn, NY who is murdered by a Black man who pumps two bullets into the back of the guys head and just walks away. How come we never hear about what the authorities are doing to protect and serve but we only hear about one or two “bad apples” in the police departments. The Republicans are “shut down” in Congress when they make suggestions for reform but the left wing Democrats are getting 90% of the media attention. How come our government officials appear to be doing nothing to protect our citizens and our Democrat cities? Is President Trump the ONLY official who gives the impression that he wants Law and Order and has signed an Executive Order to protect statues or face penalty of jail, fine or both. We have to show the anarchists, the BLM groups and Antifa and their ilk that there are consequences for breaking the law, murdering innocent civilians and for rioting and looting. The cops need to bite their tongues, don riot gear and go in and clean up the “dregs of humanity” who think that they are above the law. If Ms. Omar wants a new police dept. she should apply for the job and try to be the 1st one on the scene of any murder in Minneapolis. Maybe she can do a better job than the authorities. Or maybe not!

  19. These arsonists should be forcefully confronted and punished to the maximum jail sentence.
    They want the erase our history, our religion and our civilization. They are criminals.

  20. black lives matter may have been initially formed by activists for betterment of their shade, but as often happens, the cause has become inept mob mentality. They have forgotten their purpose and have succumbed to treacherous, terroristic behavior. Well known activists under MLK, Hollywood personalities and most of the media encourage the activity from their dais or microphone basking in their results but accepting no blame and claiming no responsibility.

    Driving by certain churches on Sunday, one hears congregants, singing and praising the Lord. To many, it’s a social hour. When it’s over, they leave the building and rejoin their cohorts in attempting to demolish history, democracy and life as we know it. The mayor’s and governors allow it. Now they are focusing on Christianity and the clergy is taking a stand, proving there is a separation of church and state.

    I do believe these heinous groups are nearing the end of their satanic reign. They have crossed the line. I can’t help but think that God is beginning intervention through the ministry’s stance. Together with the recent executive order and potential military mobilization, our country will remain free.

    • If these thugs aren’t stopped by authorities, they will start killing many innocent people who have nothing to do with the death of innocent colored people!

    • Pat Morgan: BLM was began in 2013 by three black lesbians who are Marxists. They said they were trained by Marxists. Fox News researched them and that is how I know this. Other MSM channels censor what they don’t want you to know. Their aim is to destroy the family and of course get the donations of whites who feel guilty (I do not, I am sad we have come to this). Donations are given to a group that funnels it to the DNC (Biden). They want to erase our culture and take over our country. Some are doing this for money, some for power and money, but all of them are being used by the NWO. They have to destroy Christianity! George Soros has over 80 organizations he supports to take down our country. He is not allowed back into Hungary. These people are atheists which makes them satanists.

  21. Leftists don’t care about church because some believe god has allowed bad things to happen. Some of them would have you consider that they are downtrodden because of church leaders are taking what should be the leftist’s own. The leftist communists would abolish church and religion as happened in communist Russia. The CCP has targeted Uighurs by the hundreds thousands and persecuted them because of their beliefs. Leftists in America are fearful of the power of churches because it competes for peoples’ minds.

    • At least half are RINOS – ‘plants’ for the Left. Their backbone is displayed only when they’re backing up rabid Congress.

  22. One clear message to BLM and Antifa. Quit attacking God or suffer the consequences. What I mean is if you look in The Bible (which I know you don’t even want to know it exists) you will see the wrath of God against many nations and it wasn’t pretty. Fair warning Godless anarchists.

    • Amen to that, Donald. You are right on target. God is slow to anger. But they are pushing it. I see it coming.

    • Jesus is not white! Jesus is an Israelite. A man of Jewish decent. Those who ignore or try to erase history are doomed to repeat it. This is not just an old saying! These thugs are trying to erase history and yet they are acting like the Nazi! Their goal is to eliminate those who are not of their race. So who is really the racist? America is made up of many races!
      This is America and those who want jobs will find them. So if you bus a table, drive a simi-truck, become a member of the Armed Service and fly or fix an airplane, be a doctor, a scientist, a chef, or any of the thousands of other jobs.. be a contributing member of society. And vote for those who want to give you jobs not handouts! Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried! All Lives Matter! This is a land of opportunity and those who grab that work ethic can and will make of their lives what they are willing to work for!
      And if you wonder what jobs this lady has had.. Marine- avionics teck, Truck Driver/owner, college grad.. take your future in your own hands and work as hard as you can work to make yourself into a law abiding productive human being!

  23. BLM is 90% Domestic TERRORISTS and 10% LYING FRAUDS. They care NOTHING for Black Lives unless they are one of the very very few Blacks killed by police brutality. The Black Life lost MUST get BLM money and Publicity or it does not matter to BLM. In FACT most Blacks and BLM insure that Black Lives will be lost to Abortion, lawlessness and Police Brutality with their BLIND support of Democraps who ruin the cities and State were the most Black lives are lost to other Blacks so they don’t MATTER to BLM and Blacks.

    • Their chief financier is George Soros. He’s got many websites. I’m sure if you Google him, they’ll come up.

  24. Black Lives Matter! REALLY??? How can that be when these savages destroy even their own!! That wasn’t bad enough! Now you have white idiots pushing them to destroy everything and anything. It’s interesting to listen to their fantastic vocabulary, too! They cannot put two words without saying F— THAT, F—YOU, F—EVERYTHING!! Oh yeah, we should really understand their plight!! NOT!!!

  25. this why bidden gets support they need pupet in white house someone with no brain of there own that will shut up do as they are told the country is going to hell and gone if bidden the pupet wins you will see

    • Actually, if, and that’s a big IF, Biden wins, he will be inaugurated January 21st and resign January 22nd. The real candidate is the yet to be determined vice presidential nominee and somebody else is in the pipeline to become vice president after that person is elevated to the top job. The Democrats may be inept, but they aren’t stupid. They know darn well that Biden cannot function well enough to stay in office for more than a day. If they win the presidency, and one or both chambers of Congress, the Constitution is dead and we can welcome in the USSA.

    • Right on! I am so sick of the phoneys, esp the Democrat arranged groups of terrorists, trying to take and do whatever they want. My country’s history, of Indians, blacks, whites and all others, and especially our religious history is important to me and worth preserving. STOP causing dissension, riots and total unrest. Leave the peaceful, God-loving Americans alone! Go colonize some other country if you prefer communism and socialism. Not doctrines we fought for in the foundation and defense of America!!

  26. That is not a comment, only a advertisement seen everywhere among comments. God Bless and Help our Churches. People everywhere will stand against this.

  27. This protest movement will escalate, like a child whose crying goes unnoticed escalates to a tantrum, then finally throwing toys, biting, etc. If the protestors do not see adequate results quickly enough, be prepared for random murders. The police will stay away to avoid more abuse, governors will not use the national guard in hopes that things will calm down, and you and I will await the arrival of the protests to our own neighborhoods. This will be met with gunfire like never before seen anywhere on earth.
    Are you prepared?

  28. I’m so glad to see these folks step up and call it what it is, “Evil” and it’s disguised as “social justice”. Will BLM use the same microscope on Karl Marx, their “god”, of course not. Will they attack Charles Darwin and his blatantly racists views and demand evolution be removed from our nation’s schools? They love publics schools, after all, they want to abolish private schools.

    • No they will not use the same microscope on Karl Marx because they are the protege’ of Marx. They have openly admitted to being Marxists.


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