As Durham Probe Heats Up, House Democrats Panic As They Call For “Emergency Investigation”

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats are in an absolute panic. After all of their schemes to bring down President Trump have utterly failed, they have found it is they who are now under the microscope. Of course, in an effort to avoid being outed for the lying, conniving criminals that they are, they’ve called for an “emergency investigation” into the investigation on them. You really just can’t make this stuff up.

On Friday, the Democratic chairs of four House committees asked the Justice Department’s internal watchdog to open an investigation into U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe of the Obama administration’s Trump-related intelligence activities.

“We write to ask that you open an emergency investigation into whether U.S. Attorney General William Barr, U.S. Attorney John Durham, and other Department of Justice political appointees are following DOJ’s longstanding policy to avoid taking official actions or other steps that could improperly influence the upcoming presidential election,” the Democrats wrote to Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general.

The letter was signed by Reps. Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Zoe Lofgren and Carolyn Maloney, who lead the House Judiciary, Intelligence, House Administration and Oversight Committees, respectively.

BizPac Review has more details:

The House letter is the latest in a Democrat-led effort to call the legitimacy of the Durham investigation into question. On Thursday, the 10 Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee called on Horowitz to open a similar investigation into the legality of the Durham probe.

Democrats are questioning the legal authority of the investigation, and whether Durham is allowed to release a public report of the probe before the election.

“Attorney General Barr has signaled repeatedly that he is likely to allow DOJ to take prosecutorial actions, make public disclosures, and even issue reports before the presidential election in November. Such actions clearly appear intended to benefit President Trump politically,” the Democrats wrote.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee shot back at the letter, saying that Democrats “are absolutely terrified” of the Durham probe and what it might uncover.

“They know Barr and Durham are cleaning up the what the Obama/Biden DOJ left behind,” the Republicans wrote. “And the results won’t be pretty for them.”

Durham is conducting a sprawling investigation into FBI, CIA and other U.S. agencies’ Trump-related actions during the 2016 presidential campaign and beyond.

The investigation has dug further into the findings of an IG report that Horowitz issued on Dec. 9 that said that the FBI misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in order to obtain warrants against Carter Page.

Many of the errors Horowitz identified involved the FBI’s handling of the Steele dossier.

Democrats have contended that the Durham investigation is a witch hunt, which is ironic enough on its own, but one former FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, has pleaded guilty and admitted to altering a June 2017 email from a CIA analyst in regards to Carter Page.

The Democrats are citing concern that the results of the investigation will influence the upcoming election but Barr contends that it will not since Joe Biden is not a target of the investigation.

Barr did say in an Aug. 13 interview that he expects “significant” developments in the investigation to come out before the election.

We can only hope so. Though it wouldn’t matter if Barack Obama himself was brought down as a result of the investigation. All that liberals care about is “orange man bad.” The investigation truly will have no influence on the coming election.


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  2. Democrats never fail to probe, search, and outright invent new ways to fight their battles. It seems like they come up with some new wrinkle just about every day. If they would devote just half that energy into representing the citizens, think what amazing things the government could do. What a bunch they are.

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    • I say hang them all for what they did to president through all in jail for the rest of there lien lives peloski to with therewith hunt hoax when are you going then you going to lock them up and dont forget to lock up schiffty schiff with his lies

  3. The pride and audacity of democrats to think they are above investigation. Their list of crimes is so long and they have gotten away with so much for so long they think they are the law. Strangely, they are even more subverted than the criminals they constantly protect.

  4. there is no liar so easy to see than todays Democrats in office they lie so much it would be hard to find something that has some truth in it.

    • Unless, there narrative is more important than than actual fact. How many people and city governments excuse this rioting because we have to many black and brown people in jail. Criminals are criminal, that need to be locked up. It is not hard not to break the law. If more black and brown criminals break the law, they will be over represented in the justice system.

    • I disagree.

      They need to be taken UP. As in up 13 stairs to the platform.

      Then we apply a hemp necktie with 13 turns and place the knot under the right ear.

      Then we pull a lever and rate the quality of the custom giraffe impersonation as good, bad or Meh…

  5. The Democrat Party sends notice, That the investigators that falsely investigated President Trump, Cannot be investigated during an election year! Right, LOL!

  6. I do suppose fair ids fair, when the Senate republican are investigating as well on the same line, the thing is they are now investigating Biden’s Son and that is not in their line of who they can investigate, that would be the DOJ job, and to do that they must have grounds that he has done something wrong, which they seem to not be able to find after about almost 2 years, but just keep it in the news, which has no basis in fact.

    It seems like a lot say there was no justification for investigating why Trump Campaign in 2016 had contact with Russian Agents, but the fact is there is nothing that Biden’s son has been proven to have done wrong but you still hear it all the time.
    Now according to how Durham has operated all his life in investigations, as soon as he finds something concrete he charges the person or persons with a crime then continues his investigation, now that has not happened and I doubt if any thing of concrete horror will happen, when Durham’s aide of 18 years quits because she said the investigation has become political and shew wants no part of it, so the only people who will most possibly take anything that Barr puts out are the one’s who blindly follow Trump any way, so it will gain nothing in votes or approval, in fact being that the aide says it is political it could loose Trump votes from the undecided who do not like lies.

    • Some questions to ponder, and answer for us. Why did the democrats train themselves, were coached about the Hunter Biden situations, and how to deflect (answer)? Keep in mind, the mainstream media doesn’t press democrat issues very hard. Why did Durham’s aide retire? Was the political pressure from her dragging her feet to intentionally slow up her part of the investigation to keep up evidence from getting out before the election? Keep in mind, she is a never Trumper. Would her political beliefs be getting in the way? What are the answers to those questions, Robert?

    • Robert, If undecided voter don’t like lies then they would never vote for a democrat again. I am a registered independent and what I have witnessed over the past 4 years, the lies and deceit, I could never and will never vote for a democrat again. You yourself are a perfect example of a liberal liar with your post, THANK YOU TOM BROWN FOR CALLING HIM OUT ON IT.

    • “there is nothing that Biden’s son has been proven to have done wrong but you still hear it all the time.”

      Well, except for the fact that Hunter got the deals for which he had no previous qualifications or experience because his father was the Vice President at the time. This is an issue that bears investigating. You can bet that if Joe hadn’t been the VP, Hunter would not have gotten the deals. The real problem is the Biden nepotism.

  7. But is Barr serious? Sometimes I have to wonder if he really means to indict and prosecute anyone. Even if he does prosecute and send some of the perps to jail the Dems will Just commute them if they win the election. Guaranteed.

  8. The Democrats have no problem sending people to prison or persecuting trump supporters so why should we worry about their feelings. The indictments need to get out now because they will disappear if the democrats win in November.

  9. INDICT and LOCK UP the DEEP State actors in FEDERAL PRISON for a LENGTHY PRISON stay and have their PENSIONS removed afterwards. One Hopeful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. They need to get indictments done and now… if this keeps going on, and nothing is done, Should Lyin’ Biden/Harris get into the white house, the whole thing will be swept away and the criminal democRATS once again will skate free… THIS MUST GET COMPLETED BEFORE THE ELECTION…

  11. I am not surprised the democrat party wants to stifle the investigation. Any criminal would. I do find it ironic the investigation is about the democrat party’s illegal investigation into Trump before, during, and after the election. I do think the report should be made public as soon as possible. I don’t care if it is the day before the election. In fact it would be best if US citizens had that information before the election, so they could vote accordingly. Not after when it may be to late.

  12. Nail the Democrats involved to the wall! Kick them out of office and conduct a trial and put the guilty ones in prison!! Enough of their scandalous ways!!

  13. These HORRIBLE DEEP STATE Treasonistic TRAITORS need to be CONVICTED and SENT to FEDERAL PRISON and STRIPPED of their RETIREMENT Pensions. GITMO would be a NICE place for them. The time for JUSTICE is NOW. One Hopeful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • YES, the attack on our Standing President is rift with EXTREME CRIMEs and these criminals need to suffer for their TRAITOROUS DEEDS to PRESIDENT TRUMP! Vote for TRUMP this November! GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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