As Blue Counties Give Sanctuary To Illegal Aliens, More Counties In Virginia Are Doing This

(Tea Party 247) – More counties in Virginia have declared “Second Amendment Sanctuary” status this week in some serious pushback to the promises of Gov. Ralph Northam (D) and the recently-elected Democrats to implement strict new gun control laws.

Earlier this month, Breitbart News reported that the Appomattox County Board of Commissioners passed a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” resolution with the aim of thwarting the agenda to “unconstitutionally restrict gun rights.”

According to WHSV 3, Giles County and Dinwiddle both adopted “Second Amendment Sanctuary” resolutions on November 21, 2019.

Dinwiddle Supervisor William Chavis said, “We have rights to bear arms. Point blank. And our county, we have a lot of hunters, lots of sportsmen that like to sport shoot.”

Then, on November 8th, Breitbart News reported that Gov. Northam had responded to his party’s election victories by revving up the battle for gun control.

In the wake of the Virginia Beach shooting in which 12 people were shot and killed with legally-acquired guns, Northam introduced a number of gun control measures, although his push was cut short in the face of Republican opposition.

Now that the Democrats are in control in the state legislature, however, Northam is beginning the effort anew.

Northam told CNN that universal background checks, bans on “high volume magazines and bump stocks, and more are in his plans.

By the way, none of the measures that Northam has or will propose would have prevented the horrific Virginia Beach shooting.

I’m sure this is just a trivial detail to the gun-grabbing Democrats, however.

This is great to see. More counties and Sheriffs and police departments across the country need to be willing to put their food down for the Second Amendment.

We don’t need laws protecting our rights, they’re God-given and protected by the Constitution.

There is nothing more unconstitutional, no nothing less than treasonous than trying to take weapons out of the hands of millions of law-abiding Americans.

The Democrats know exactly what they’re doing.


  1. The shooting at Virginia Beach is another tragedy we should at the feet of the NRA (aka Traitors Taking Russian Money! — TTRM)

  2. In order to take office, they have to take an oath of office. That oath in part declares that they vow to “defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.
    When they then attack that constitution they commit the felony offense of violating their oath of office – it’s called “Felonious Perjury” and they can be lawfully arrested by a legitimate American…

    Go for it.

    • My sentiments EXACTLY! Why oh why didn’t they vote Republican if they even took the time to vote..which is what I’m guessing..I hate it for the ones who did their civic duty and voted (Republican) But the ones who voted demorat, or not at all? This is what you get..We other states better stand up and take notice and get our family, our friends, all we know to make sure they VOTE! Life in this country, as we know it, depends on that…God help us all, this can so easily happen where we live as well…

    • Donnajean, I live in a blue state and we are full of democrat leaders. I did not vote for any of them. I can’t just leave and go somewhere else because I am caring for my elderly parents, mother-in-law and I am disabled. I am wondering if there is anywhere to go anymore to get away from the loony left. Too many brain washed young people being churned out of schools and colleges. They even protest against free speech – the first amendment. They are so ignorant because that means they lose their right to free speech. What snowflakes! They steal your money (colleges) and you come out so ignorant.

  3. Punishing law-abiding Americans for the actions of criminals – how stupid are our lawmakers?
    PUNISH THE CRIMINALS! Ever think of that as a deterrent? Wake up judges!!!

    • Maybe these idiots should review the current gun laws and try to enforce them first before coming up with stupidity that won’t help anything anyway.

  4. Damn Democrats! Their push to take guns away will backfire one day, the more they push the sooner it will be and it won’t be pretty. When are Americans going to wake up to the fact that the Demos want us to be like Europe and the only way to protect yourself and your family will be with a baseball bat or pitchfork. That doesn’t play well when a gun is pointed at you; and it doesn’t matter who is pointing the gun. It could be a bad guy that doesn’t play by the rules or it could be the government police or army pointing the gun at you.

  5. Some people need to go back to school or maybe look at a dictionary to understand the meaning of “shall NOT BE INFRINGED”

  6. Check with our Washington State Republicans. We already did this in 34 over our 39 counties earlier this year. It is now part of our state
    party’s platform

  7. the democrats want to turn America into another venezuela. Wake- Up before you are fighting in the streets for your freedom.Fight back by putting men and women in office that support the second amendment.

    • These Democrats are unrepentent Communists….GOT it?

      Folks we are in a death match now. They won’t accept Trump and we don’t accept Communism!

      Something has to give.

      What’ll it be?

  8. ILLEGALS ? Here in NY the gov. Cuomo gave a pardon to illegals that were in jail for MURDER ! Then this judge, Wolford , said it was OK , to give a driver license to illegals ! She’s obviously a Cuomo,democrat . It was reported that an illegal immigrant in Sodus , NY admitted to killing a young mother and her baby . I wonder if he was one of the illegals that Cuomo pardoned .

    • Any city or county in the USA that gives illegals sanctuary, SHOULD BE HELD LIABLE for all costs associated with criminal activities of their illegals. Same as parents are liable for any damages committed by their minor children. That would make them think twice for them endangering other American citizens.

  9. No, don’t bury them. Practice using them. Practice against realistic targets. Learn the laws regarding self defense and home defense.

  10. They had the chance to vote out but they didn’t so this is what is happening. Everyone is in danger now; I wonder how many of them are happy?

  11. these people ore totally STUPID, giving sanctuary to Illegal Aliens that their taxes will have to support and the rime rate will go way up

  12. I wish as part of govt “cleanup” Trump should demand AG Barr go after any and all public officials who egregiously break their oath of office, and put them in the hoose gow.

  13. The first male reporter’s facial features seem to be saying, “So there, now how do you like that? You want sanctuaries, for every liberal sanctuary you make we’ll make an additional gun sanctuary, ha.”

  14. Democrats have been unable to pass their unrealistic gun laws before what makes them think they can do it now? Have dry counties where guns are illegal like it’s alcohol? Just look at highly liberal Democratic cities like Seattle and Pelosi’s San Francisco where epidemic drug use and chronic homelessness are rising rapidly and making parts of those places look like camps along the border. Democrats should clean up their own houses first before they even think of trying to pass stupid laws on law abiding citizens.

    • Sad to see that the Virginia legislature is now under leftist Democrat control. Are the voters aware of what’s happened in Calif. ?? They’re going to have no one to blame but themselves. Hopefully, the coming consequences can be confined to the Democrats, but how ??

    • so true as a child in the 50 ans 60 s growing up in seattle the old pacific nw it was a great place ,now it is a shit hole when are pople finally gonna have enough ? how bout we put these homeless on the govenors lawn now he can see it from his back porch, I live in alaska now and we are having some of the same issues in the urban areas as down in the 48 ,they tried their sanctuary bull shit in the town of homer on the kenai penninsula the residents in the area responded enmass and told the local politicos that we will shoot to kill anyone stealing from us!! then the locals enacted a recall got the politicos thrown out of town sanctuary my ass lock and load

  15. They swore to defend the constitution of the United States of America. If they don’t live up to their promises impeach them.

  16. If the people don’t roll over and stand firm,they can beat the gun grabbers.If on the other hand they don’t fight for their gun rights,they deserve what they get.

    • Douglas, didn’t the State vote for Democrat Northam? If so to me this is what you get. Now look he’s working on taking your guns rights away. Sorry!!!

  17. The Democrats should be focusing on the law around using a gun. A mandatory 30-50 year sentence for using a gun in the commission of a crime should be enough of a deterrent. If not make the term longer. Restricting the sale of guns is useless.

  18. Thank you SANCTUARY cities for a JOB WELL done . . . Don’t let these COMMUNISTS take away your guns! This is a COMMUNIST trick to disarm you, to leave you defenseless against a TYRANNICAL government. Next time around, though, VOTE these TREASONISTIC Traitors OUT of office. who KNOWS what they will do NEXT. I applaud your actions – One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  19. The gun grabbing Dems prove that they are Socialists and Communists . Never trust them as they want to rule your life saying you are too dumb to make your own decisions . After 1st sin God gave each of us the right to make our own decisions . It’s our God given right. Democrats 1st right that they wanted only for them to make.

  20. You got what you voted for. Dems will take rights and jack up your taxes to take from your families to give to those here illegally. They will then back door a way for illegals to vote. Visit Chicago for details. Also look at Illinois economic collapse in progress under Democrat dictatorship.

  21. The gun grabbing DEM’S are going to bite off more than they can chew. The part that I don’t like is the ones pushing the agenda aren’t the ones that will show up at the door to try to take them. Cowards


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