Arkansas State Senator Takes To Facebook Over Sesame Street’s Latest Controversial LGBT Guest Appearance

(Tea Party 247) – Recently it was announced that gay activist, actor Billy Porter would be appearing on an episode of Sesame Street, apparently to teach children not to be bigots and how to be “inclusive.”

Nothing gets that message across quite like the constant inundation of the LGBT agenda everywhere our children look. If children are not being raised by their parents to be fierce advocates of the LGBT mafia, the LGBT mafia will just have to get the job done themselves. I digress.

Billy Porter, whom Sesame Street has dubbed “iconic,” is an outspoken LGBT activist who has caused waves by wearing gowns to awards shows, most notably his “tuxedo dress” which is featured in pictures advertising for the upcoming Sesame Street episode.

Apparently, causing children to be confused about their gender is an “iconic” thing to do, at least on Sesame Street it is.

One state senator has had enough of this blatant and tasteless indoctrination. Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert took to Facebook to call out Sesame Street for using tax funds to push the LGBT agenda on to unsuspecting families and children.

“What do you think I should do about this as your state senator? Do you approve of your taxpayer dollars being used to promote the radical LGBTQ agenda?” he asked in his Facebook post.

Above: Jason Rapert

The Arkansas Times has more:

Rapert also commented that he may target funding for AETN, the state’s PBS affiliate, headquartered in Rapert’s district in Conway. “I can pass a bill to cutoff all funding for the rebroadcast of PBS programming through AETN and also stop all funding for AETN altogether if necessary,” Rapert wrote on Facebook. “Fiscal Session starts April 8th.”

Since 2015, the first run of “Sesame Street” episodes air on HBO and then become available on PBS affiliates such as AETN nine months later. This year’s season, the program’s 51st, will have its first run on HBO Max. 

Rapert further opined: “I love a lot of the great programming we have on AETN and have been a defender and champion for them. However, if they choose to allow our state taxpayer funded platform to be politicized in this way, they are going to have to make a decision about who they really serve.”

Rapert is also promoting on Facebook an online petition expressing outrage over what it calls “Sesame Street’s decision to push drag queens on children,” and demanding that the show drop the episode featuring Porter.

One Facebook commenter asked Rapert, “Would Jesus approve of your judgment and intolerance?”

Ruffled Rapert took exception to the comment, replying, “you are totally amiss and you know it. Christians do not support anti-Biblical behavior. The Bible is clear on certain sins — including homosexuality. Romans Chapter 1 and the Book of Jude just to cite two examples are very clear about this issue. Jesus never endorsed homosexual behavior and opposed it as he referenced Sodom and Gomorrah. Speaking the truth is not hatred. If you oppose the Bible, you are not a sincere Christian.”

Rapert did a good job shutting down the Biblical argument on Facebook and made the solid point that actual Christians do not oppose what the Bible actually says, even in the department of homosexuality.

We say kudos to Rapert for bucking against the pervasive influence of the LGBT agenda and its child-aimed indoctrination. The majority of Americans do not support tax dollars going towards these kinds of blatant displays of immorality and confusion. We need more lawmakers like Rapert working for the American majority before we can expect to see any positive change towards the restoration of traditional values and morality in American society.


  1. I could shoot that co on in a heartbeat, for fooling with our children.

    Jesus said Better you have a millstone around your neck than you suffer one of these children……. or words to that effect…….

    Dimmercrats, liberals and progressives SUCK to high hell.

  2. I tell you, it is past time to take up arms and take back America………

    Satan’s got ahead of us, and it’s almost too damned late to save this wonderful country from the dimmercrats and Leftists.


  3. Look up the word ” pervert ” , that says it all . Regarding the interracial marriage , think about the children if any result from it .


  4. If LBGT chooses to live this life style as adults that is their right. They cross the line when they try to force their beliefs upon me and especially when they try to indoctrinated children. LBGT tries to spread their life style by indoctrinating young impressionable minds, that is exactly what Hitler did. I agree with the senator, This is not the right venue for radical LBGT views.

  5. Thank You! I do wholeheartedly believe we should teach tolerance. That is what Jesus would do. It’s not our job to judge, but to love. However, pushing this agenda on young children is absolutely horrific. Growing up today and learning good moral standards means to be accepting of differences, not celebrating the extreme minority. Our young children are impressionable and already confused and trying to figure out who they are. We need more politicians to stand up to this indoctrination! Our taxpayer funds need to be spent wisely, not further extreme agendas, PERIOD!

  6. Knock Knock, any SANE PARENTS left out there? Or are you TOO BUSY to take care of your offspring and make sure they are NOT indoctrinated by the alphabet crowd of MENTAL ILLNESS DEVIANTS!

  7. Who knew that the alphabet would become SO dangerous? The deviants are WINNING while all of you so-called NORMAL people just SIT there and say NOTHING! SHAMEFUL, PERIOD!

  8. Thank You All for standing up to the sick lgbtq sickos. I enjoyed all your comments. I don’t care what they do as long as they don’t push their perverted lifestyle on us .

  9. I don’t know what else I can add to the conversation . . . Other than I VOTE !
    it truly has been a SHAME watching this once great nation just plain GO TO HELL in my life time .
    I really hope I am GONE BEFORE THE CRASH !

  10. It is time to stop buying anything involving TV., TVs, Cable, Dish, along with the nasty commercials on TV. PBS, NPR, and the garbage that is also on Radio!

  11. Mr. Schlegel, think you misunderstood. We are not opposed to interracial marriage. My wife is filipino and I am white. The topic is having cross dressers on public TV shows which use our tax money for funding. My child
    watches Sesame Street occasionally, but we don’t encourage her to cross dress and think that is normal. In the beginning God created us male and female, not to be interchangeable. Cross dressing confuses children, and
    they already have enough confusion to deal with without public TV adding to it!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jason Rapert for your stand. Too bad we don’t have more lawmakers like you to stand up for our traditional values. You are a rare breed.

  13. You go Jason!You can’t say a word about God but they have to force him morality down the throats of children, which is a child endangerment and these people should be arrested and put in jail pushing morality, in the minds of our youth, and being pushed from be hind by the Communist AKA DEMOCRATS!

  14. Thank you Jason Rapert for standing up the blatant exploitation and indoctrination of children. These LGBT bullies have to go.

  15. Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil, God through Isaiah said. God pleads with us humans and we do dispite back at Him. Soon God is going to stop pleading and will commence judgement, but first He will remove His true followers. Why don’t we believe the Bible when it DOES EXACTLY EXPLAIN what is going on and who is leading this charge? God help us!

  16. Amen ! I agree with the truth everyone is speaking , I will pray about and against this Homo attack on our children and all of us too ! Mr. MIKE HUCKEBEE could you step up to this situation ? All Belivers speak up ! 🗣📣😁

  17. Well spoken, Senator. Children have enough confusion and struggles in their lives without introducing another field into the mix. I have LGTBQ family members and I LOVE them!! But I do not agree with public funds to support the indoctrination of children. There is already enough of it on TV, movies, advertising.

  18. Dear Senater thank you for your brave response to the LGBTQ nonsense plaguing our world. We are living in another Sodom and Gomorrah right now.

    • Well said Garnet, I myself will not let my grandchildren watch Sesame Street ever again!!!!!! I’m with the Senator on this as well. And all our Politicians needs to be also. If they choose to be LGBT fine but don’t throw it soon our children. Don’t bring it to the class rooms. LGBT All you going to do is cause more BIG problems with parents that don’t agree with this. To bad we couldn’t make one State where we could just put all these LGBT, Transgenders, or whatever they are together in this State and let them live among themselves. I would feel different about them if they wouldn’t force themselves on these innocent children.

  19. Read the communist 45 goals for America. There coming true, one by one. If all the different groups who ask for money to fight tyranny, would join forces ,then something would get done. Voting for President Trump Isn’t enough . Time to really get behind this man. It would be over, were Hillary to have won. If just half of the people who voted for Mr.Trump wore a maga hat daily, Antifa and the rest of Marxist freaks would crap themselfs.

  20. I hope that more of our politicians will follow razorback lead. If we really want to teach our kids inclusiveness-what could be more inclusive than the bible. Almost 2/3 of the countries around the world have laws against queerism. Think there might be a reason?

  21. Enough with this indoctrination already. Our children are being brainwashed and we, the public, are funding it. This has to stop. Tolerance is one thing, indoctrination is something very different. The radical left uses words to twist things and get their perverse way.

  22. I grew up knowing that the BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) clearly states:
    Matthew 18:6 (KJV) But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Although Matthew, Mark (9:42) and Luke (17:2) wrote their chapters at different times they were together with our Lord at the same time and all give testimony to Jesus (Yeshua) stating this fact. Jesus would tell them this, plus “Repent and turn from your sinful ways, ask and you will be forgiven”. There is no forgiveness without true repentance.

    May the worst day of this year be better than the best day of the one just past!
    May your day have you say, I’m too blessed to be stressed.
    And May God bless you and your loved ones.
    Ken Sr. P. M.
    USNR (Ret)
    D.O.G. > P.U.S.H. < F.R.O.G.
    Fair winds and following seas.

  23. I wouldn’t let my children watch this garbage I’d buy all the older Sesame Street DVD’s and watch those, we don’t want this filthy POS and this filthy gang telling our children what THEY want to teach my children, this is from Satan himself this crap should be banned by all parent associations coast to coast ASAP, these clowns belong in psycho wards locked up away from everyone especially CHILDREN.

  24. I agree with the Senator . so very few people alive today , will end up going to heaven when they die . so sorry and sad to say , but it is the truth! you can not turn your back on God’s teachings and follow satan and expect to heaven when you die.

  25. I am in total agreement with State Senator Jason Rapert. Sesame Street is not the place to introduce this itinerary to our young kids. Yank their funding for being so blatantly pushing this LGBT agenda!!! I would not want by children or grand kids exposed to this kind of issue. No more Sesame Street in my house.

  26. This Nation, on its long, hard, and arduous CLIMB TO THE TOP did not do so on the theory of “if it feels good do it” garbage.

    IF the feelgood types want their own country to do as they please, there is this big open, warm year round are in north central africa that nobody lives in.
    They can go do their own thing and leave Those of Us that HAVE BRAINS alone.

  27. agree shut them down put them mentally ill people in mental hosp. never let them around your kids that is how this sickness grows there behavior is a learned one an that is how it get’s passed around

  28. We are being spoon feed the lgbt lifestyle on TV, from star trek to any syfi program interracial marriage being unwed and having children without the family nucleus, children are getting confused

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