AOC And Sanders Unveil Plan To “Decarbonize” America – What They Actually Mean Is Much Worse…

(Tea Party 247) – Idiotic House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and delusional presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have unveiled their latest plan to depopulate America and rid the planet of pesky humans. Sanders has always fashioned himself to be the savior of the entire planet with his grand plans to miraculously get all the countries of the world to work together harmoniously for this cause. Saving the planet from global warming and humans is what will finally bring about world peace.

Because there will be no humans left alive.

Their “Green New Deal for Public Housing Act,” which they claim will “decarbonize” America’s public housing stock, would only require a cool $180 billion in taxpayer funds. What a small price to pay to save the planet. No need to worry about the national deficit when we’re all dead. It really is a “win, win, win,” as Sanders put it.

“And in the process of decarbonizing the public housing stock we are going to put hundreds of thousands of people to work in good paying jobs and giving that preference to public housing residents,” AOC said of the bill though she offered no details on how exactly hundreds of thousands of people would be magically put to work.

“The planet is in crisis,” Sanders exclaimed to a cheering crowd of public housing residents that were apparently bussed from New York City to Washington, DC, according to Natural News.

“The truth is that five out of the last six years have been the warmest on record,” Sanders went on to claim. As usual, Sanders gives no evidence or sources for his claims and apparently liberals are okay with that. They don’t seem to require any evidence to believe climate change claims. They use “science” to justify killing unborn babies but when it comes to climate change, they just blindly follow along.

When talking about spending billions of dollars to completely overhaul our entire country, liberals are happy to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to facts.

Sanders wasn’t done spewing non-facts, he went on to say, “Major cities around the world – cities like Miami, New York City, London, Shanghai, and Hong Kong will likely be under water in the next 50 years,” with zero evidence to back up his claim.

It truly is amazing that people listen to Sanders make such outrageous claims and just wholly accept it without any evidence. So, the entire world is going to be underwater in 50 years. Is that going to be before or after the world ends in 12 years? It’s impossible to keep all of the left’s climate change predictions straight.

Sanders claims this plan to “decarbonize” America’s public housing stock will “reduce carbon emissions equivalent to taking off of the road over one million cars.” Will Sanders be “decarbonizing” his three homes? He doesn’t say. He also doesn’t say anything that would help anyone actually understand how “decarbonizing” the public housing stock will create 250,000 good paying jobs.

“This will pay for itself,” Sanders claims. We’re still not sure but what a miracle. “This is a win, win, win piece of legislation.”

All we need to know is the planet is in danger and Bernie Sanders is the man to save it. Not all heroes wear capes.


  1. There’s PLENTY of evidence to back that all up, but since y’all didn’t pay enough attention in science class, you probably won’t understand it…

  2. AOC gives really good head. She’ll blow your weeny for only $2.55, much cheaper than Kamala. Just go to to set up an appointment.

  3. Sweden , Germany and probably most of Europe have serious problems with crime due to the influx of refugees but most of it is hidden because of political correctness , wouldn’t want to hurt some one’s feelings even if it saves some one’s life or some girls or women from being raped . Sanders and Aoc want to reduce our population but keep our southern border open so 3/4 of south America can come north . Like someone said no carbon dioxide no plants , no plants no oxygen try breathing that in . I don’t know who is right about climate change , I just know in 70 years I saw real cold winters , cold winters and mild winters , I seen Christmas days at 70 degrees and at minus 15 degrees , always different , that’s called jet stream . I read a article from a scientist that said we might affect the climate by less than 1 percent and then I hear people who makes millions from the global warming theory and live in 8000 sq ft homes and fly their big private jets to there conferences say “we” are ruining the earth . The Paris accord , the United States would drastically cut back on pollution but every one else would be business as usual , How many coal plants do you think China builds in a year ?

  4. Carbon is less than one half of a percent of the atmosphere. 180 billion would not come close to “decarbonizing” their projects. Many would not take hard construction jobs and would abuse federal laws like FMLA to keep making free money. AOC and Bernie suffer from asphasia. Their face and ass look so much alike the crap doesn’t know which end to come out.

  5. Let’s pray that Bernie and AOC become the Demo’s choice for Pres. & V Pres to run for the Demo. party. What a party we would have. It would be the biggest landslide election ever!!!

    • Cortez and Sanders since this is going to be your idea you both should take the first hit. Prove to others how it works by going first. Cortez a rock is smarter than you it’s disgusting how people warm up to you cause of you being young.

  6. HHHmm, De-carbonizing Public housing stock….is that as in Those they feel are just cattle, since they are crying about all that methane being emitted?!

    • More like KILLING every living thing on the planet, since virtually all life forms on Earth are Carbon based. (Remember that cute little CHON you learned in science classes? The C is CARBON!). Plants too.

  7. Well, what does it matter that the entire world is going to be underwater in 50 yrs (according to Bernie Sanders) ???
    AOL says the end of the world is going to occur in 10 to 12 yrs !!!
    We shud all remember this in 15 yrs from now, and remind our grandchildren then of just how full of B.S. that so many of these lefty Democrat politicians are.

  8. Well, what does it matter that we are going to be underwater in 50 yrs (according to Bernie Sanders) ???
    AOL says the end of the world is going to occur in 10 to 12 yrs !!!
    We shud all remember this in 15 yrs from now, and remind our grandchildren then of just how full of B.S. that many of these lefty Democrat politicians are.

  9. If we stay on the Trump plan we won’t need as much public housing. Not by killing people, by putting them to work! Then they can find their own housing!
    Vote Trump.

  10. Well, let’s see just how this plan will work by making it possible for Mr. Sanders and AOC to be the very first to be decarbonized. We really do need to see an example of how the plan will work!!

    • Depopulate America? Start with sanders and AOC. I can not imagine anyone coming up with a more idiotic plan than what these
      Frankensteinish idiots have. As tho they can control seasons, lives, and demonic plans ….
      They must be tripping out on some strange hallucinogenic mushrooms. Heaven help us from these maniacs.

    • Start with all the illegal aliens . How stupid to have to decarbonize and have open borders to allow more illegals to come in.

  11. I do not see how ANYONE, unless they’re in an insane asylum or mental institution, doesn’t have the common sense to realize that Bernie’s bills will do nothing but bankrupt the country & are not needed! Also, AOC’s “logic” is NEVER right. She just says whatever happens to come to her head at the moment. She really knows NOTHING about ANYTHING! Not even 1+1=2. She’d argue 1+1=3, they are all odd numbers. That is her type of “logic”. Bernie’s as well. They both think ILLOGICALLY!

  12. No carbon dioxide for photosynthesis so the plants die and reduce our food supply. They shut down energy plants that depend on carbon fuels so we don’t have any way of recharging our electric cars. Aircraft are grounded. And what about trucks that transport our food and other necessities? So what could possibly go wrong in eliminating carbon dioxide?

    • Well, there is that pesky pO2/pCO2 ratio in our blood we have to keep in a very delicate balance or we tend to drop dead…

    • Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are not stupid, ignorant, or insane. They are well-paid servants of the international corporate elite and are doing what they are paid to do.

  13. Let them continue to explain there policies & proposals , the more these two open their mouths , the less chance they have of winning the election !!! two WACKO’s !!!

  14. When the shit hits the fan, what is the daily quota on killing Liberals or is it unlimited as long as you have a tag, is it equal for men and woman, or are the woman quotas higher to cull the Liberal herd, just asking, got plenty of ammo

  15. Elena: you had better do a little research into the present condition of
    Socialist States. Germany is a mess with crime escalating everywhere. Sweden
    is near collapse and Venezuela, which not long ago was the forth most
    dynamic and prosperous country in the world is now a cesspool of
    poverty and hopelessness, ruled by a despot. The fate of Socialist economies
    is either anarchy or harsh, murderous rule. Some people point to the Nordic
    countries as good examples of Socialist States but Finland and Norway don’t really fit perfectly as individual business is closer to ours than the teetering Sweden.
    All truly Socialist economies eventually founder (from Latin “fundus” – ‘bottom’) into
    Communist regimes. Viet Nam, Cuba, China are examples.
    You mention Switzerland, but it is not a Socialist economy. In fact it is a
    prosperous Country of business and personal freedoms. It is, BTW, the second
    most crime-free Country in the world as the Swiss are urged to buy and learn
    to use (through government training classes) guns and are, on successful
    completion of the training, issued carry permits. Switzerland has an extremely
    low incidence of violent crimes. The U.S. is, regardless of the gun-grabber
    hype also among the safest countries. In fact -and you can verify this – would
    be close to Switzerland in safety if you eliminated the murder and violent
    crime stats from Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and St Louis! (All Democrat
    controlled for years, by the way. San Francisco and L.A. are moving up the list!
    Elena; you are writing from hate, not from facts.

  16. Decarbonize, huh? WE are “carbon based units” ! Those ignorant backers are only looking for freebies, no matter what the cost to others! Traitors look for this trait to gain power!

    • These so called “leaders” Are not complete in the head,OR TOO COMPLETE? They do nothing else but follow the new one wold agenda.Check out the Georgia stones, !! They want to reduce the population n by %90. so the few who left, will serve the rich, as slaves, and robots do the rest, They dont need food housing etc. It is a very old plan. Sadly the sheeply who do not want to think, believe what they say. No car, no plains,(Only for the rich and busyness transaction. where it lead us? We can not even use horses, since they “Use up air” lol. We can not eat meet, since they want to get rid of cows etc, We was created to eat everything,look at our teeth structure! To live only(!!) ion vegetables, proven not healthy specially for the brain, BUT even our fruit,s vegetables are poisoned by Monsanto , air, by chem-trails, oh and our ground, water too. So then what left?Die that what left, Here in US b the constitution nature is ours, and by the Bible as well. But check out,how much land taken and not allowed to buy or use by us, because government took it/So what left? e can not use natural, herbal substances, if we can not afford, insurance only pay for expensive(Pharma need costumers not to heal us) And those so called medicines killing us, Why they even sale it?? You k now the answer, Example, depression medicine, (watch it on those advertisements, and read up on it) CAUSE depression, and even suicide! So they want to kill us out! Satan behind it, But we can not blame on him everything if we are the one (human) who let him influence us!!!

  17. I say, let these two idiots lead by example. First, they’ll have to give up their cellphones, Plastic is a petroleum by-product. They’ll have to give up electricity since the insulation is plastic, another petroleum by-product. they’ll have to walk everywhere because almost all transportation modes have some petroleum product impact. e.g. lubricants, fuel, you know. Same with wind mills and solar. Gee, how about we return to the stone age and forage for food and use a club to kill creatures for meat. Clothes, who knows. Basically, I would say all the no petroleum politicians would perish in less than a year.

  18. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government, I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree this information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around.

  19. I’m looking forward to the end of the world and want a front row seat I’ll even settle for the second row. I’m really curious how the end will manifest but one thing is for sure. I’ve heard this lies before over and over with the out come never happening. so lets be frank here when China, Russia, India and Africa get on board to lowering carbon if this is the case. give me a call. in the mean time pound sand

  20. This is just another word for Socialism/Communism and is a TOTAL takeover of the U.S. There is NO “climate change crisis”, but two self deceived FOOLS who don’t know what is going on. Do NOT vote for EITHER of these TREASONISTIC Traitor REPROBATES if you VALUE your country. This is just another “New World Order” system SET UP by Global Elites who want to control your life . . . For THEIR benefit. We don’t need their enslavement of the masses. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • joeyP Climate Change does happen, us Humans are a factor to it’s quickening approach. Just remember it will happen. We just do not know when exactly it will happen it could be 50 years or 5,000 years or even 100,000 years. If we can take REASONABLE steps to help that is great, but their running around like Chicken Little saying the Sky is falling is foolish!

  21. Socialists in America have been given ‘life’ due to the wholesale corruption of the political class . . . and supported by the America’s propaganda machine.

  22. Their “Green New Deal for Public Housing Act,” which they claim will “decarbonize” America’s public housing stock, would only require a cool $180 billion in taxpayer funds.”

    $180 Billion estimated means probably around three times that much- just look at how much more nearly everything Dems plan cost- Obamacare, the Ca. bullet train (which will not be finished but is massively over budget etc.) Just imagine, with that kind of money – we could get the 1 Millon homeless Americans off the filthy disease-ridden streets where their filth is also seriously harming the environment! This is the problem with dems- one of the dear leaders tells them a miracle will happen the oceans will stop rising, humanity will all have free homes, food, and 250k good-paying jobs will simply appear due to our wishful thinking and good hearts! Because you know we have visualized it and are going to manifest our desires from the universe because we are dem-i-gods!

    How does anyone buy this BS?!

  23. The Bronx Bolshevik and her New England Commie cohort are both dumb as bricks. Seems that the liberals only use global warming when it fits their narrative and gains them power.

  24. Morons are those who don’t know that Teaparty has been funded by Nazi billionaires brothers Koch! The fascist disinformation machine represented by Teaparty works 24/7 ! Those who support Trump support another Hitler!

    • Psst Elena! I will let you in on a secret. The Koch brothers have financed many a Liberal scam. Many, many Democrats have been on the receiving end of their donations. Also, they were anti-Trumpers. And David Koch died back in August so time to stop talking about “brothers Koch”.

    • Elena, if my husband were still alive, he would really give you a lesson in political science. He and my relatives were born and raised under ,Communism and I see you still carry that on your shoulders. Hitler was the same as communism. KGB had put my husband, who by then was American, into Leopoldov and escaped with 5 others. You still think like KGB. If you are here in America, if you became a. Citizen, you made an oath. Reread your oath. I visited CSK during communism and afterward….and all of Europe, and honestly, America has them all beat. If you wish the President were like your dictators, you are welcome to return to CSK.


    • Let’s start with Raymond go to school and get degree in political science like Bernie or economics like AOC! Then probably he stops talking nonsense!

  26. These two morons are a perfect example of the old saying ignorance is bliss. One is wackier than the other it just makes you wonder who is worse at any given time.

    • Morons are those who don’t know that after WWII fascists who escaped Nuremberg had fled to US ! Among them oil magnate Koch who worked for Hitler! His children brothers Koch have been financing GOP waiting for another Hitler to emerge! Now they
      got crazy Trump and his supporters with reptilian brains! GOP+Teaparty=NAZI

  27. I hate having to point an error constantly. The 12 year claim is not everyone dead and the planet explodes. What they are saying is in 12 years we will not be able to stop the warming, idiotic.
    I think they are crazy because they get their science from the same scientists they pay for the answers.

    This little kid is AOC

    • Elena you are a complete idiot no parts missing, what you forgot to mention is mr. Sorts a nazi simpatizer who since the war has been financing the Dems. He got most of money by taking it from Jewish victims of Hitler’s, yet the Jewish people still back the Dems who this nazi backs with that money, learn your history you imbecile.

  28. Too bad they already made the movie Dumb and Dumber because Sanders and AOC would be the 2 people it was made for. Don’t know if they were born that stupid or they learned it in school. God help America if he is elected.

  29. A commie and an idiot child. Yes that’s who we need to listen to. He biggest fools are the ones who will listen to this garbage without asking for the facts to back up these ridiculous claims.

    • I can bet this Domb the Dummie has been sitting in United States of Zombie Land and never travelled outside his cave! Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway etc have been prospering under democratic socialism since WWII! US has been a socialist plutocracy during the same period of time! But ignorant retardees don’t even know who Hitler was much less they know the difference between democracy and plutocracy!

    • Elena Bajenova You have no Idea what you are saying. Sweden is floundering in Debt an about to economically crash due to the socialism in education an healthcare. Switzerland does not have any socialism funded programs, they are all Capitalistic funded, and also the most guns per person than any other nation. They also have the lowest crime rate world wide. Socialism is funded by others eventually it runs out! Capitalism is funded by everyone via $ or work effort. You put something in you get something back. Socialism is where you just get regardless of any effort from you.

  30. These two are total wack jobs. Call the men in the white coats and take them away.
    There radical socialism BS is not for America. These people need mental help asap.
    They are out of their dam minds if they think for one minute any American with any brains at all would go for their insane ideas. They would be a total disaster to America.

  31. Sanders should lead by example and drop dead first!😆👍 what an asinine statement up there in Vermont he’s on the wrong farm …. it should be the FUNNY FARM!😁!


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