Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Fundraising Page Goes Down As The Whole $90 Million Grift Implodes

(Tea Party 247) – The anti-Trump “Republicans” that are part of the Lincoln Project, which has somehow managed to slime folks out of $90 million to help oppose former President Donald Trump and those who have allied themselves with him in the 2020 election, has shut down their fundraising page as the organization continues to implode.

A new report from Infowars says that a piece published in the New York Post reveals that the group’s donation page has now been listed as inactive since Saturday after weeks of turmoil that started when one of the organization’s founders, John Weaver (pictured above) — who is married — got busted for sending out inappropriate text messages to dozens of young men, which, as it turns out, the group knew about and covered up since last June.

Some of the guys who received these lurid and sexually charged text messages were underage, one as young as 14-years-old. Yes, this man is a disgusting pig who deserves to be behind bars. But what is even more disturbing is the fact that the rest of the co-founders of the group knew this behavior was going on and did nothing to bring it to an end.

Two former interns for the Lincoln Project came out last week with disturbing messages from Weaver, who was then forced to resign from the group not long after the story broke. A report that was published in the Associated Press says the other leaders of the Lincoln Project were made aware of Weaver’s behavior via writing and phone calls. There were at least 10 different allegations against the man made as early as last June.

Above: Screenshot/Lincoln Project Fundraising Page

Last weekend, co-founder Steve Schmidt stepped down from the board. Jennifer Horn, another co-founder, left the group last month after getting into a contract dispute that resulted in a public spat with other members of the group.

Folks, these individuals are corrupt and sleazy to the max. It’s amazing that none of the individuals who are involved in the group have ever done hard time in prison. That’s how bad they are.

Here’s to hoping they are all held accountable for this deplorable grift. Especially Weaver who disgraced his family and his nation. The fact he was flirting sexually with a minor should be something that lands him in prison. It’s totally disgusting and unacceptable on every single level.

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  1. This is typically the type of behaviour the Left engages in, with no restraint or repercussions. What’s more it is ongoing. Not long from now we will hear of another incident similar to this one.

  2. CORRUPTION is as corruption DOES . . . Thank GOD The Lincoln Project is SHUT DOWN – AND exposed. /one /enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  3. The Democrats have been perverted for decades! Now people want to act like it is a big surprise? That is funny! Why do you think they are promoting being GAY? Why they want to teach it as normal in the schools? Why did they have buddies like Epstein? They are all a pack of perverts! And child molesters! Trump tried to stop human trafficking. Democrats want to open the boarders and promote it again.

  4. The “Lincoln Project”: an egregiously deceptive and ironic choice of nomenclature for an apparently criminal enterprise! One DOWN, the DEEP STATE and the SWAMP TO GO!

  5. Just remember these POS were on the Corrupt News Network (CNN) continuously and also on Most Nauseating Dummyrat News Channel (MSDNC). These two networks plus all the founders should be sued out of existence.

  6. So where is the video of Cindy McCain admitting in an interview that every one was aware of child sex criminals In high places?

  7. Sick, corrupt pieces of humanity. They, the founders, should all be charged, convicted and thrown in prison. I am tired of all perverts taking advantage of young vulnerable people.


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