Anti-Gun Group Uses Disturbing Ad Exploiting Victims Of School Shootings…This Is Sick

(Tea Party 247) – A disturbing new gun control ad that exploits school shootings, has been released. The ad is set at a school and features children showing off their new back-to-school stuff. As the ad progresses the mood takes a dark turn as you realize a shooting is taking place in the background. The children go from happily showing off their new gear to highlighting how their new stuff can be used in the midst of a school shooting.

InfoWars reports, the video was made by the 501c3 nonprofit Sandy Hook Promise, an anti-gun group. What’s disturbing is the advocacy group is chaired by two parents who lost children in the Sandy Hook shooting. They seem to be alright with using their children’s deaths as a means of irresponsibly working Americans up into a frenzy.

Take a look:

“These new sneakers are just what I needed for the new year,” one boy says as he begins running down the hall with the sounds of a shooting occurring in the background.

“My parents got me this skateboard I wanted,” another troubled looking boy says, as he heads towards a window, “It’s pretty cool,” as he then uses it to bust out the glass.

“These new socks, they can be a real lifesaver,” a panicked girl tells the audience as she uses one of the socks as a tourniquet on another girl who appears to have been shot.

Each scene more disturbing than the previous one. The ad ends with a girl hiding in a dark bathroom, holding her cell phone as she texts “I love you mom,” she looks at the camera, crying, and says, “I finally got my own phone to stay in touch with my mom.” The door to the bathroom opens, ominous footsteps are heard, and the scene cuts to black.

“It’s back to school time,” comes up on the screen.

This ad is disturbing on so many levels. The obvious goal is to get people so emotionally bothered that there is an uprising of anti-gun hysteria.

According to InfoWars, “While several prominent Democrats including Beto O’Rourke and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) have promoted the ad, its political nature has evidently turned off many of the Sandy Hook families, with one relative saying Sandy Hook Promise doesn’t speak for him.”

It’s good to see someone related to the Sandy Hook tragedy taking a stand against this kind of emotional and psychological ad manipulation. Not only does it exploit school shootings, which have resulted in the deaths of real children, it neglects to be truthful and honest.

In the case of school shootings, is banning guns really the answer? Absolutely not. In the ad there are two kids shown in an art room, one holding scissors and one holding sharp colored pencils, preparing to defend themselves from the shooter. Imagine if there were security guards on duty at the school at all times, who had guns. Children would never have to worry about defending themselves because no gunman would try to shoot up a guarded building where they would be met with return gunfire.

The ad is totally dishonest and deceptive. It’s a complete leftist fairy-tale to think if the government banned guns, everyone would just happily turn in their guns. The only people who would turn in their guns are law-abiding citizens. It would still be completely possible for criminals and mentally deranged people to get their hands on guns.

If someone is determined to kill children or mass groups of people with guns, they will find a way to obtain the guns whether they are legal or not. That is a fact.

Banning guns is not the answer. Scaring Americans and getting everyone worked up into hysterics is not the answer. This ad is a perfect example of the underhanded tactics anti-gun advocates are willing to go to get their way.

Exploiting the deaths of real children for a political agenda is deplorable and the Sandy Hook Promise group should be ashamed.