Another One Bites The Dust As Christian Channel Gets Permanently Banned From YouTube

(Tea Party 247) – YouTube continues its attempt to silence all conservative, and Christian, voices from their platform. Its most recent victim is Christian pastor Rick Wiles and his channel TruNews which Google-owned YouTube has permanently banned claiming TruNews is anti-Semitic and have violated YouTube’s policies pertaining to hate speech.

This is all complete nonsense and just a thin veil over the truth that YouTube is attempting to silence everyone they can from the right. This is literally the biggest, most blatant attempt at actually rigging an election this country has seen to date.

NewsWars reports:

“It was only a matter of time, YouTube finally canceled our channel,” Wiles said on his show Thursday. “What was our crime? They accused us of hate speech.”

“Of course, there is no such thing as hate speech — it’s a crime that was invented by the political left several decades ago,” he said. “What it really means is free speech that somebody doesn’t like.”

Wiles said the “final nail in the coffin” according to YouTube was their February 12 interview with Israeli News Live’s Steve and Jana Ben-Nun titled, “Christianity Vs. Evangelical Zionism.”

Wiles said he got hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free bandwidth off YouTube and plans to conduct “business as usual” on their own website. “Nothing they do to stop us will succeed, in fact, the more they try to destroy us the more God will bless us, the gates of hell will not prevail against his Church,” Wiles said.

Others seem to concur with the idea that TruNews is actually an anti-Semitic platform, such as Anti-Defamation League leader Jonathan Greenblatt who posted on Twitter saying, “YouTube has finally banned #antiSemitic outlet TruNews, and we hope other social media platforms will follow suit.”

As NewsWars reports, last year, the Anti-Defamation League put TruNews on what has been dubbed a “hit list” of 30 Christian and conservative channels they demanded be banned by YouTube for being supposedly anti-Semitic.


Greenblatt said in the past that the ADL works with Google and Facebook to “tweak their algorithms” and “redirect” searches through AI to protect people’s right to “not be harassed or hated.”

Sacha Baron Cohen said during a viral speech to the ADL a few months ago that nothing should be allowed to be posted on social media which hasn’t gone through their “monitors” first for manual approval.

That sounds like blatant biased censorship which would be the complete opposite of free speech.

Sounds like YouTube is following through on a “research” paper written by professors at George Washington University in which they proposed banning and silencing small segments of the right, one at a time, in an overall attempt to shut down conservatives without enraging the masses.

It doesn’t appear as though there is much us common folk can do to combat Big Tech’s unfair and tyrannical censoring except for making sure we are committed to spreading the truth and giving Donald Trump four more years this November. It is imperative conservatives fight back at the ballot box. So far, it’s been our only hope in seeing an end to the insane liberal takeover of America.


  1. I no longer bother with youtube since all I find there is propaganda and how-to videos, which I can find elsewhere with less bias in many cases. If everyone with conservative values boycotted this site, including their new streaming business, they wouldn’t have a fraction of the power they currently do. Unfortunately, most of us don’t seem to bother putting our wallet where our values are, so we kind of deserve what we’ve been given. WAKE UP!!

    • What we need is a alternative place to go. Where is all the people with the money that can achieve this. I get sick of having no other site to use but this one and U tube.

  2. Truth is always the 1st Victim of the Socialists/Communists! The Take over of Our Country is well Underway, and if it is not stopped armed resistance will be the only way to reverse course!

  3. What YouTube and other like-minded media outlets need is a healthy dose of the fear of Almighty God! If they can be convinced that Christians are just as fanatic and certifiable as the media and that Christians are just as bent on the destruction of the Left as vice-versa, a new and more respectful relationship may develop; if it doesn’t, then let’s get it on!

  4. Another Blatant Lie!
    Conservative Christians are supporters of Israel and recognize the Jews as God’s chosen people as stated in the Bible. This is another another tactic to censor TRUTH and Justice.
    But know this… evil never wins and God Almighty, the Lord of heaven and earth will prevail!

  5. I never heard of this channel before, but if Google is going to allow one side and not the other maybe a law should be put in place saying these channels cannot ban anything. One violation of the constitution is the same as the other.

    • @G Arneman, So you want them to do something about xtians too? Lord’s Resistance Army bombs for their god. There are others. I’m just using your criteria. Since you want to lump all adherents of a religion together w/the extremists amongst them, it’s only fair that I bring up the LRA. Or do xtians believe in being fair? Jews also have their share of extremists. Btw, Semites aren’t just Arabs & Persians. They also include Jews. So anti-Semitic basically means being against anyone that is from the middle east. Nice to get a little education, isn’t it? You’re welcome. 🙂

    • I really don’t expect the Demorats to take action against one of their “media buddies”, but your right, they should take action.

  6. The time is VERY near when all social media will rue the day they decided to play God and run our lives. We must all figure out a way to ban them from our businesses and lives. Then we all can sit back and laugh at them while they are spending their days in prison. One thing we all can do is not use google, utube, twitter, instagram and the rest of the media. Put them out of business and show them who the BOSS really is. Their platforms may be illegal to sue, but, we CAN sue the players behind the social media and sue them into bankruptcy.

    • “Then we all can sit back and laugh at them while they are spending their days in prison.” i’m glad i’m not a xtian. xtians have lost their way. it’s not about saving souls anymore, it’s about getting ur way.

    • I agree but that includes MSBC,CBS NBC CNN because they are not reporting the real news. I hate watching those broadcast they are so bias to the left its pathetic. No wonder 8 past presidents arrested news paper reporters. Now we are watching in Indianapolis on channel 8 a new show called Katie Kane that is showing men together and women together in bed during prime time for kids to watch . No wonder child molestation is going on every where nothing is off limits.

  7. RubenClux and Wissn1959. You better hope the business you propose on this site is on the up and up. First, it does NOT belong here. You are not following the rules and YOU BOTH have been reported to the Federal Trade Commission and Homeland Security.


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