Another Bill Clinton Associate Arrested And Charged With Sex Crimes Against Children

(Tea Party 247) – The connections between child sex crimes and the Clintons just seem to continue to pile up. At this point, the American public seems thoroughly convinced that Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself. This is because the Clintons have developed a reputation for being ruthless assassins who take out any threats to their privileged life. Alright, maybe that was a bit dramatic but nonetheless, Jeffery Epstein most definitely didn’t kill himself and the Clintons are knee-deep in crimes involving sex crimes and children.

Now, another Clinton associate has been arrested and charged with sex crimes against children. Steven Robert Setzer is a former U.S. Marine Corps pilot who, at one time, escorted former President Bill Clinton as part of the crew of the Marine One, according to Big League Politics.

Big League Politics reports:

Steven Robert Setzer, a former U.S. Marine Corps pilot who once escorted former President Bill Clinton on the crew of the Marine One, is facing years in prison after being hit with child sex charges.

Setzer was put behind bars in May with sexual exploitation of a minor, sodomy, enticing a child for indecent purposes, statutory rape, and aggravated child molestation. He has been forced to shut down his aircraft charter company, Strategic Moves, due to loss of clients after his incarceration.

On Thursday, WBTV in Rowan County, NC broke the news of Setzer’s arrest and associated charges. This report was only revealed due to the shuttering of Setzer’s company, an entire six months after Setzer was accused of the heinous victimization of minors.

Strategic Moves made the announcement that they were shuttering on their website: “Thank you for your patronage and loyalty over the last 15 years as clients of Strategic Moves. Strategic Moves has discontinued operations as of 10/31/2019. Many of our clients have transitioned to Davinci Jets who are capable and excited to provide an excellent level of service.”

According to Setzer’s biography, he learned quite a bit while helping Clinton jetset throughout the world. Setzer claimed that he learned precise attention to detail, which assisted him in being able to achieve excellence for the VIPs who obtained his services. One can only wonder what details Slick Willy wanted Setzer to handle while they were aboard the Marine One.

Clinton seemed to have an affinity for traveling with scumbags as it was recorded in flight logs that he traveled on Epstein’s infamous “Lolita Express” a total of 26 times.

Big League Politics previously reported:

One man who might be particularly concerned is former President Bill Clinton, who reportedly traveled on Epstein’s infamous ‘Lolita Express’ on a stunning 26 separate occasions.

Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s alleged child victims, claims she saw Clinton herself while traveling to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Travel logs reviewed by Fox News indicate that Clinton traveled aboard Epstein’s jet to assorted locales such as Russia, Africa, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, the Azores, China, New York, Norway and Belgium.

Clinton also brought up to 10 secret service agents on board the plane with him while traveling on the Lolita Express, providing federal protection to Epstein’s illicit operation.

Epstein received a slap on the wrist when he was last brought to trial in 2008, after the federal government refused to charge him, only having to serve 13 months of confinement in the Palm Beach County stockade with work release that is usually barred for sex offenders.

It sure seems as though the list of sexual offenders associated with the Clintons is never-ending. Are we just supposed to believe it’s just one big coincidence? Eventually, all of this has to catch up to Clinton. He can’t possibly get away with committing sex abuse acts against children forever.

They can’t possibly suicide us all.

Instead of spending copious amounts of American tax-dollars and time on creating fake narratives and fictitious crimes to bring down President Trump, why doesn’t Congress spend some time looking into the crimes of Bill Clinton and company? Apparently, because Clinton has a “D” next to his name he is exempt from accountability and responsibility for his behavior, much like Biden.

The Democrats have become the party of corruption of fraud and they’ll do anything to protect their own.


  1. Hey dumbasses! Just because he was Clinton’s hilo pilot, doesn’t mean he had anything to do with the Clintons — that was his ASSIGNMENT from his superiors! wouldn’t surprise me if he was also Bush Sr.’s or Bush Jr.’s pilot too!

  2. You mean to say this is another associate of Hill & Billy who will ultimately commit Arkancide before New Year’s Day gets here.

  3. Why in hell are millions of us not going to Washington right up to bldg and protesting no violence just showing our strength as a nation of free people demanding those with agendas not helping America get out of the senate congess etc on the spot. Using if necessary our military to escort them off the premise! We the people rule not any if them We The People Are the USA

    • I totally agree with you. We should perform a Boston Tea (not tea but Politicians) Party exercise and toss those corrupt politicians out of the (ship) White House in Washington DC. Stop Deep State Corruption and help our President Donald Trump, we can’t expect him to do it alone.

  4. Well its coming out that the democrats have been taking the american public for quite a ride for quite a few years! And now that the citizens elected Mr. Trump they are seeing their criminal activities exposed! They have been after him from the very beginning out of fear of exposure and loss of their cushy do nothing positions! And it is about time someone has the balls to go after all of them and make a clean sweep of all the perverts,cheats,lying gasbags ,thieves and restore american pride in their country. And if your STUPID enough to swallow this socialism crap I’d suggest looking up how well it has worked for the poor people living under it today! And another little thought! To Control a nation first disarm its citizens! It worked for HITLER!

  5. OMG this time they better have him protected against Killary and others behind this!!!!!! They should watch this person 24-7 camera’s with an army this one dies people will know the Dems are behide this mess!!!!!!!

  6. This should surprise no one, that these Clintons are involved or have friends involved in this activity as the Clintons have more dead bodies hanging around their neck’sThis should surprise no one, that is Clintons or involved or have Friends involved in this activity as the Clintons have more dead bodies hanging around there next then beads on a triple strength pearl necklace .

  7. Once they go through all the 2000 plus pages of Epstein’s records they will find many more Clinton Cronies. It was exposing of one of those Cronies that got Epstein killed. The first supposed Suicide was a Warning to keep his Pie hole shut. After one of the Democraps puppets from the MORON MEDIA released Prince Andrew’s name and that another person they only called a former Democrapic Senator Epstein had to actually die. So when all Epstein’s Records are made public many Democraps will be locked away and the Clintons will be two of the Many.

  8. They were the first ones I thought of when I heard Epstein was dead. I am one who goes with the murder solution. Look at all the suicides behind them! They are crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and guilty of so many crimes, but they never get caught, because I think that ex-bouncer they hired, when they were in the White House, I think he got all those FBI records and Hillary has used them to keep a hold over many, many congressmen so they would let her and Bill get away with anything, or else she would rat on them!

  9. Bill Clinton didn’t have to pay for sex like Comrade Trump does/did! Comrade Trump even had to pay for sex with a porno star. He actually placed his member in the wozzle of a woman who has had sex (protected and unprotected) with any number of men! Then he had to pay her to keep her mouth shut! He was also bonking the porn star while his wife was pregnant! There are allegations that Trump had sex with a 13-year-old while he was attending one of Epstein’s activities! The Bible says, “cast the mote out of thine own eye, before telling your neighbor to cast the mote out of his eye”! Trump is trying to use “deflection” ( a tactic children use to try to escape punishment) again! He is saying, “if you think that what I did is bad, you should see what they did”!

    • Joseph Leslie: Maybe you forgot about Clinton being a rapist, of at least a couple women. He had to pay Paula Jones $800,000 for exposing himself and trying to rape her. Kathleen Whiley said that Clinton tried to force himself on her, after her husband had just recently died. Clinton showed up with three young hookers to Chelsea’s wedding. There is supposed to be a video of Clinton having sex with a 14 year old girl. There was a picture of the girl with Clinton on a bed, posted on the internet a couple years ago.

      Then the picture of Clinton at the debate, where four of Clinton’s accusers showed up on the front row, was absolutely priceless. His eyes were all bugged out and it looked as though someone had his nuts in a vise. Clinton has been able to either buy his way out of things or people mysteriously commit suicide. Before making fun of Trump, didn’t you know that the Clintons have been directly tied to a child sex trafficking ring in Haiti? The Podesta brothers and Tony’s wife have ties to child trafficking rings. Tony’s wife is supposed to be a chef of sorts in a ritual called spirit cooking. If you were to read the ingredients of that concoction, it would want to make you puke. Remember that the Clintons have closer ties to Epstein. There was even an oil painting of Clinton in a blue dress and a cigar in his hand. He must have been proud of the painting. It wasn’t destroyed, when law enforcement went through his properties. There are hundreds of people tied to Epstein and the majority of them are liberals in high positions around the world and a slew of Democrats in DC and Hollywood. Let’s have the records of Epstein exposed, so we can find out who all these people are. They can get their lives ruined ans they did to the children they raped.

    • Joseph Leslie if that your real name. You are so misinformed and a typical Demrats. Slick Willy raped someone and disrespected the Oval Office, and you have the balls to compare him to President Trump. Maybe you were a party to his sex slave group. PRESIDENT TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    • SURE THING!!!!
      HA! HA! HA!
      You need to see the real, world!!!!

  10. ARREST the PERVERT Rapist Cut of His DICK and BALLS Sowe them in his Mouth Let Balls Hang on Chin and PARADE the RAPIST Down the Major- st in DC

  11. You’re 100% correct! You hit the nail on the head. Have you noticed the media when writing about or reporting about Joe Biden and his son Hunter they always add “unsubstantiated or corroborated claims” about Biden and his son but when they speak about Trump on ANYTHING they never say that an accusation is unsubstantiated or in corroborated!! Like this Impeachment Farce of hearsay witnesses that weren’t there they just assumed or the Russia Crap. Two years and millions of dollars were spent by Mueller and Dems trying to FIND a crime!!!

  12. Things will change now that the new democratic canidate is running nows its money agianst money and the other candidate will start slinging mud at each other

  13. Having been a Marine Guard of a President’s plane, I have to say that it is quite a stretch to call the pilot of Air Force One an associate of Clinton. All the pilots do is fly the plane from location to location as ordered. They do not associate with the President. They spend all of their time in the cockpit of the plane conducting the job of calculating the flight path of the aircraft, communicating with the tower and federal agencies that arrange flights for Air Force One and completing the logs for the flights. Oh, and making the safety pre-flight check of the exterior and interior of the plane before the flight. That is hardly an associate of the President.

    • Air Force One is a completely different plane. I have been with it for 3 years as Air Force Honor guard. AF One is stationed at Andrews. Marine One was stationed at Andrews, next to Bolling AFB. I can’t believe how that area has sprouted high rise buildings. I went past it a year ago and was amazed.

  14. Billy Clinton did face his music, unlike Trumpito doing everything in his power to avoid being cross examined and interrogated, show them taxes, let Mueller interrogate you face to face, the corruption is on both sides of the aisle, stop being an enabler to this Liar in Chief.

    • Why do you say such a stupid thing? The Dems, like you don’t want to investigate the thieves in congress. Anyone who became a multi millionaire on $174,000 a year is a thief. Your buddy, Obama, was proven to be born in Kenya. He has his own grandmother killed 2 months after saying he was born in her shack in Kenya. His brother lives in a Kenyan shack. Don’t you think some of his multi millions need to go to him? When Dems are handed hard facts on each other, they ignore it. You need to stop listening to the bull shit and think for yourself.

  15. If I may quote Hilary Clinton ” NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW !! ” We are a nation of laws, if a person …. Any person brakes the law they suffer the judgement !!! Why aren’t the Clinton’s and all of there companies, so called charities ( That’s a joke ) not under investigation. Any other American person would be in jail until the investigation was complete, this justice system is corrupt and one-sided, and WE THE PEOPLE are not going to put up with this much longer, I have heard over the last year or so about ” Taking or government back ” civil war if you wish , and this talk is getting stronger and louder !!! …….. Just saying

  16. I would think the relatives of these exploited kids would have gotten together with a plan by now. In a lesser sense, they are also responsible for the inaction by well-paid witnesses and investigators.

  17. Clinton was a scumbag long before he became president. Just review his record in Arkansas were he was accused of rape and other sordid crimes.

    You can’t change the spots on a leopard.

  18. We DO go by evidence . . . But, there sure is a LOT of CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence PILING up (did I say REALLY piling up?!?). Is it Truth or HERESAY?. . . Just asking.

  19. No surprise here. These self-righteous lowlifes think that they are above the the law because of their power, wealth, privilege and connections. Where is Epstein’s black book?

  20. Seeing Clinton on a plane does not mean he committed a sex crime. Epstein was also a friend of Trumps. Maybe Trump had him killed ????

  21. I’m so sick and tired of hearing this stuff and never any action follows.
    Why report it if the authorities are not going to peruse it with charges?


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