Angry Londoners Shut Down These Climate Change Alarmists In Most Epic Way

(Tea Party 247) – We talk about the hypocrisy of the left all the time as the left is rife with it. Perhaps the most hypocritical of them all are climate change alarmists. These people love to shout at the rest of us from their middle and upper-class perches, always telling us how we need to change our lives in order to save the planet while they make little to no actual effort themselves.

Someone has to be the voice of reason, they think.

The common folk have had enough and are starting to fight back against this elitist climate change hysteria. We have seen protesters in France, known as the yellow vest protesters, fighting back against government taxes that are supposedly necessary to save the planet. Now in London, commuters have shown some “Extinction Rebellion” climate change protesters just what they think of them.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Angry Londoners furious at having their lives disrupted dragged ‘Extinction Rebellion’ climate change protesters from the roof of a train this morning.

The incident happened at Canning Town Tube station, located in London’s poor east end – a particularly stupid venue for Extinction Rebellion activists to try to pull such a stunt.

One decidedly middle class looking protester climbed on top of the train but was pelted with objects before being dragged back down to the platform.

Almost immediately, another protester climbed on top of the train but was also pursued and dragged back down.

London Underground staff had to intervene to prevent the protesters getting a substantial beating.

Another video shows commuters arguing with one of the protesters before forcing her to admit she’s a hypocrite.

Police said four protesters were arrested.

Climate change activists are not interested in actually doing anything to fix the climate or save the planet. They only wish to neglect doing any kind of real work at a real job by pretending to be morally superior and lecturing the rest of us about how much they care about the environment and how much we don’t. Who needs a job when you have a real moral mission in life?

They don’t even do any worthwhile protesting. Standing in the way of working-class people getting to work just proves how little they actually care about the livelihoods of their fellow humans rather than shows how much they care about the earth.

If they truly were that concerned about the alleged destruction of the earth why don’t they demonstrate with the way they live their own lives before shouting for others to change? Is there even a single climate change activist who refuses to use any kind of public or personal means of gas or diesel powered transportation? Not to mention the fact that they all live in structures that use electricity. It’s pure, unbridled hypocrisy.

The only people who ever feel the effects of climate change policies are the working-class. As if life isn’t hard enough for working-class people around the world in a time when big governments and massive bureaucratic overreach reign supreme. The last thing the working-class needs are bozos like “Extinction Rebellion” shouting in their faces, preventing them from getting to work in the morning all so they can give themselves a good pat on the back before their afternoon nap.

Good for the people in London. If only the rest of the sane world would follow suit.


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