Angry Atheists Are At It Again; Here’s What They’re Demanding This High School Football Coach Stop Doing With His Team

(Tea Party 247) – Christianity has been under attack in America by atheists for a long, long time. However, it’s only been in recent years that the wrathful god-haters have turned up the heat and launched a full-on assault against faith, attempting to eradicate expressions of Christianity from every part of the public square.

We’ve seen atheists groups try to force the removal of crosses at memorials, the Ten Commandments taken down from county courthouses, and all sorts of insanity related to a total misunderstanding and abuse of the idea of separation of church and state.

Now atheists are demanding that a high school football coach stop praying with his team. This is how much these folks hate God and His people.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

A Missouri high school football coach has been attacked for illegally praying with his team, in a recent complaint filed by an atheist group.

In October, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Cameron School District in Cameron, Missouri, demanding that the district instruct coach Jeff Wallace and assistant coach David Stucky to cease praying with the players, Fox News reported.

“We ask that the district commence an investigation into the complaints alleged and take immediate action to stop any and all school-sponsored prayers or religious worship.” The group’s attorney, Christopher Line, also asked the district to relay how they intended to “remedy this serious and flagrant violation of the First Amendment.”

However, District Superintendent Dr. Matt Robinson replied by noting that the district had received no complaints from anyone in the Cameron community.

Robinson went on to assure the atheist group that the district does not endorse any particular religion but that they would look into the complaint.

“The District is currently investigating the concerns raised in the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s letter to the District,” Robinson added, “pursuant to the District’s non-discrimination policy and policy regarding religious expression, to determine whether District policy has been violated. The District takes concerns of violations of policy seriously and will take action with regard to any findings from this investigation as appropriate.”

Jeremy Dys, special counsel for litigation and communications at First Liberty Institute, also noted that there were no complaints from anyone “with standing,” meaning no one actually affected by school district policy in the community has filed any complaint.

“Unless someone presents a plaintiff with actual legal standing, school officials should ignore these letters. No one should reward efforts to gin up controversy where none exists,” Dys said.

The idea of separation of church and state was first mentioned by Thomas Jefferson in his letter to the Danbury Baptists and it did not refer to the removal of God and religion from the public square, but of the state not adopting an official denomination out of the Christian religion to be state sponsored and recognized.

Each individual state was allowed to choose a state denomination if they so chose, but not the federal government. This was designed to keep the federal government out of the church to protect it from corruption and abuse.

Separation of church and state, not God and state. This is the point that many of the angry atheists out there seem to miss.

Removing God, morality, and prayer from public schools? And they wonder why there’s so many school shootings?



  1. My oldest brother,17 yrs my senior, baled out over the jungles of new genie during ww2, and was missing in action–during his struggles, he came across a crash site that was heavily decorated and an obvious place of worship. Native tribes had seen it drop crates of food, etc. The didn’t understand, and considered it godly. Even today, there are 100s of gods on our planet, because, we don’t understand it either.
    And, of course, people can’t live with not having every answer– right now.
    We have to have something we can believe in.
    Relaxe folks, enjoy your gods, if you must. This is our current stage of development. Science is progressing as we speak. Someday we will answers, assuming idiots don’t destroy to date progress.

  2. How about my right to stand against overbearing atheists. You dont like prayer. I do. So dont listen or participate when believers pray in
    public .

  3. what’s amazing is these people claim not to believe in anything especially God so why do they fight so hard to take God out of everything. their a good example of what happens when you quit teaching history. separation of state and church is not in the constitution. it was a letter thomas jefferson wrote to the baptist potecting the church from the government. i hope this coach and school stand up to these idiots and continue to pray before their games.

  4. Freedom of religion is your right to practice your religion. It does NOT give you the right to force that religion onto other people. Atheists are standing up for their right to NOT have a Taliban-like religion forced upon them. In America, people have the right to stand up to overbearing religious fanatics.

    • And panzy ass baffoons like you Glen. Why do you little mama boys think you have the right to condemn Christians. You don’t. Shut the f*ck up. Go be gay all you want…but you cannot dispel religion as a problem to miscreants like you just because…why?? Because YOU said so? Spoiled brats grow up to be very messed up. Like you Glen.

    • Glen, no one is forcing religious beliefs on anyone. If the players don’t wish to take part…they don’t. However, if you think Christian prayer is “taliban” like. Then you are very poorly educated. Go to the middle east. Muslims will cut your heads off for not participating in prayer. I seem to have missed the part in the article where the coach was welding his sword and forcing prayer nor do I hear about decapitation by Christian churches in the news. Hear a lot about it in Muslim nations though. Maybe you should move there. We have an over abundant supply of morons here already.

    • No body said anything about forcing religion you egotistical moron. I got news for you no one cares wether you like Christian’s or not so go back under the rock maggots like you come from.

  5. AND we wonder whats wrong with our country – GOOD EXAMPLE right here – starting back when i was in elementary school in Houston Texas – we started the morning with a prayer – a pledge of allegiance
    a reading of scripture – maybe not in that order – but we did it all – no one fussed or said a word – AND IT DIDN’T HURT ANY OF US actually probably made us alittle better Yeah – – -it was along time ago it was in the 30’s – I’ve lived to see alot of change – unfortunately not all for the better

    • Let me first say that I to am an atheist and also a conservative. Now I know those things are not supposed to go together but I like to think for myself and not follow any party line blindly. Now that that is out of the way, even though I am an atheist I realize that for the most part this is a Christian country. My wife is a Catholic, I also was at one time. So I don’t understand these atheist groups that protest about the use of God. I have even accompanied my family to church. So these groups need to get off their high horse. Worry about real issues and mine your own business.

  6. As long as there are TESTS and FOOTBALL games, there WILL be prayer in school . . . LIKE it or NOT! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  7. Well obviously,the only people upset is this outside group doing the attacking .. Like the superintendent said,no one else in the county has complained,so these atheists should mind thie R own business

  8. Perhaps Jesus and Hillel should look at the heaven, the earth, and the sea, and all things therein, even look at themselves and how wonderfully they are “created.” The only conclusion is that God does exist. Where there is a creation, there must be a creator. Hopefully, he/she/they will have a change of heart before judgment day.

  9. In regard to “John Smith” I believe that the you consider idiots bring their faith with them everywhere they go. They didn’t just get it from their football coaches but from a good traditional upbringing. I noted a good clear explanation of what the 1st Ammendment says and what it clearly intends in comments from another reader of this article. It is too bad that the atheists and their lawyers are so “triggered” by anyone praying that they, who are a very small minority go to court to challenge the “meaning” of the Constitution!!!

  10. No such thing as a “god hating atheist”
    How can anyone hate something that does not exist?

    What you think is Illogical
    & Does not make any sense.

  11. Indeed, there will come a time when all atheists will wish that they had not rejected God. If their rejection does not change before death, they will suffer for all eternity because of it.

  12. Separation of church and state was written into the Constitution of the USSR not in the United States of America Constitution. It reads; “Congress shall make no law respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of religion, or PROHIBITING the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” That is the 1st amendment. Can you show any where it says separation of church and state. My eyes must be bury because I am unable to read between the lines to see if it there. The reason it was written that way is because it was common to have a state sponsored religion, England ,It was the church of England, Germany , it was the Lutheran church and so on, if you were of a different faith you were persecuted. That is why there was mass migration to this land.Our forefathers desired that we should be able worship or not according to the dictates of our own souls,without interference from the government. All people have to do is read the Constitution it is plain and simple.If you don’t, a person can be easily mislead by those fanatics that would have you believe otherwise.

  13. Some atheists are now defending Christianity as they observe the rise in lawlessness in countries where religion is diminishing. They realize that all people are not innately good and that moral beliefs help civilized society to do better.

  14. they should leave it alone. if they don’t believe to bad. the christians have the right to do the opposite. if you have kids on the team that don’t believe they can not do it. let the others do it. morons. when the get mad don’t tell me they done damn god.

  15. I don’t see a church, out on that football field or in the stands.
    I see a piece of grass, and if the players want to pray it is their
    right to do so. The same as atheist’s have a right to not pray. You atheist, have no right to enter anyone’s head.

    • PS Furthermore, what are you atheists afraid of? I am quite sure what is being said, is not aimed at you. Nor are you excluded from being part of the prayer. So, if you are afraid
      that a prayer is aimed at not getting injured and maybe for a
      better world, I really feel sorry for you and will pray that you
      some day have a better understanding of prayer and hope.

    • Mr. Bill Tye, Sir, I could not have expressed about this situation any better and plainer, myself, Thank You, Sir, for being more peaceful and compassionate about it.

  16. By allowing urban/social terrorist hate groups, like the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center, to go unchallenged, only emboldens mentally deranged groups to persist in their hate.

  17. You kno2…none of these sort of ridiculous things would even be publicized if Americans had a damn backbone. The School District, Businesses, Cities and everyone else should tell them to pound sand!!! No….I mean literally show a spine and tell them to shut up. It is entirely for lack of spine..that this keeps happening. Shut them down. Shut them up and speak out America. This all started with Gay marriage. You so called silent majority conservative citizens allowed and indeed actually voted for the passing of gay marriage and this country has been circling the toilet ever since. Just getting worse and worse. Wake up America!!! Snap out of your slumber and actually speak against this. Write and call and email your representative. Raise Hell against people that want to shut you up and refuse to bow to them at every turn…FIGHT. STOP BEING SILENT. America is being ruined directly because of it!!! And if you don’t agree….YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

    • There is only one God that is holy and just. He gave His only begotten Son that who-so-ever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3-16 All God haters will perish, and be condemned forever. The smoke of torment will rise forever.

    • No..YOU’RE an idiot. John Smith my ass. What a chickenshit. Shut up you spineless pussy. Moron. Low life mama boy. Grow up loser. You and the rest of the gay weirdos in the world are not in any way credible. You don’t matter in any way. You are miscreants. Stay in the basement. Silence!

  18. Stupid atheists if none of the players have no objection to saying a prayer which I’m sure is non secular and not in public what’s it going to hurt. Your not included so your evil ears won’t be offended. God bless the coach and the players

  19. The Constitution guarantees freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. In my opinion, unless someone on the football team objects, then let them do what they want to do.

  20. The constitution guarantees freedom OF religion not freedom from. If you don’t like prayers then don’t listen to them or stay away from the event that has them. You have NO right to shut Christians up. It’s called freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Don’t like it move to another country.

  21. Christians will always pray, even if atheists take over. Even if they make it illegal, Christians will always pray. Even if they kill Christians, Christians will always pray. Why? Christians pray to the power not of this world, to make this world better and to return morality to humanity. And if you don’t like that, well so be it.

  22. We MUST start to defy all these God hating idiots and keep God at the forefront. Do NOT obey, do NOT comply with these God deniers.

    If the deny God, they serve satin, plain and simple. I’m at a point that anything thing that suppresses my God given, Constitutionally protected rights will be met with fierce non compliance. Long Live Our Republic. Molon Labe

    • Which is obvious to all … except simpleton literalists. Read the …….Book of Joshua……. and explain the moral high road of the Christian god. God said to kill innocents… so the moral followers kill innocents.
      What a great moral code. All hallowed is this god & Bow down to it’s moral superiority.

    • There is less prayer in school here it’s illegal, this coach is going against what the government is restricting. The only correlation is that as schools stopped praying shooters started shooting.

    • If you watch NHK which is Japanese cable TV, you would know that Japan is a country that is basically one people, one language, and one integrated belief system. Japan’s islands are covered with temples and shrines. There are festivals honoring their various gods and spirits. Religious festivals are held in every part of the country and there are competitions for the best floats. The Japanese don’t have many guns. Their mass attacks are done with knives and arson.

  23. All should have the same rights. No player/student should be forced to be in on the prayer time before a game, or any other event, but neither should a coach be kept from praying with those of a team that want to be a part of his pregame prayer. This practice of many coaches, hurts no one, and may actually help some along their way in their life!

  24. The restriction prohibiting Congress from interfering with religion was set forth in our founding documents to protect the people in this new nation from being controlled by government as it was under the Church of England in the 1700’s. That’s why the people fled here in the first place!!! They wanted a new place to worship the Lord freely WITHOUT THE “CHURCH” TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO!! Why has no one addressed the HISTORY behind this church-and-state issue today??

  25. Time to tell these atheists to shut up … They should have NO right to stop the coach from praying with his students…or stop anyone from praying…. THAT SHOULD BE THE COACH’S CHOICE…AND THE TEAM… NOT SOME IDIOT WHO HATES GOD…

    • Can’t hate that which does not exist.
      Even “God” says that when one becomes an adult it is time to put away childish things and childish thoughts.
      Are any of you all adults?
      Why do you not follow this scripture?

  26. We all know that prayer is evil, all that wishing good will to others, and happiness to each other! It is time for America to wake up and remember the source of our blessings as the greatest country on earth! Amen.

  27. First of all it is freedom of religion NOT freedom from religion! Second of all is “Seperation of church and State”. means that the government will in no way try to leave God out of our lives. You can see what has happened since God has basicallly taken out of our schools and government.


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