Angela Merkel Trembling In Public Once Again, German Official Explains It’s “Psychological”

(Tea Party 247) – For the second time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been caught on camera trembling ferociously, with an even less beleivable explaination than the first.

The first incident was captured by cameras as Merkel greeted Ukranian President Zelensky and the two leaders stood for their respective national anthems.

As we reported last month:

Speculation is circulating after German Chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on camera shaking uncontrollably after greeting Urkanian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The two leaders stood, listening to a band playing their respective national anthems, and Merkel quivered uncontrollably, clearly trying to compose herself and clearly failing.

Very strangely, Zelensky just stood there, as if nothing was happening to his German counterpart.

What on earth was going on here?

At the time, she brushed the alarming incident off as “dehydration.”

As the Times of Israel reported at the time:

Merkel, who turns 65 next month, smiled broadly after a reporter asked whether her shaking was cause for concern, saying that she was fine.

“Since then I’ve drunk at least three glasses of water, which I apparently needed, and now I’m doing very well,” she said.

She laughed and gave Zelensky a smile when he assured reporters the chancellor had been secure at his side.

“She was totally safe,” he said.

Dehydration? Watch this woman shaking and tell me that looks like dehydration:

Apparently, this was not even the first time this had happened, but the cause, and the state of Merkel’s general health, remains a mystery:

The dpa news agency reported that this was not the first time Merkel has been seen shaking under similar circumstances in the hot sun. It did not give a date for that incident, but said it was also ascribed to Merkel not drinking enough water.

And in 2014, Merkel postponed a television interview at the last minute after reported weakness, but her spokesman said at the time she was able to carry it out later after eating and drinking something.

It is not publicly known if Merkel, who has led Germany since 2005, has any health problems. German privacy laws are very strict on that type of information.

This time around, Merkel was seen trembling at an early morning indoor event ahead of her trip to Japan for the G20 summit. Interestingly, Infowars notes, she was offered a glass of water, but refused.

So it definitely wasn’t dehydration this time.

A spokesman attempted to address concerns by telling reporters “the chancellor is well.”

Now a second official asserts that the second episode of trembling was caused by Merkel …remembering the first incident.

“The memory of the incident last week led to the situation today – so (it was) a psychologically driven process,” the official told Reuters, adding, “There is nothing to worry about.”

What?! How is that a serious explanation for what’s wrong with Angela Merkel?


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