Americans Are Sick Of Being Dependent On China…Could Coronavirus Lead To The End Of An Era?

(Tea Party 247) – There has long been animosity among Americans towards our reliance on China for cheap goods, but never before has it been so abundantly apparent that this relationship needs to end.

We should never again be dependent on this lying regime.

Fortunately, it appears the tide may be turning.

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner recently told the Washington Examiner that American companies who are producing cheap essential goods in China are going to need to bring their operations back home.

“We’re staring into a significant, significant crisis of supply chain,” he said. “Cheap labor or cheap manufacturing be damned if you are reliant on them for your life and livelihood.”

The Examiner notes that:

Gardner’s warning was spurred by the shortage of hospital masks in the United States, a dearth driven by Beijing’s refusal to allow American companies that make the products in China to ship them out of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. And he’s not alone in that sentiment, raising the possibility that anger over China’s self-interested response to the coronavirus outbreak could produce one of the most dramatic alterations of global economics in decades.

“Because of the coronavirus problem, people are recognizing that any supply chain that has single points of failure is incredibly vulnerable,” the Heritage Foundation’s Dean Cheng, a senior research fellow in the organization’s Asian Studies Center, told the Washington Examiner. “China is going to be very concerned about decoupling, offshoring, [or any] redirection of investments out of China.”

The Chinese have already responded to comments from White House officials who have iterated the same views as Gardner, and they’re not happy.

“Such an attempt is by no means the right prescription amid the pandemic, still less a viable way out for domestic problems the U.S. faces,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said last week. “It will only cause greater damage to the innocent American people.”

He’s not alone.

Some of our Western allies are also nervous about such a shift.

“If there is political rhetoric also pushing that trend then there is a danger, a real one, that in the medium to long-term, if this gets promoted, we will be a much less efficient world economy, which means that our own domestic economies would also be much weaker, and GDP will be lower,” European Union Ambassador to the United States Stavros Lambrinidis said while speaking to reporters last week.

The Colorado Republican dismissed that warning. “If you want to make Matchbox cars in hot wheels around the globe, fine, do it, I don’t think anybody cares where the 1986 Matchbox Maserati is coming from,” he said.

“If you’re making life-sustaining drugs solely reliant on a Chinese supply chain that could be disrupted by a corona-type virus that we have now seen several times this decade, you better think twice,” said Gardner, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee for East Asia. “I don’t think that’s decoupling, I think that’s smart.”

This is to say nothing of the fact that the Chinese have lied through their teeth since day one about the coronavirus.

There’s no telling what sort of information they’re holding back about the virus, which Western nations are now battling.

The Chinese lied to the WHO about how the virus was contracted, doctors who first raised the alarm about the virus have disappeared, 21 million Chinese cellphone accounts have been disconnected pointing to a far higher death rate than we can even imagine, and their “zero new cases” claim out of the Hubei province is highly dubious.

The Examiner notes that “American officials are angry that Chinese Communist officials censored the early warnings that a new virus had emerged in Wuhan. In response, fuming Chinese diplomats have accused the U.S. Army of starting the pandemic while reminding the West that China controls key parts of the medical supply chain.”

“There could be nothing more ham-handed and catastrophic than for the Chinese to talk some more about ‘how the U.S. created coronavirus, and, by the way, maybe we’ll cut off pharmaceuticals,’” Cheng said. “You want to have a situation where there really is that kind of a backlash, where the U.S. actively tries to not only decouple but move specifically away from China? That’s inviting that kind of a backlash.”

Gardner says that there’s no reason to rely on China.

“We have Brazil, we have other countries around the globe where we can establish new supply chains that are much more amenable to the Western values that we share,” he told the Washington Examiner.


  1. With so many smart, patriotic citizens in this country why do we keep electing stupid, greedy people of low character to represent us and then fail to enforce accountability? I have my thoughts on this, what are yours?

  2. Our politicians are suckers for the quick buck and look where it has us now. The “Master Deceiver” is without a doubt Bill Clinton. I mentioned to my wife if Clinton is elected we’ll be eating “Chinc Chow” twenty years from now. I hate it when I’m right about things like this. We must put America First, disinfect our Government, stop this open border and sanctuary city insanity and cleanse our country of illegals. We must get manufacturing, especially in critical sectors, back and overhaul our educational system. Do you think we have enough citizens left in this country with the guts, dedication and discipline to right this sinking ship?

  3. When the globalist Nixon started all this with China I could have hit him in the mouth, The US relying on a communist Nation. It’s the same every where the king pins want everything they can get. The workers get chump change, in the case of China a Dr. is limited to 14,000.00 a year. the state takes the rest. Whats the rest you ask, about 80,000.00 that is in a case of an outsource position by Leidos Biopharmaceutical research under government contract. Thats after they pushed an American worker out of the job. The Chinese people are hard workers just looking for a living, the state wants to rule the world. The Communist don’t care, whats a million people, put them in the incinerator. The politicians in the US are the same self serving SOB;s, Make it in the USA. If GM want to sell cars they can make them here, they didnt want to put themselves out to save Americans, when they will never pay back the billions in Bailout money for 2008

  4. Greed for cheap goods and cheap labor has involved us with China, and they’ve taken full advantage of us with theft of our property, unfair trade, it’s time we got out of there.

  5. Don’t hold your breath. With greedy bunch like the Buffets, the nuevo rich tech moguls, The Fords, The West coast moronic commie crowd, The Harvard scum, who are directly paid by China to support Globalism, US is becoming what the World was to US after WW II -a market place full of idiots in love with cheap trinkets.

  6. We Americans never asked for China to have all of our manufacturing and jobs. A bunch of DC politicians decided that this was best for us (themselves) and now look at what a fiasco we are in . American products for American people.

    • Absolutely agree! Ross Perot rang that bell 30 years ago! Not enough USA citizens listened & the politicians filled their pockets& special interest at our expense! Usa workers became poorer & worked harder! TERM LIMITS!

  7. We should NEVER let any country have the upper hand in trade with America. Our government has sold us out for far too long! President Trump is working hard to change this , but he gets a lot of push back from the swamp. We can change things in November, VOTE!

  8. Correction. President Trump is the only President since Nixon who has made a concerted effort to curm China’s attempt to harm us and our economy. Trade barriers, Tarriffs, Stopped the 5g spyware;Slowed down exchange programs where Chinese students are sent to the US to “study but they are really spies in our industries stealing everything they can get their hands on. To say he trusted them is to ignore all he has done single-handedly to protect America from them and to change our position as the host that has been sucked almost dry bu the Chinese for nearly 50 years. This virus was in experimental stages, and they do not have the brains people think they do to know how to handle things they steal. The stole our stealth technology for military fighters, and there are many stories of how they abused it which got many there killed. They stole space technology and many there died trying to us it on their own. Few will everknow how many they die in their experiments because they ate Communists who control al information. They’d do the same with the western world if they go their 6G Trojan horse virus into our communications and banking systems. The long game here is that the US wins and China goes back to where they were in 1970 before Nixon made the blunder of opening trade with them. prior to that no one in the world wanted to deal with them because they are so corrupt and dishonest.

    • Will, it was Nixon who OPENED THE DOOR to trading with China. I am old enough to have seen that happen in the 1970s. He began what we have now in trade with China. Please get your facts straight. At the time it seemed like a good idea and probably was. All Presidents after agreed with it and trade often prevents war with other nations. I agree with you that it is dangerous to depend on China too much which is not good for national security.

  9. I really, really hope a law is passed to force medicine to be totally manufactured here. It’s scary to think that you might not be able to obtain life saving medicine you need to stay alive.

  10. Chicom has long planned and engineered their supply-chain global dominance and continue to do so via the New Silk Road infrastructure furthering expansion of its abilities to influence/set their claws into predominantly poor involved countries…throw Huawei’s 5G into the mix and it cements China’s perfect plan of dominance and bullying; i.e. SC Sea, etc. Time to divest the global supply chain and disarm Chicom’s grand design.

  11. We have to understand that China wants to rule the world in every area, politically , economically, technologically, the military, science and space and computers. They are putting everything into it, to do just that.

    • Unfortunately Congress and past Presidents have helped them. China figured out that US politicians are easy prey and can be bought off. Look at Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Hillery and the Bushes all were paid off by the Chinese. Trump is a billionaire who loves America. They can’t buy him so they are confused. He is the first one to stand up to them because he is smart enough to know that their plan is not t o make politicians rich but to destroy the only economy that stands in their way of becoming the top globalists. However, the US stands at 3.9 trillions to China’s 1.9 trillion which is steadily declining as Trump entices US companies to move back here and his Tariff plans are killing any future growth there. If it were not for President Trump China would still be winning. We will recover, China will pay for starting this world wide pandemic and we will have 4 more prosperous Trump years.

    • I agree with you 100%. That is the communist manifesto. If they have an angle on you they will exploit it to their advantage.

  12. Need to move companies back to America where they belong so as not to be dependent on countries that are hostile toward us.

  13. Cory Gardner: “a.k.a. Cardboard Cory- he never showed up at Town Hall meetings with his constituents! They got so frustrated with him that they had a life-size cardboard picture of him that they set up in front of the meeting hall! He didn’t want to face them! This from a former “Marine”! On another occasion, the “Atlantis Group” (an organization for disabled non-ambulatory people) wanted to meet with Senator Gardner. He never showed up! They went to his office hoping to be able to talk to him about making access to public transportation and buildings more accessible for people with mobility issues. He went into his inner office and refused to meet with them. They waited for him to come out, but he called the Denver Sheriff’s office and had them forcibly removed! This from a former Marine? His family are Democrats, but he is a Republican

  14. The us is made of of human beings, and we know their record on their view of such.
    This should CERTAINLY be a wakeup call to the USA!

  15. I believe the Chinese were working on this virus in bio chemical labs and it escaped. Is it too far fetched to think they released it on purpose. They have over a billion people. They do not care if they kill 1 million of there own people to bring about some crazy objective. I think Trump trusted China too much.

    • First you’re saying they wouldn’t kill 1 billion people. Then you say they don’t care if they kill a billion people.

    • Ronald and Michael: Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger started the mess by going to The People’s Republic of China and sucked up to Chairman Mao. American businesspeople were lured to The People’S Republic by the promise of “cheap labor”! Cheap Labor makes cheap, crappy products that end up in our landfills! Each product originating in The People’s Republic of China provides money for the Chinese Military to get newer, better weapons! The stated goal of The People’s Republic of China’s Military is to dominate the Earth. We are literally buying the knife that will be used to cut our throats!

    • Ron, MIke and Burgie,

      It was during the 1960.s that Mao’s Leap Froward saw the Execution of 45 million Chinese and others, Then the Red Guard did the Cultural Purge and slaughtered another 20 million. Add another 2 million by Pot Pol in Cambodia. The oriental mindset does not honor human life. We is the west are seen as weak by them and the Mhammadans because we will go to great lengths to save one life. This is based on our Christian heritage. Eastern people have no real religious foundations. What we see in Tao, Buddhism, Hindu and other Eastern beliefs are actually philosophies of man. Some have been converted to Christianity. In fact many Asian nations had been converted by the Apostle Thomas and helped by Bartholomew and Nathan. In the first 6 centuries after Jesus most of Asia had become Christian. Then the Rise of the Muhammadan Pagans swept across these countries like locust and slaughtered millions converting them to muhammad’s Islam Cult by means of the sword, torture and the Jizra tax.


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