America Is So Lacking In Racism Another Guy Had To Make Up A Hate Crime; Here’s What We Know So Far

(Tea Party 247) – Okay, folks. I have a rather important question for you. If our nation is as racist as the loony left claims it is, if there is so much hatred for minorities in our country that we need movements like Black Lives Matter to straighten us out, why do so many people go around faking hate crimes?

Shouldn’t these kind of crimes be in abundance, practically oozing out of the cracks of every single nook and cranny of America? Why are actual, legitimate hate crimes so hard to find?

Maybe….just maybe…they aren’t all that common?

Maybe….just maybe…loony liberals long for a cause to make them feel special and important, and when they can’t find one that gets them a lot of attention, they take the easy route and fake a hate crime?

Anyway, turns out another guy did just that here in the greatest nation on earth.

Check out the details from PJ Media:

From nooses in garages, MAGA hat-wearing noose lassos around Jussie Smollet, church tagging, fake hair discrimination, nooses on college office doors, nooses in trees that miraculously double as exercise equipment or spray-painting offensive statements on their own cars, we’ve watched as a parade of incidents have left a wake of outrage where common sense used to be. All are hoaxes for some twisted reason.

Professor Wilfred Reilly of Kentucky State University, who keeps a running tally of hate crimes, has written a book called Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left Is Selling a Fake Race War.

And now there’s another fake hate crime he can add to his book’s next edition.

KEPR-TV reports that a man running for office wrote an anti-Mexican hate letter to himself to garner the sympathy vote.

“A man who claimed he received a hate-filled, racist letter from an anonymous person allegedly wrote the letter himself, Hermiston [Oregon] Police say.

Chief Jason Edmiston tells Action News that the criminal investigation for Intimidation in the Second Degree due to the racist, hate-filled letter received by Mr. Jonathan Lopez on 6/23/20, has been closed. The matter will be referred this week, to the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office for Initiating a False Report. Initiating a False Report is a Class A misdemeanor in Oregon.

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. This doofus wrote himself a hate-filled letter and tried to pass it off as a hate crime, then filed a fake report. Guys like this deserve to be tossed in the clink for a good, long time to help straighten out their faulty thinking.

The letter read, in part, “Don’t waste your time trying to become anything in this county we will make sure you never win and your family suffers along with all the other f****** Mexicans in the area!” The letter ends by stating, “Sincerely, America!”

Lopez was born in the United States.

When Lopez first reported the incident, he shared his reaction on Facebook. Lopez has since deleted his account, but police are taking another look at what he said, according to KEPR-TV:

As an American born man who served in the USCG, fire and rescue services. I’m also proud of where my parents and grandparents were born and raised, Mexico. I have lived a life full of obstacles and challenges Including racism. There is no room or tolerance of that.”

Jonathan also states that he hopes people can come together and find common ground. “We now more than ever must address these issues that are destroying and distancing us from unification,” Jonathan writes. “We must be mature and adults about things and address them properly at a table or meeting in which we can come to an agreement or mutual understanding!”

Not only is Lopez in trouble for writing the letter to himself, according to police, but also for claiming he was a military veteran during an election. Lopez lost his race for local commissioner, but Hermiston, Ore., police say they’re looking into election fraud under the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.

Oh, but the plot thickens even more. Apparently, this hate crime “victim” also has a rap sheet. Big shock, right?

People on the left are often opportunists, and the constant chit-chat about racism has provided many great opportunities for such individuals to take full advantage of all the nonsense to create cons to help boost some failing part of their lives.

Do you think the left is ashamed of this kind of behavior? Of course not. Will they take responsibility for inspiring it? Not a chance.

But hey, on the flip side, our nation is so lacking in actual racism folks have to make it up for it to exist. That’s a good thing.



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  4. Just more evidence that the left is sick. They need to make up hate filled messages to promote their own socialist agenda. People like this Lopez whould go to jail for several years.

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  6. In order for them to get attention a d support from all the right people they need to have a race crime. Usually not true but they get support. They are going as far as they can. They have now demanded defunding our military. BLM has support from all the right people. Hollywood, Democrats and Soros. All so sports now NASCAR all supporting communism it has nothing to do with race or justice and everything communism. Itmis amazing to me all the businesses, sports that all Americans made grow has now said it does not matter we are kicked to the curb for communism!

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  8. You could easily fill your pages with hate crimes if you just looked closely enough…and reversed the races when you looked for them.

  9. I’m sincerely glad that more & more people are
    WAKING up to the fact that the left is made up of a bunch of racists, certifiably crazy people that think their lies and fake rhetoric will change people, and the people that do listen to them and consider themselves Woke! Are in their own Way just as wacky and no good will ever come of it. I mean how the hell do you cancel History??! You learn from it!

  10. I agree with Sandra….cut the pandering!……It only emboldens the left and America haters.Anyone who hates America should find a country they like better and GO THERE! STOP TRYING TO MESS US UP!

  11. Nothing surprises me anymore with the left, the fake hate crimes, blm destroying property, hurting people, chanting defund and abolish the police but when something happens during their protest the idiots call 911 for police help, aoc telling people to boycott Goya products because owner supports Donald Trump, BUY GOYA, we have the fake facts spewed about white on black killings Fact its 2% but let’s ignore the black on white killings FACT 81%, police killings of blacks, FACT it’s 1%, also a FACT black on black killings it’s 97%, we also have to hear the white supremacy BS Here’s a FACT for all you white supremacy idiots out there, you give yourselves way to much credit to think I spend one minute of my life, along with millions of White people, thinking of you or think we are better then you. We think about our families, raising our children, raising them to be respectful human being to EVERYONE, to take their education seriously, go to college if they choose and be a productive citizen. That is what we think about, NOT YOU, NOT FOR ONE SECOND, it would be a waste of a second if I thought of you.

  12. Some times I wonder who are the most Racist. The democrats; who were the slave owners and the main supporters of the KKK and who are now using blacks and other groups tp further their agenda. Lets not forget their voting history of segregation, of voting against blacks when it comes constitutional rights and always voting to keep blacks down because they believed a black was not able or smart enough to compete against whites.The democrats use blacks to riot and cause chaos in the streets destroying black neighbor hoods and business and then bail them out of jail to do it again. They allow crime on the streets which include the many black on black shootings and murders and various other crimes. The democrats come down hard on individuals for trying to protect their homes,families and property as guaranteed by the constitution.Out of 160 people who died in police custody only 13 were black.they manage to through a blanket of racism, oppression and injustice over all the police.There are 38,000,000 blacks in this country and those considered white are accused of being racist and oppressive. Has any one listen to the words coming out of the mouths of Antifa and BLM, if that is not hateful racist speech I don’t what is.Why are the minority groups so blind they can’t see they are being used by the most oppressive, racist group out there , THE DEMOCRATS. One other thing , other than the color of skin what is the difference between the KKK, BLM, and Antifa. I don’t see the difference.

    • Or planned parenthood. Or american taxpayers money going to the international planned parenthood federation or the maria stopes international.

    • It brings a smile to my face when I realize that there are other people out there that are not buying the media bullshit, and brainwashing materials that are put on the news every day

  13. If we truly want to get rid of racism we need to stop pandering to blacks. They should not have black colleges or black miss America or black anything. We are all Americans and until we stop pandering to a special race we will remain racists. Americans that’s what we all are. Stop separating us

    • Hallelujah totally Agree. The reason there is so much separation in this world is because people want to stick us in different boxes. When they ask me what ethnic group I am I make my own box and check it and next to it I put human

  14. Whatever the punishment is for a hate crime should be applied to those who file a fake, then this action will stop. It must cost those who do it, otherwise it will continue. As for this race baiter, it should disqualify him from running.

  15. Satan is the leader of the evil “Demorat” Party! Our country was founded on Judea Christian Values but they want to remove God from our society! They are so determined to destroy America for power & money that they use any circumstances Russia Hoax, Mueller Hoax, Impeachment Hoax, Racism Hoax & now the China Virus(Covid-19)!!!!

  16. This is just further proof that the Left is SOOOOO DESPERATE to have something to b*tch about that they have to make up fake “hate crimes” directed at THEMSELVES! Is that certifiable, deranged, insane, stark raving MAD or any and every combination thereof? They cut the legs off their own cause every time they pull a stunt like that! Talk about the boy who cried “WOLF!”

  17. The,democrats will never take responsibility because it is,always someone elses fault. They have no values, ethics, morality, honesty. Duty or honor.
    Devil worshipers =democrats one and all. GOD save them but they must ask first. GOD IS LOVE.
    Democrats are hate, greed, selfishness. Don’t rely on a Democrat for anything but buying votes and voter fraud, and spending taxpayers money on stuff we don’t want or need.

  18. Make the penalty for hate crime hoax the same as penalty for a “real” hate crime! Think you’ll see the numbers go down dramatically.

  19. If there was so much hate as the BLM movement says there is, wouldn’t there be a lot more altercations and deaths?

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