America Continues Marching Towards ‘Big Brother’ Surveillance State – Coming To A City Near You…

(Tea Party 247) – Not all technology is good technology but it seems as though America is hurtling towards accepting ALL technology, maybe just for the sake of being modern and up-to-date or maybe there is something more nefarious going on. The most disturbing use of modern technology has been that of pre-crime efforts using algorithms and robots (AI). The problem, of course, is that the algorithms are generally flawed and humans are not entirely predictable.

The efforts to develop an effective AI policing system marches on, though, and now “RoboCops” are beginning to make their debut across the country, with 16 states giving it a shot. Last year, NYC rolled out security robots and, as Aaron Kesel reports, “The robots are able to scan anyone walking on the sidewalks, record license plates, use infrared vision, and one of the scariest uses of this technology is the capability to detect cellphone serial numbers within a designated patrolling area.”

What could possibly go wrong? We are on the verge of living in a Big Brother state where every move we make will be watched and categorized one day. Don’t look too suspicious! You may find yourself the target of a pre-crime takedown in which you’ve done nothing wrong except match an algorithm that predicted you would be likely to commit a crime, at some point, maybe.

Now in Huntington Park, CA, they are giving their own version of this technology a shot, the “HP RoboCop.” In response to the robots rollout, Muckrock decided to “file a records request from the HPPD to see what details might have been omitted from the original reporting.” In return they received a collection of documents and they are releasing them to the public.

According to a report on Activist Post:

Muckrock highlights the added surveillance of the citizenry that they have the pleasure of funding with their own tax money to the tune of $8,000 per month, per robot, to operate. Once again the technology is being supplied by Knightscope, a leader in the field for supplying both governments and private security:

According to released marketing materials, HP RoboCop is a K5 model security robot produced by the Silicon Valley-based manufacturer Knightscope, Inc.


Interestingly enough, the HPPD goes further, and makes the claim that the K5 is a “fully autonomous security data machine” that can actually “differentiate between a harmless passer-by and potential criminal.”

As for how the K5 does that, the HPPD points to the robot’s many, many sensors, which are apparently capable of detecting faces, license plates, and even smartphones. Said faces, license plates, and smartphones can then be run against a “blacklist,” which would send an alert to the HPPD.

This type of technology is just setting our society up to eventually become one where we have “social credit” monitoring like in China. They are setting up the foundation of constant, round-the-clock surveillance and selling it as though it’s for our good. The RoboCops will protect us, at least that’s what they want us to believe. The truth is, the RoboCops are just another tool to rob us of our personal liberty and right to privacy.

Eventually they will be able to use all of this surveillance technology to manipulate us and force us into conformity with the government’s permitted ideologies, theologies, and moral standards. This should terrify every American.

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