Amazon Busted Trying To Convict Its Own Customers Through Dirty Underhanded ATF Sting Selling Fully Automatic Gun Parts

(Tea Party 247) – So it seems Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, wants to shrink its own profits by targeting customers in a sneaky scheme to trick them into purchasing fully automatic gun parts as part of a sting set up by the ATF.

Amazon has always prohibited the sale of firearms, and yet they are now openly selling a full auto conversion device for a Glock weapon. Oh and it’s only $68, so it’s quite obvious they really, really want people to step up and buy this piece of equipment.

The component is also described as an “Airsoft” accessory, which further adds to the entrapment angle of this little digital raid by the ATF. If customers purchase this weapon component they can be charged with a felony for illegally possessing class-III full auto firearms conversion devices.

The reason we know this device is being deliberately allowed on as part of an ATF sting operation is because pistols, rifles and suppressors never just “accidentally” show up on Amazon polices its online marketplace to make sure such items never appear, yet this highly illegal full auto conversion device has been allowed to stay online for nearly a full day as of this writing.

Furthermore,’s founder, Jeff Bezos, is an anti-gun globalist who has used his newspaper — the “fake news” Washington Post — to try to overthrow the U.S. election and destroy the Trump administration at any cost. The pattern of deception, fake news and fictional “anonymous sources” embraced by the Washington Post perfectly mirror going “full snitch” on its own customers, attempting to lure them into purchasing illegal products that will land them in prison.

It’s all part of the Jeff Bezos war on the Second Amendment and his sick, twisted desire to eliminate his political opponents by any means necessary… even if it means turning into a law enforcement trap.

Fortunately, most of the folks stumbling upon the page are well aware of the trick that Amazon is attempting to pull.

This is definitely going to turn a lot of folks off from wanting to purchase items from the online retailer, which should be something of concern to them, but these days, folks would rather be woke and go broke than to run their business in such a way as to include everyone.

The Second Amendment exists as a means to help us defend our life, liberty, and property from tyranny, whether that comes in the form of bloated big government or self-entitled criminals who don’t want to work for a living.

Folks like Jeff Bezos of Amazon who are pushing for strict gun control laws and possible full bans, don’t understand they’re taking these weapons away from vulnerable citizens and contributing to their victimization.

Not to mention gun control laws don’t stop crazed criminals. This kind of legislation doesn’t address the sinful heart of man. Only God can fix that.

So the lesson here is not to ever buy anything gun related on Amazon.



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