Alyssa Milano Calls On Followers To Join Her Bizarre New Spiritual Protest…Huh?

(Tea Party 247) – Gosh these Hollywood leftists never fail to amuse.

One-time small screen star and Twitter social justice keyboard warrior Alyssa Milano is calling on her followers to “manifest” change in Washington by doing some sort of weird yoga meditation together every day.


As if the Resistance’s tactics couldn’t get any weirder, they’re now going for spiritual warfare.

“I need your help manifesting a change-of-guard in Washington,” Milano wrote. “For 7 minutes a day, I’ll be chanting the following mantra: “Believe in believing. The impossible is possible.” As I do this I’ll be thinking of the special world we want to create.”

“JOIN ME. We’re stronger together,” she declared.

“Upon waking, lay in shavasana (look it up), set your alarm for 7 minutes,” Milano told her followers.

“We did look it up, and it turns out the Shavasana yoga pose, also known as the ‘corpse pose,’ is literally just laying flat on your back,” notes Activist Mommy.

Milano then offers a nonsensical incantation for their weird new age spell.

“Believe in believing. The impossible is possible.”

Milano tells followers they will all say aloud, at this point: “we’d like to create a changing of the guard.”

It didn’t take long for right-wing media outlets to jump on Milano’s hilarious desire to “manifest” Trump out of office.

I guess the Dems have already tried everything, right? Why not witchcraft?

Milano was quite bitter for being called “hilarious” by the Daily Wire.

“Conservative right wing media bashing meditative collective prayer is what’s hilarious,” Milano snipped, mocking “fake Christians” who offer “thoughts and prayers” but think she’s silly to try to meditate duly elected presidents out of office.


  1. man I used to think you were one of those little hotties I’d drool over during the puberty yrs, now your just another attractive nut job of a mess. Maybe that’s why I like the attractive nut job chicas…………it would explain a lot

  2. OUCH!! Pretty sad to have Milano asking other morons to wish for the impossible by meditating 7 min a morning. At least she understands it is impossible. Why she continues to embarrass herself is beyond me but all we can hope for is she keeps doing it. Even her real followers wont be able to keep hanging in there for her much longer.

  3. One has to have a god to pray to otherwise it’s not prayer. And if she believed in the true God than she would pray first to know where He stands on the president. But seeing as she didn’t find that out first, then that shows that she doesn’t care what God thinks, only that He bends to her will. Or, if she believes in a “force” that will control things through her and others just using “positive energy”, then why isn’t she first positive that that force has deemed the president the right man for the job? Another confused person whose own ego has elected them a “leader”.

  4. She’s right, we need people in Washington that are different than the ones in the deep state, we need more constitutionally correct people rather than politically correct people. I believe this and I believe it is possible to get this done, but not easy.

  5. One would almost feel sorry for Milano if she wasn’t so obnoxious, disgusting, overbearing and lbeing so self-centered. The small career she had is completely washed up and she’s clearly looking for any kind of attention she can get even if it leads to her own disgrace and embarrassment. She clearly doesn’t care who she hurts and she is obviously defined by the world and not anything spiritual. This is the same woman who attacks, criticizes and mocks Christians and Jews. Now she wants those same people chanting/praying to her god and the world she chooses to create.. Milano is clearly Satan’s disciple and she’s obviously his puppet. No one cares what she thinks or says and she needs to take five minutes to get her head out of her own butt and face that reality. We all do reap what we sow according to God‘s word so Milano better buckle up her day of reckoning is at hand and it is long overdue

    • Probably because she would have to make the country UP in her head (what actual country would believe that tripe?) and she’s probably afraid of.licing somewhere without INTERNET!!! lol

    • People Put Trump Into Office…NOT JESUS OR HIS FATHER !!! WHY Would They Put a Person Who WORSHIPS GOLDEN GRAVIN IMAGES ( Golden Towers ) For Thou SHALT NOT Have Any Other GOD’s Before Thee And His True GOD is MONEY and One Who Boost Himself and Are PRAISED By People ???
      Certainly…GOD Will NOT Bless Him !!! For There Shall Be Rumors of Nations Against Nations and All Trump Does Is Boost How We Can Obliviate Countries From The Face of the Earth and Levy Tariffs and Taxes !!! If He Was 40 yrs Younger…He Be #1 Candidate for the ANTI-CHRIST !!! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, JESUS, Has NOTHING to DO With the Present EARTH…SATIN Rules The EARTH ( right now ) un till His 2nd Coming and His 1000 yr TRIALS n TRIBRULATIONS !!! Sir…You Have Got a Lot to Learn…

  6. Someone dispatch a dog 🐕 catcher, this puta gone totally loco…..she needs to be put to sleep. Russia collusion hoax, Ukraine quid pro quo, now witch craft? WTF!!!

  7. Milano and the rest of Hollywood knotheads should hook up with DEM candidate Williamson and have chant-a-thon to take over the country. What a bunch of crackpots.

  8. Clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. What or who is she chanting this too? Sounds similar to something the Israelites did at Jericho. The big difference is God had the Israelite’s back. Guess who won?

    • Better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth a remove all Doubt. Let’s not forget the that she may have been dropped on her head when she was young and probably forgotten that this is the real world and not a movie set .
      There’s no pills yet to fix stupidity so for everyone sake keep taking your medications keep your liberal opinions
      In California with the rest of the morons

    • Mario Locasto, I live in California and can tell you there are millions of conservatives out here who are against the alt-Left’s bullshit. We tried very hard last elections to get elected our conservative candidates (Gov, Sec of State, Controller, AG) and lost, partly due to the rigged elections and illegals and dead people voting. Now we have Gov Newsome, anti-gun, pro-socialist, power-monger, a demonrat. Yes, California is one of the worst blue states but it still have millions who hate the direction California has gone. Something like 17 countries, perhaps more, are trying to organize to start their own state, the State of Jefferson, for Republicans and patriots. It is an uphill battle, but we in the red states do not have enough power against the highly populated blue states and cities. Both conservative dems and Republicans are moving out by the thousands each year.
      California is in the lead because there are so many rich and powerful people, including the extremely wealthy movie stars and Hollywood companies (little empires). Self-conceit has overtaken the wealthy Left out here, and fact and truth is now only what they decide it is. Darn shame.

    • Darn it …. typo …. I meant something like “17 COUNTIES ….” Also, where I say “we in the red states” I of course meant “we in the red counties …” Sorry about that.

  9. Do we still have to listen to this unbelievable dumb idiot?
    Does she even have a high school diploma? Or dropped she out of elementary school to be a tramp?

  10. I was in Portland, OR. Once and did a fain dance. One would think in an area that it rains almost daily it would have rained odds were with me, it didn’t rain for almost 40 hours.
    Keep your followers chanting, good luck, there is only one God. And he doesn’t respond to chanting very well.

  11. Alyssa, I always liked you as a star in your heydey, but you’re nothing now but anti-American pro-socialist moron. Too bad, so sad. Your success as a star was based on the very fact that you pursued and achieved the “American Dream” for yourself, and prospered. Yet, here you are, anti-America, pro-socialist, now a demon in disguise, hoping to help make it probable that the American Dream will no longer be available to anyone, not to children, not to anyone, if socialist is somehow ushered in. But, Alyssa, let me tell you this: YOU WILL FOREVER BE KNOWN AS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY, like Jane Fonda, viewed as a TRAITOR to the very country that helped you become a big star with many fans. And know this, as a patriot I can safely say, we American patriots will NOT go quietly into the darkness of socialism, and we will win in the end. You, the morons like you, will be cast as TRAITORS and likely punished.

    • PS: And, by the way, if you, Alyssa, bothered to learn the truth, you would find that Donald Trump has done more for this country in a shorter period of time than the last half-dozen presidents before him. And, despite all the flak he is catching, he continues to do so. You have bought into the propaganda against him, and you don’t even know from where or whom it is coming. We in the West are caught in a war by globalists, to use a general term, to destroy the USA and they have already ruined an entire generation of children in our schools by lying to them that Socialism is a Utopian ideal where everyone is happy and taken care of. These folks own the mainstream media who has villified Donald Trump because he upset their “apple-cart” and is blocking their take-over agenda. He said it clear once: “It is not me they’re after, it is YOU! [the People] I’m just in their way.” This is the TRUTH, these are the FACTS. We are under attack, and brainless people like you have gone astray believing the propaganda.

  12. Wow! How truly sad this young misguided, ill informed , socially retarded young woman has become…only prayers for her could possibly help.

  13. Just another wasted minion of the Soros, Clinton, Obumer Crime family, trying another Idiot stunt, from the Idiot crowd of Hollywerid, CA. another POOP-DA_VILLE idiot, What a shame this young lady has become, really a sham,

  14. Go for it. Maybe that will result in draining the swamp and aid in removing Pelosi, Shumer, Shifty, Mad-Max and many, many other commies from office.

  15. Well Great! The more time this Twit sits in the meditative corpse pose the better!
    But I would caution her- She is not being all that specific in her desire- “we’d like to create a changing of the guard.”

    Hmmm, this could cause confusion in the universal consciousness- She may wake up and find her front gate has new security guards, Or better still – That the Change in Guard the receive is Dems Lose the House, Senate and WH!!!

    So on second thought keep up the vague requests, send out your negative energy wishes for change based only on YOUR needs and Desires…forget that there are hundreds of millions of others lol being quite specific in our Prayer/Meditations sending the message Trump 2020! Trump 2020! Trump 2020! We do this Daily Too 🙂

    Now we will see whose Powers of Manifestation Prevail!

    But I do approve of you all laying like corpses and doing your chanting- in fact, I would encourage wayyyyy more the 7 min–try 7 hours daily- after all the Nutty clueless class are Depending on you!

  16. Alyssa Milano, I hang on your every word. Please, enlighten the world with your pearls of wisdom.

    What would we do without you? Thank you for helping get President Trump re-elected. God bless your tiny, warped, little mind. Bless you, child.

  17. so this is some kind of hybrid of Phoebe and Paige’s powers maybe.

    Oh, well, if she is right and you can meditate/”manifest” someone out of office, then, he will be gone presently, if she is wrong, she will look like an even bigger Hollywood liberal flake then she already does.
    I don’t think the odds for either meditation or prayer working are very impressive.
    Look at all those rug-kissing wailing gurgling aholes in mosques around the world, going at it hard 5 times a day no less. If their shit worked, just for one example, Israel would certainly be long gone, and the rest of us would be either dead or their slaves.
    Left-wing commentator Phillip Adams, who I would normally not quote or recommend, put it in an interesting way.
    “How the prayers of the masses must struggle and fight each other on their way to Heaven”

    • To be honest , I doubt she is really representative even of them.
      Sure, there is a common theme of detachment from or denial of reality.

  18. LOL Boo hoo, fake Christians?! LOL The person with a fake soul spitting down on those that actually have a soul? LOL So, she’s going to will him out of office. LOL I swear, this woman would get along with the lame stream media quite well. That’s what I love about Democrat Socialists… they always hold us to our own standards, while they have absolutely none. How convenient.

  19. AMERICA, its time to boycott all new movies no matter what format, I have. I now watch real actors and actresses on TV, I watch Turner Movie Classics if I need a movie fix.
    The majority of Hollywood elites don’t remember where their millions come from, us.

  20. Lady you’re an actress and not a very memorable one at that. You have less talent then Whoopi Goldburg, and thats not saying much, and your telling others all about politics come on give me a break.
    Without politics you would have nothing but old ASPCA commercials and even they were poor quality.
    Without the capitalist watching your day time soaps you would be on the street living like a dog along with the other Hollywood elites who think they know so about politics ie Robert DiNaro and Mark Ruffalo both made rich because capitalist paid for their movies/discs/tapes etc.
    Without capitalist the majority of Hollywood elites are done and broke.
    With Socialism no one will have money to pay to see washed up actors and actresses in movies.
    Capitalism is what puts food on your table, keep that in mind girl.

  21. I’m sorry, I just can’t remember what Alyssa was suppose to star in? I guess the yoga thing isn’t helping her career so whats it gonna do for America? Hasn’t seemed to help India either.

    • Good point. Didn’t help the general standard of living in India much…which might have seemed a nice reward.
      Meanwhile 5 prayers a day by more than a billion Islamozoid psychos has not seemed to , for example, destroy Israel or kill or enslave the rest of the unbelievers.
      I wonder if they ever take a tally accounting of the success/answered rate of their prayers.

    • She’s On TNT 5 Days a Week Between 3am and 7am As Charmed…And She Plays a WITCH Who Fornicates In Almost Every Episode !!!

  22. Another mindless diatribe by a washed up so called Hollywood celebrity. When will they ever realize most of the USA find them boring, irrelevant, totally obnoxious and out of touch with most if not all working families and individuals. She reminds me of The View, Another group of so called intelligent commentators who constantly insult the majority of the USA by believing they are the ultimate moral authority. SAD SAD

  23. I think I’ll stick with Tony Danza’s “Who’s The Boss?” routine. Around lunch time, assume the “I once worked with Alyss Milano” position. It’s where you slouch with your head down and your hand up next to your face, like you’re hoping she doesn’t see you from across the restaurant, and the you chant the words,”Eh Ohh, Ohh Ehhh!” over and over again until she leaves. If done properly it will make the restaurant a special place like you hoped it could be before she walked in.

  24. When you are rich and totally out of touch with reality, you do shit like this. How did she ever become so engrossed with her self importance? This is why normal people hate the Hollywood elitist. She use to be sooooo cute, but now she is flat-assed dumb.

  25. This is too funny! A true Christian doesn’t hate. That’s all they’re doing. If she were a true Christian, she wouldn’t believe in abortion right up to delivery. Oh, I forgot, she had an abortion! She’s mighty proud of that too. She needs to get a life! You know she doesn’t spend time with her kids. She’s worried about getting rid of the President. A lot of people hated Obummer! We didn’t lose our damn minds and spend 24/7 spreading hate.

    • worse still, she put incompatible fish in her aquarium.

      Could be a multiculturalism allegory there, actually, now occurs to me..

  26. Unfortunately I can’t even spare 7 minutes a day to sit around chanting. Personally I can’t even get 7 minutes of bathroom time ! I have a real life, job, kids, pets, house, appointments, charity work etc. Good luck to you, but to tell you the truth, if I ever had 7 minutes to do any chanting , I would fall into a much needed sleep ! Listen, I think reality may be knocking at you door, you may not hear it over the chanting.

  27. I did this exact thing in 2015-16 and Trump became POTUS. It really works, and I’ll be doing it again in 2020! God bless America and President Donald Trump! Merry Christmas to all!

    • Gotta Love that~ Amen~ I’ll be doin’the Same as I did in 2016, Thanks Stephan’chucknors’Stenzel Midwest U.S. Cowboy*of Southern Minnesota Wells/Minn Lake, God Bless You And yours, Merry Christmas Today! Dec.25th 2019.

  28. Lady, first of all I am NOT with you…anyone who doesn’t like our President Trump…i don’t read, or look at…and this thing you want to do…IS STUPID

  29. Instead of calling on the false “god’s”, you need to call on the real GOD-JESUS- in helping you clear your mind of all the hate you have for people who dont think like you do.

  30. What a sad little girl. So sad that you hate people so much.. Think you are better than the great people of this country? All of us who actually made you who you are. Sooo sad little one, I’ll pray for you child.

  31. This woman is bat turd crazy. Every time I think she couldn’t be Wierder she does something like this. “ Better to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  32. What she and her ilk don’t realize is, we did ask for change in Washington and that’s how we got President Trump. She wants to go back to the old ways of swamp creatures and bilking $Trillions from the American taxpayer. She wants cronyism to live and breed among the Washington Politburo. Trump is the change that we so desperately needed in government. We needed an outsider that isn’t beholden to the lobbyists or the political power. She and the left, are so far off base.

  33. I am glad to see you praying ,Alyssa, maybe it will cure the hate in your heart. Hate will blind you and lead you in the wrong direction,always.


  35. What she means is, she and others like her want the commies in control and to take any and all power from those who disagree with the commies agenda.

    She needs to be on someone’s purge list. Got it?

  36. This ignorant ITCH I think this was done on one of the series that she played a witch in! What a CLOWN living in her hollyWEIRD MAKE BELIEVE LIFE! You need to GET A LIFE you dumb UNT!

    • She gives good head, though. She’ll blow your weeny for just $2.50. Just go to to set up an appointment.

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