Alert: Why The Louisville Police Just Declared A State Of Emergency

(Tea Party 247) – It appears recent lawlessness is not expected to abide any time soon as law enforcement officials in Louisville, Kentucky are declaring a state of emergency.

The reason? The state attorney general is set to make an announcement on the Breonna Taylor case soon.

So, federal buildings have been shuttered in anticipation of likely riots.

Thus 2020 goes on.

Interim Louisville Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Schroeder announced the anticipatory move on Monday, pointing to a need for an “appropriate level of staffing to provide for public safety services,” Newsmax reports.

The US district courthouse in Louisville and the nearby US Citizenship and Immigration Services field office were also shuttered on Monday for the rest of the week, per orders from a federal judge.

Both federal and local authorities seem to be preparing for the impending announcement by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron in the case of Breonna Taylor, an emergency medical technician killed in March.

Taylor was fatally shot by police in Louisville after a unit attempted to carry out a “no-knock” drug warrant. Her boyfriend opened fire on the officers, believing them to be intruders.

The incident happened before the killing of George Floyd in police custody in May, sparking widespread riots in which federal buildings are often targeted by radical groups, however, her name has often been cited by the “mostly peaceful protesters” as well as legitimately concerned advocates for police reform, such as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R).

Newswars notes:

One of the officers was fired in June for “extreme indifference to the value of human life” and violating department procedures. Last week, Louisville agreed to pay Taylor’s family a $12 million settlement and implement a series of police reforms. The city has already outlawed no-knock warrants as well.

Protesters have denounced the settlement as the “bare minimum” and insisted that only indictments will provide true justice.

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  1. More fake news!
    1. It was NOT a no-knock warrant.
    2. Police did announce their presence as verified by witnesses.
    3. When there was no response the LEOs opened the door by force.
    4. The boyfriend then shot a LEO and the LEOs returned fire.
    5. One has to wonder why Breonna was shot 6 times while the boyfriend was not hit. Was he using her as a shield?

  2. Whatever is done or the amount of money give away to this family will NEVER be enough. Now in Louisvilie every time you have a black shot & killed by the police, expect millions of dollars to be demanded. Funny, I do not know you could place a dollar amount for losing your loved one. Just wonder how many white peope will be awarded millions if shot by a black cop.

  3. When will the media and political officials be held accountable for False Narratives designed to incite RIOTS! The police did not perform a ‘No knock warrant’ breaking in on innocent individuals! The police clearly ‘KNOCKED’ and ‘IDENTIFIED’ themselves giving the occupants time to come to the door! Then the police forced their way into the apartment, where the woman’s boyfriend shot one of the officers, and the woman was killed, apparently being placed in front of the boyfriend to shield him from the return fire!

  4. Terrorism and insurrection have to be countered with the appropriate level of force necessary to restore order and stability! Considering the likes of Antifa and BLM (Bowels Lack Movement), such force would have to be provided in all probability by the deployment of Regular Army combat troops! Sorry, but Posse Comitatus has to be waived due to the depth of hostility prevalent in the current crisis! Anything less than a stalwart military presence would be futile under present conditions and circumstances!

  5. It wasn’t the killing of Georgia Floyd. He had so many drugs in his system he would have died regardless. He certainly wasn’t strangled to death. Need to get your facts correct. You’re adding to the tension and divide in our country.

  6. No knock warrant is not true, the police officers had a legal warrant and knocked before going in the apartment and there is a witness who testified they heard the police officers knocked and announced themselves. When the police officers entered the apartment Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend had a gun and shot at the police first that was his statement when he testified and the police officers shot back. It is so very sad that Breonna Taylor was killed and my heart goes out to her family, I can’t even begin to imagine their pain and sorrow. What I’m having a hard time with is what are the police suppose to do when they are being shot at?


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