Alert: New Migrant Caravans Are Starting To Form. Here’s What We Know (That The Media Won’t Tell You)

(Tea Party 247) – What the left will never tell you about all those Central Americans and Mexicans who just desperately need to get into our country is that there’s a multi-million dollar racket along our Southern border, and rather than being refugees, the people who hitch on to the massive migrant caravans organized by elite globalist groups are often victims of this racket themselves at best, hardened criminals, rapists, and murderers at work.

The United States has, for far too long, been made victim to this wicked scheme. The opportunities and the prosperity our great nation offers has been taken advantage of, as well as our longstanding tradition of welcoming foreigners among our midsts.

Just as our nation has always grappled with just how many immigrants to allow in as long as we have had our own sovereign borders, however, the question as to what is best for the rightful citizens of this nation must always take precedent over the projected need of those who are not truly looking for refuge, but simply prosperity.

We cannot, we must not, and we will not continue to allow the gates of our border to be left open so that anyone can stream in or out.

There is a very important reason that building a wall and securing our border has always been such a big part of the president’s success: we are not a racist country, we are a country of laws, and all we ask of our prospective residents is that they use the front door, and no longer rely on the criminal racket of the global elite.

ON Wednesday, Honduran migrants were seen waiting for buses on the border with Guatemala while others have reportedly begun to head north on foot as part of a brand new migrant caravan intent on breaching our borders, according to One America News.

“The migrants said their goal is to reach the United States,” they report. “Many were willing to leave their children and families behind because there is no work available to them in Honduras.”

“There are dead people every day and there is a lack of work…there is no security,” said one Honduran national. “I leave my four children, but I am sad to leave them for the reason that there is no work here in Honduras.”

Although the new caravan will likely travel through Guatemala, the group is not likely to be able to enter into Mexico, OAN notes.

Mexican authorities, thanks to the pressure of the Trump administration, have been ramping up enforcement of the border and immigration policies after coming to an agreement with the White House last year.

See? This is exactly why we elected Trump, and it’s why we’ll elect him again in 2020.


  1. If Congressional Republicans had any “smarts”, they would use such caravans as a way to dispense the following information:

    The best way, to become an American citizen is to have your lands petition for state-hood. This way, not just three people, from any village, would become citizens. Entire villages/nation-states, could apply for state-hood, all at once.

    Encourage the people to petition, and agree to accept our laws, currency, etc., and bring them, and their LANDS, LEGALLY, into the United States.

    No more need for caravans, once the people begin applying for state-hood.

    This program has worked, since the 1770’s, and it will work, NOW.

    The Founding Fathers were right. Dont shut people out! Invite them IN!!!!

  2. Mexico knows that if these people show up on our southern border that the President will hike tariffs up on goods entering America from Mexico much higher than they were they last time he imposed them for betraying their agreement with him. And then he’ll use the money raised to help build the wall twice as strong and 10 feet higher.

    Also any relief from these new tariffs will be slow to come as they will have lost a large portion of the President’s trust, and they will be fast to return at the slightest betrayal of trust or agreement.

    If Mexico wants to avoid the China treatment these people better not darken our southern border.

  3. To understand what is happening, you need to look up “Cloward and Piven”. They came up with this bright idea that the fastest way to turn the United States into a socialist country was to overload the welfare system by CREATING MORE poor people. Ever wonder why Obama was thrilled that welfare and food stamp rolls exploded? This is why. He was trying to collapse the system. What they didn’t count on was Trump winning the election and turning the economy around. So, plan number two: bring the poor from other counties here! This is why the left is constantly demanding we give FREE everything to these illegals. Overwhelm the system in order to breaks it. THEN you start over with everyone already poor, except for course the “elites” who know so much better than we do. Its another great way to bring back slavery. Everyone working for them. The middle class will be wiped out. Just as planned. When the left says the want to “help” the middle class, they mean destroy it! Read the Communist Manifesto. It says it outright that the middle class has to be destroyed. No personal property allowed! Please look these two things up!

  4. If you wish to take a real step toward exposing these “immigrant/refugees need help” scams here is step one. Publicize some of the Warner/Pathe news clips and films (from the ’40s) of people in true need and contrast them with news of today’s caravans.

  5. Like you stated, coming here to take refuge from their life being threatened is one thing, but just for prosperity is another. We simply cannot sustain these huge caravans of people anymore. Our country us suffering the expense of having to feed them, clothe them, shelter them, process them. Give medical treatment, etc. I don’t see how we can keep doing this.

  6. It’s up to these individuals to take charge of their own government. The say they’re leaving their children behind because there’s no work, so in other words work her illegally and send that money out of our country to yours. Same old, same old. This is just another tactic they do. They’re trying to pull on the heart strings. Although there are a few legitimate people here for the right reason, the majority isn’t and that’s who they have to blame.

  7. I really question the morality of these people who say they are sad to leave behind their children, but apparently only care about themselves. What a despicable human being would leave behind their children ..saying people are dying and starving. What is wrong with you! I don’t believe the story for one minute!!! Many of these people are involved in trafficking of drugs and other human beings. A lot of them are being funded by the likes of Soros. When I look at the crowd …I do not see anyone starving. Some have better clothes than I do. But I would NEVER leave behind my children to starve. That is a B.S. story. If they do something like that then they deserve to starve.

    Come in legally! We have the right to choose who among you are NOT criminals.

    • Most look overfeed. They also need to be screened for diseases too. Look how AIDS came in from Africa. We know the millions of Americans that affected.

  8. The problem at the porous border will never cease until it is fixed at the very source. The nations these people are leaving are unsafe and those who are in positions of power do not provide an economically viable climate for people to thrive and earn a living to get by. Those to blame are the politicians who do put in force laws and rules to keep crime and corruption down. There is also a great need to create an economical environment so these people do not invade other nations in guise of refugees fleeing from crime and poverty. The democrats in America use this situation as a source of exploitation by enabling these people to enter in illegally or legally much against the wishes of the American people. That these people enter in vast numbers is the major problem, but for the democrats this also gives them great wealth in the form of a vote. Not until the problems are fixed in the countries of origin will there be a solution to the vast numbers of these people invading the USA.

    • The Dems are turning or county into a dung pile. Americans, quit being apathetic and start holding the left loonies accountable. You are losing your country. They already destroyed California and and they are heading your way. Bombard them with phone calls, fax and emails. Does President Trump have to do all the work. Remember we the people. And thank God Hillary didn’t make Potus.

  9. No work in Honduras for Hondurans and it wo’nt get better as Elitist Virtue Signalers work to ban Cigars and push their nations to Smoke Cannabis more dangerous than tobacco but a drug loved by leftists. – locally grown of course.

  10. We need to start:

    1. Going after the groups organizing these caravans.

    2. Holding these countries responsible for not using our aid properly.

    3. If that continues, stop the aid.

    4. Create a radio free Central/South America program to educate these populations about the positive effects of capitalism/democracy and the negative effects of socialism/political apathy.

  11. That is too BAD! . . . Continue sending them BACK, and COME in like DECENT folks do, LEGALLY. We don’t want them HERE. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. Thank you Mexico for helping to keep illegal aliens from reaching the border. I pray you will stop this new group from crossing into Mexico. It is not fair to your people or our people for illegal aliens to cut in line to those wanting to come to Mexico or America legally.

  13. We need to close the borders from Mexico for any of the caravans, once Mexico allows them in, they are Mexico’s problem not ours. The Mexican government has to be responsible for them.

  14. Time to put armed forces on open borders and NOT allow any more illegals into this country. Run electricity thru the walls built so they can’t climb them or go under them. No more free loaders allowed. We have enough of them already and yet our VETS are homeless, no medical care and suffering.

  15. America needs to stop giving Welfare, Free Schooling, Free Housing, Free Phones to ILLEGALS. This will stop them from coming here. Arrest and deport them.

    • Also free health care, all they have to do is walk into any emergency room and request treatment whether it is an emergency situation or not. Needless to say, the hospital then eats the bill.

  16. They might try to cross through California or New Mexico, those are open borders right now because of democ-rat governors. I seriously hope the President can do something about it. I do not trust Mexico to keep them at bay.

  17. I wonder why they are still moving. Don’t they know they will be stopped in Mexico? Whatever the President is doing is working, but I’m afraid these people are trying to sneak in in those parts of the border that are still without a wall and not patrolled enough by Border Patrol.

    • The river is a big area were many from other countries cross! Had a vid on showing them wading across with SUIT CASES ON their heads. Not hispanic! Were are they getting all the rafts and TENTS? And clean clothes. If paying coyotes where are they getting the money from. No work at home, leave families and take what money they have? I’m no dumb jerk! This is all planned! watch all the so called church and bleeding heart charities! STOP THEM ALL! This is what the commie/rats and sorass evil and add bo plenty, all being done to ruin OUR COUNTRY! YEAH I’m ticked OFF, they will get more per person and in a year than we on SS, who worked for it get! NO MORE FREEBIES, AND STOP ALL THAT IS GIVEN to THEM NOW!!!!! We have far too many of OUR OWN who need OUR help! DACA and DREAMERS here more than 2 years and not a citizen, but still on freebies? OUT OUT

  18. The immigrants are coming here and taking job opportunities that Native born Americans could have but are filled by the immigrants. Americans are being subjected to job discrimination etc on their own country. It is being allowed to happen.

  19. I feel for the genuine among these who only seek opportunity……

    But we have a process for legal immigration.

    We cannot absorb the world’s poor, or we will be no more…

    I think we need to have a few thousand armed Patriots waiting to meet any more caravans, provisioned to outwait the Invaders until the Invaders give up and head home.

    Americans are going to have to stop this flow.

    Democrats need the illegal vote too badly to allow our government to stem the flow, despite Trump’s best attempts to get the wall built.

    • About the armed patriots, unfortunately they are being put to prison because their democ-rat governors do not stand behind them. Look at what happened in New Mexico. Mexico can have California with its excrement infected water and its homeless colonies for all I care.

    • My grandparents came here by boat after WWI. I totally agree with you. Both of my grandfathers came first, secured employment and a dwelling then went back to bring their wives. My one grandmother had gotten pregnant before he left for USA, when he went back to get her, the baby (my oldest aunt) was already 14 months old. So I do pity these people but I also recognize that my ancestors were the ones that sacrificed 100 years ago to secure “Freedom” for their future families. The people coming now didn’t have “Freedom” they had Socialism and free stuff that ran out. If their countries hadn’t run out of stuff they’d still be there. Now we give out free stuff and that is why they are now making a move. Sorry but that is how I see it. Come legally, no handouts, or don’t come. I don’t care who is here as long as they understand what “Freedom” really means.

  20. I certainly hope the legal voters wake up in time to re-elect Trump in 2020. The Left Wing people in this country have no idea what their “open border” philosophy has in store for them if it is successful. Business will always hire cheap labor if they can find it so the profile of the working class will change dramatically should a mass of unskilled labor arrive in the US. The availability of such a population is what sent many of our manufacturing companies abroad in the first place. If we now bring that population within our borders what has been thought of as the ” traditional middle class” is finished.

  21. Somebody like Pueblo sin Fronteras ( Soros funded) or others give this people the green light. We saw this since Eric Holder went down there to “advertise” the U.S. It is a well organized effort with a ton of money behind it. They must be banking on something we don’t know. BUILD THE WALL!!!

  22. Why ,when south and central America has everything and more than we have here, were we successful and they weren’t?That question was once asked by a foreign ambassador to one of our state officials. The foreign Ambassador belief was, When people came to south and central America, they came in search of gold and when they came to north America it was in search of their God.What that means in North America they came to establish a new life and begin again. South and central Americas it was temporary,they just wanted riches.After studying our history I can see how that mind sets established the cultures of our respective countries.I can see why we were industrious and they weren’t. This difference has brought us down to this point and time.Another difference we have 50 states that are strong in a variety of natural resources that can come together strengthen each other. South and central are all separate countries that quit often don’t play well together.We can’t solve their problem for them, only they can. Nor will bringing them here solve anything. If unchecked, the mass migration to this country will only destroy it.

    • You are absolutely dead wrong. When Christopher Columbus set sail for the Americas he had one goal in mind: to spread the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the natives of the new lands, he was a devout and faithful Catholic that has been maligned by the left because he was a Christian White Man. His second goal was the gold and riches, which he wanted to bring to the Spanish Crown to help them get rid of the muslim occupation of their country. There are a lot of documents on how beautiful and well order Latin America was when the whole continent was Catholic. Then came the diabolical infection of egalitarianism and freemasonry stemmed from the French Revolution, that ravaged the Latin American countries, doing away with much of their Majestic Catholic heritage. To make matters worse, at the onset of the 20th century, came the communist bolshevik revolutions in the entire continent, stemming from the Russian Communist revolution. These revolutions were satanic and anti-Catholic, for example in Mexico, the Cristero war lasted 6 years, the masons murdered 5000 priests and many thousands of lay Catholics, leaving the country spiritually decimated, a devastation from which the country has not recovered. Most of Latin American people have been indoctrinated into socialism for at least a solid century through government public education, that is why they make perfect democrats. Most Latin American countries have lost their beautiful Catholic heritage and now satanism (just like here) is starting to creep up fast to fill the void. What Latin America needs is to go back to its Christian roots which you can still see in the majestic 500 year old cathedrals, boot out all the communists from public office and start over. I would highly recommend you to do serious research into the actual History of Latin America and do not settle for the barfing narrative parroted by public school teachers and leftist university professors.

  23. Look how unruly these illigal aliens are! Do NOT let them in the US! We already a millions of them that are murderers, rapists, gangs, terrorists, drugs, and drug cartels! Shut down the border, change the immigration laws, and every murder that happens to the American people will be blood on the DemoRATS hands! This has gone on for way, way, way to Lingala! Americans first! We have enough Americans that are home,ess, veterans, first responders, seniors that need help with our tax money, not these animals! The Americans have had enough of our tax money being wasted on these lazy and freeloading pesticides! Shut the f-*cking border down for awhile! We as Americans, birn and raised here are being f*vked by our congress, government, and state!

  24. Stop these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INVADERS on the other side of the BORDER!! NOT even one half of a foot step on U. S. A. soil!! Totally STUPID letting them into our NATION, consuming everything when they have contributed NOTHING ! GO AWAY NON-CITIZEN !! The U. S. A. CLOSED until the National debt is paid,infastructure restored,and the CONSTITION is once again ruling in the U.S.A. !!

  25. Being registered to vote has many liabilities attached to it and if you are still willing to continue bearing that burden, then please use your votes to replace those who have created this critical problem of mass migration to America, “The land of plenty,” at least for the time being.
    People of America can no longer afford to allow the flood of human parasites into our country only to eat out our resources w/o contributing anything of value. Along with those coming here for a better life also brings their deadly criminals, rapists, murderers, and global terrorists. We all had better start sleeping with a butcher knife under our pillows at night, especially since the liberals are doing all they can to remove our guns from us. This is a serious and dangerous situation and I fear we will only awake to that fact when it’s far too late to stop what is happening every day. It is folly to believe the government will step in and do enough to prevent harm to us from those fleeing to our borders, it has all ways been entirely up to the American people to protect themselves from evil, both foreign and domestic.

  26. Stop the garbage immediately.end all benefits before the freeloaders get here. Once they realize that the American Free Ride is over and they will be stuck in Mexico most will not come.

  27. Thank God for President Trump and him getting the Mexican government to cooperate in this area. In a great sense, Mexico IS helping us build The Wall !!! Let them mass at the most opportune crossing point and then drop “The BIG One” on them !!!


    • Correct. Scripture teaches for nations to protect their borders and their inhabitants. Your last comment is quite VALID, look at what open borders per se has happened to the culture and crime rates in Sweden, England, France, Germany, by letting in millions of migrants bringing in their culture & religion of Islam. The vast majority of these migrants do not work and have for the most part “no skill set”. They are completely dependent on the welfare systems of their host countries. This is the same problem the USA is experiencing by allowing the millions of illegal immigrants to stay and constantly breach our borders and in turn, file and start receiving the laundry list of social benefits we as a country “just give them”. This is completely ASININE!!!!! on the part of our government in DC and on the state level as well. We as a nation need to IMMEDIATELY shut this GRAVEY TRAIN down!!!!!! Deport, Deport, Deport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. This must stop. We already have more immigrants than we can handle and this next planned onslaught
    will continue to burden local residents as we face cost obligations for housing, medical expenses, schooling and other significant financial burdens to accommodate the immigrants.

  30. Very interesting this is taking place right when Impeachment proceedings in the Senate is about to begin. Are they anticipating the removal of President Trump? Have the Democrats and Soros worked out a plan to “flood” America with hundreds of thousands of more illegals? Have the Democrats sent word that they will make sure they will be accepted into America? Very strange this is taking place just before Impeachment and the upcoming Presidential election.

  31. Pepper Gas all of the INVADERS! They come here to Milk our system! Work “Under the Table” Paying NO TAXES, and Burden us Taxpayers! Their $$ goes to accounts in ‘BANCOMEX’, and they retire RICH due to the favorable exchange rate Dollars/Pesos!! Can we go there, to Mexico etc. and do the same?? NO!! We Can’t! THEY KILL or ‘Disappear’ Gringo Interlopers!

  32. The DEMOCRATs got away with this before and flooded our country setting them up in SANCTUARY cities to protect them from deportation and using them to ILLEGALLY vote in November !!! And THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT !!!

    • The Demon-Rats are the problem for NOT presenting legislation to stop this onslaught of our social programs by illegal foreign invasion. This absolutely needs to be a non-partisan issue to correct ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

  33. “We cannot, we must not, and we will not continue to allow the gates of our border to be left open so that anyone can stream in or out”.

    Please let me know when they start ‘streaming out’.

    • Ha, Ha!! That will only happen when open season is declared and a bounty is offered for each. (I’m only fantasizing, of course)

    • At least twice in our country’s past, 2 Presidents, Hoover and Eisenhower had illegal (some legal) Mexican and Latin Americans rounded up and deported by the millions (WITHOUT LAWYERS AND COURT CASES) by trains, boats, buses, and planes on a daily basis. In 1954, Eisenhower approved “Operation Wetback” to begin a massive export of illegals. Since the last major export, Democrat laws have basically given the illegals many rights to fight to remain here. It even went as far as President Reagan giving 3+million of them AMNESTY in 1986. WHEN is this cow-tailing to the current Democrats on this illegal immigrant issue going to end? I’ll tell you point blank,,,,,,,,when a few of the Democrat politicians are criminalized by death, rape, kidnapping of their children and abused or killed by illegals. ONLY THEN will their eyes fill with vengeance to STOP this invasion of illegals. To once and for all accept our laws on the books to allow VETTING of every single immigrant wanting entrance into our country. NO MORE CRADLE TO GRAVE CARE FOR THESE INDIVIDUALS, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. DEMOCRATS are Encouraging and funding ILLEGALS to create more caravans to INVADE OUR Country and seek protection from deportation through set up SANCTUARY cities and having them vote in November !!!

  35. Yes we can no longer tolerate this kind of stuff,they still manage to sneak in and that’s the bad part,anyone coming here illegal should be sent back to their country!!!Tired of being The nice guys!!!!!!!!

  36. Build the border wall and deport illegals. It is time democrats enforce our federal laws or get arrested for breaking them. Any one of us would go to jail if we broke the law because we felt it unjust. So start enforcing the laws and if you willingly break them and refuse to deport illegals then go to jail. No one is above the law including democrats so it is time to start arresting them.

    • Nancy Pelosi would be first, she got on National TV and told illegal immigrants they Did Not have to answer the door! Oh! And she has a Wall around her house! WTF!?

  37. This is one of the main reasons Americans elected Trump and just one of the many reasons he will be reelected. There is millions of dollars being spent by corrupt people setting up these caravans for their own reasons using these people as shields to sneak terrorists, drugs, rapists, murderers into our country. These people could care less about how many of these women will be raped and murdered, how many children will be sold into slavery or how many will die making this journey. Thankfully most will not make it into Mexico, the rest who do will be stopped along the way and sent back. Those that do make it to our border, most will be captured and sent to wait back over the border to watch as more and more of our border wall is built. This new trade deal with Mexico should open jobs in Mexico these people can take. Hopefully many will do so.

  38. Look for the Soros hidden hand behind this. They will continue to gin this up until the election in November. These poor exploited people are being exploited as cannon fodder by those who wish our country ill.

  39. The migrant that use the words “sad” to leave my children” is a lie’ The word”sad” is a word used by one particular person in Congress. Guess who? It is used all of the time. Nancy Pelosi. She is behind all the migrants coming into America. She has to have someone whom is telling those migrants to come to America. She wants to have their children kidnapped by her cohorts. This is why she is fighting the closed border wall. She wants open borders so she can use those kids in her cult, to be raped to death, have certain body fluids extracted for her “longevity” serum for her and her cult members, then skin those babies and have them cooked for their ritual meal and she is in this with Hillary. All of this information is on google. I did not make this up. WE must stop Nancy in her tracks. She needs to be arrested for treason and the violation of the Logan Act-three times! The situation in America is more than dire, more than critical. If Nancy wins in her unconstitutional impeachment of Trump, we are all doomed. I cannot emphasize this enough. Wake up, people. So something. I am trying, you also need to do something!

    • And her nephew newscum is as evil and nasty as she is! WE have more than OUR fair share because of the sanctuary BS! THE DEMONRATS are ruining CA! The court order to clean out the voter rolls have been laughed at! The gov lets them get driver licence and are allowed to vote! WHO pays for the cars, insurance registration, gas, OH I keep forgetting its all free on we the TAXPAYERS!. HERE is my idea, They want them in, they pay for all! That means all registered DEMs pay for all the freebies and expenses of the illegals! Since they and the charities want them here, they MUST PAY! As the saying goes, NO MORE MR. NICE GUYS SIGNS posted on the border, walls or no ,walls! NO MORE FREEBIES! NO JOBS FOR ILLEGALS!

  40. Our country has been exploited and used for purposes of politicians making themselves Filthy Rich they sold out the American people ,Trump was sent by God he’s being divinely Guided by God and God will once again return to this country and we the people will put America first or it will be the end of every country around the world, if they go against America and God
    . the only reason America is still so great is because God is first in this country, we live by morality rules and the Constitution, which makes us the best country in the world, all the other evil countries want to destroy us it’s that simple, but these young snowflakes in school are not taught that therefore they think communism is a Utopia and they’re going to find out the hard way if they keep pushing the issue about what communism and socialism really is.

  41. Donna B,
    So, he is not dignified. So what, that’s what has been wrong for so long. We have fallen for those dignified low life dems and reps who have taken advantage of our good nature and lied to us.
    Obviously, you believed the dignified low life who have sucking off the teeth of government and business to the detriment of the rest of us.
    I feel sorry for you.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.
    KAG 2020

  42. If the Democratic left were supporting President Trump, clearly, he would not be the man for this job! We would not be able to have voice for any restraint or opposition to this “impeachment” or rejection of our President.
    The reality that the Democrats are raising hell is a very good sign to me that they are shaming themselves, loosing ‘FACE’, and they are fighting the choice for America’s need, today. Trump it the man for this job.
    Criminals and liars always blame their adversary with their own crimes.

  43. Yeah if you would only stop acting like a child and keep his mouth shut he’s like a five year old having a temper tantrum every time he opens his mouth he is not dignified at all

    • It’s not what or how he says it. It is getting the job done. And that’s what he is doing.

      Grow up and look at results. Not demeanor.

      You are one of those weak minded Demoncraps, who want to vote for anyone who is nice, while lying through their teeth. They don’t have the testicles to do what’s right for the people. They are politicians. They have been bought and sold so many times. Trump owes no one. So look at the facts, not the demeanor.

      Most football players, don’t like the demeanor of the coaches. Hollering and screaming at them. In the military, during basic training, not one new recruit, likes the demeanor of his (TI), Tactical Instructor, who is screaming at him, 3 inches from his face, expletive deletives, all four letter words, and insulting him unmercifully.

      But at the end, the players and military men, will go into battle, and be successful, backing up the same person 100%, who demeaned them.

      So be it with President Trump.

      TRUMP 2020!


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