AI Expert Issues Dire Warning About The Dangers Of Military Robots And What Could Happen To The People They’re Supposed To Protect

(Tea Party 247) – Richard Moyes, one of the founding members of the non-government group “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots,” has issued a drastic warning against the use of autonomous military robots, stating it’s possible they could potentially develop their own intelligence and turn against their human creators.

Moyes stated that advancing technologies are creating opportunities for all sorts of risks that even the best and brightest experts in this particular field cannot see coming.

Here’s a small snippet from Drone Watch News:

“A human can’t really make legal or moral judgments about the effects that they are creating through the use of these systems,” he says.

Moyes expresses his concern that a “malfunction” in how these robots operate can potentially lead to the loss of lives of actual human soldiers. He is pushing toward creating an international law that would ensure humans remain in complete control of robotic weapons systems.

“This is about protecting civilians and human dignity — but it is also a practical issue for [the military]. Soldiers don’t want to be sent into battle alongside systems that are unpredictable and might go off the rails,” he admonishes.

CSKR has been aggressively calling for a complete ban on autonomous weaponry on all battlefields. While they have been working hard on this issue, nothing much has come of their efforts currently. In fact, robot systems are still being deployed and used in war zones around the world.

While warfare used to be a bloody human affair, things are turning toward the technological, with more and more drone usage becoming common place every single day.

These robotic weapons are stronger than their human counterparts, but the scary part is they can employ all sorts of different tactics in battle as they can think and react to stimuli autonomously.

Some of the robots being deployed are eight pound robots while others a 700-ton dump truck that can haul up to 240 tons of earth at once.

These are the kind of machines being deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Could this ultimately be leading up to the destruction of mankind?

Are human beings attempting to play God and as a result, setting themselves up for being wiped out by their own rebellious creation? The story sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Almost down right biblical.

The thing that is truly scary about robotic warfare is that the enemy we’d face doesn’t need to stop to eat or sleep. Their ability to hit a target is much more precise than human shooters, which makes them incredibly lethal. Sure, when they’re under our control they are excellent tools, but giving them capabilities to think and reason apart from a human operator is playing with fire.

With the complex kind of programming going into these machines, it’s entirely possible one day that machines could develop emotions similar to human beings. What that could mean for the future is almost too spooky to think about.

Just imagine robot soldiers getting angry. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.



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