After 15 Years, Judge Rules To Strip Terrorist Of His Citizenship

(Tea Party 247) – The United States seems to have a vetting problem. Time after time, Muslim immigrants are being exposed to be the people who many Americans believe them to be in the first place. Thanks to liberal immigration policies and the irrational fear of being considered “mean” or “intolerant,” way too many people are getting across our borders and living amongst us while simultaneously plotting against us.

How dare we offend terrorists by denying them entry to our country. And once they come here, there seems to be very little legal recourse government agencies are able to take to remove them.

Despite the fact that sometimes it seems as though all the judges in America have gone the way of progressive activists, there are still those who value the rule of law and aim to make unbiased decisions with justice in mind.

This seems to be the case for federal Judge Staci Yanle who recently ruled in favor of the United States government and stripped a terrorist of his naturalized US citizenship. The defendant in the case, Pakistani-born Iyman Faris, was accused and convicted more than 15 years ago of plotting to destroy New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. Now, he has lost his citizenship.

This was over 15 years ago. Imagine all the plots going on in terrorist circles in America now.

The Washington Times reports:

Defendant Iyman Faris, once a truck driver in Columbus, Ohio, was sentenced in 2003 for aiding and abetting al-Qaida by scoping out the bridge as part of a plot to cut through cables that support it. His case was among the first and highest-profile terrorism cases after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Faris met with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and worked with Sept. 11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, although some critics questioned how realistic the plot was, given post-Sept. 11 security in New York.

The government argued that Faris lied on immigration papers before becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1999 and that his terrorist affiliations demonstrated a lack of commitment to the U.S. Constitution. Faris entered the U.S. using with the passport and visa of someone he’d met in Bosnia, the government said.

“He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing who took advantage of American generosity with plans to terrorize and murder,” Steven Weinhoeft, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, said in a statement. “He does not deserve the honor of being an American citizen.”

Two years ago, Judge Staci Yanle rejected a similar request by the government, saying at the time there wasn’t enough evidence to prove Faris‘ misrepresentations influenced the decision to grant him citizenship.

In a ruling on Friday, she said the government had proved its case. “The United States of America has produced clear and unequivocal evidence that Defendant Iyman Faris obtained his naturalization unlawfully,” Yanle wrote.

Faris, 50, is currently housed in a federal prison in Marion, Illinois, with a release date in August.

Faris was known as Mohammad Rauf before becoming a U.S. citizen. He worked as a truck driver in Columbus and was married to an American woman for a while. Over the years, he talked about a book he was going to write detailing his adventures, once telling a girlfriend he was going to earn a million dollars from his writing.

Looks like Faris will have to go write his book back in Pakistan as a failed terrorist-wannabe.

When are liberals going to wake up? Open borders and lenient vetting standards aren’t in America’s best interest. Just think of all the Middle Eastern and African immigrants who have been allowed to come here over the last two decades. There’s really no telling how many of them have been plotting against us the entire time. There’s no way of knowing just how deep their terror cells run here on our own soil.

It’s a scary reality. It’ll only get worse if the Dems are ever allowed to be in control again.


  1. We Americans have allowed these stupid and despicable politicians to open the gates of entry to our country and into America has flooded people who are “diverse” and who hate everything America is. We need to elect politicians who are American & think , live & breathe as we do. The dim Dems have proven they are not American in spirit nor in their hearts. When you see someone like Omar or Talib in the United States Congress you know that the immigration scam has gone too far off the tracks. No more Dems! Vote them out!

  2. We are rewarding them for going the illegal route. If we commit a crime we go to jail. If they chose to come illegally then you don’t get a chance to come legally. Set a standard from the beginning and people will start to respect the law. Omar lied to get in this country plus she committed incense which is illegal in America. She should automatically have her citizenship revoked. Anyone who wants to stick up for other people’s countries socialism then they can go back. Tell the squad to go back to their country if they love their laws so much. Only let those in that go through the legal process.

  3. How did BO get Conn. issued SOC. SEC. # and he claims he’s never been there🤥?
    And what are in Machael O’s papers at Princton that were sealed from the public .?
    And Blumberg wants her for a running mate—this will be fun to try to explain her

  4. It’s a little off-topic, but I believe the Oath of Citizenship should be quite explicit in requiring that all naturalized citizens acknowledge and accept the primacy of the U.S. Constitution and the inapplicability of sharia law.

  5. They should shoot dead any asshole who tries to cross our border illegally. That will stop the motherfuckers from coming here, that and nuke Mexico.

  6. All a person has to do is open their eyes. Has Muslims in any country they invade, make that a better place. These people won’t become Americans. Marxist, illegals, deep state will destroy this Nation. President Trump is trying to restore us back to the place where America had some civility. If he fails , I think all hell will break out. People should be tired of paying for the stupidity the leftist .

    • Muslims are NOT here to assimilate.They are here to destroy our country like they do in Europe.Also they strive to become Democrat lawmakers like the SCUM that they have there now.Americans better wake up very soon or burkhas and hijabs will be next

  7. Although doing this could be a slippery slope subject to the whims of individual administrations, I’ve wondered why this hasn’t been done before. I’m a moderate Dem who taught adult migrants, immigrants, and visitors English for years near L.A., some still friends. My daughter’s worked/lived as a journalist in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt since 2003 and I visited her in Jordan & Egypt a few yrs ago. Also studied abroad in two countries when younger. Here’s my take: You abide by the rules of your host country, even is you disagree, or leave, period, even if naturalized. The school’s citizenship course was next to my ESL classroom & I substituted a few times in that program. What I learned was that those applying for naturalization often know more about our laws than many born here. Many of us weren’t listening during high school/college or have forgotten. Thus, those who’ve actually studied for and taken the test can’t claim can’t claim ignorance about laws. Knowingly committing very serious crimes that threaten the safety of citizens and law-abiding visitors and naturalized citizens should be grounds for ouster. To avoid biased decisions based on the ideology of administrations in power violations would be clear- extensive documentation of actions or speech advocating violence against the government and individuals based on ideology would be grounds for revoking citizenship and removal from the country. Have an unbiased panel of experts from all political parties make the decision on a case-by-case basis.

    • Too bad the “powers that be decided to remove the thumbs up icon; therefore I will write it: thumbs up!

  8. A tough book to read is the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. It took them almost a thousand years to fully fall. At the rate we are going its going to be less than 300 years. The being of their fall began with mass migration and building up their armies with foreigners. The foreigners later turned on the Romans and conquered them.Mean while the Roman government was twisted and feeding upon itself and could care less about the welfare of its citizens. Kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it .

  9. Get omarr strip that citizenship from hrr she’s a terrorist, do it now, deport her to North Korea, Kim will have that ass working on a farm and getting her no notice ass beatings.

  10. I am 86 years young, my father died at 103 and my grandfather was 107, his father was 115 and the last living survivor of the (real) boston Tea Party, my roots came to this nation in 1629 and today… I ride my motorcycle around this nation, I see the fall of a great nation coming, I lived in a great America, but now the last four generations has had God taken from them. and this generation, I call the gimme generation, a selfish generation, that has not the gumson to do anything to sustain the next generation. I obtained citizenship in Heaven by the blood of my Lord Jesus and can’t wait to be with Him. if you want to know the results of what is coming, 55% of all bible studiers believe Isaiah 18th chapter pertains to America, your future. I would advise you to read it.

  11. We are being invaded and we will fall as the invaders are able to use our own laws to do so as they slowly take over our law writing Congress. The Dim party is happy to help this happen as the invaders run for the Dim party votes. Between the mudslimes and socialist looking to control the citizens our freedoms will be limited as they are working to diminish our rights.

    • All you can do is you best! get out the vote! for President Trump. God put him in the WH to give us one more chance!
      People like Bernie are a real danger to this nation….because….he has already 45% of the vote, the last three generations, the gimme generation are praising him and will vote for him.
      Who really runs the democrat party but the chief of all liars who has a agenda to bring down the world….just bring down America, and the rest of the world will follow, You better believe Satan is real, he took over the democrat party when LBJ (gave) it to him.
      If you are one of the people who think we have generations and generations to come yet in the future, you better think again!
      Rather you believe the bible or not, it tells us about a generation that sees the return of Israel in the Holy Land, and that that generation will not all be gone, when all is accomplished.
      Today, only 1 in 20 households in America are church goers and not all of them are correct in Worship of the Lord, no wonder God is giving us just one more chance.

  12. Hopefully more convictions like these will come “down the pipeline” . . . just spread the word, MORE justice is coming! Keep vetting these individuals. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. I live in Minneapolis Minnesota 5th district Ilan Omar represents , as in previous comments she was voted in to this position from largest Islam community in the United States , Ilan Omar’s position was held by Kieth Ellison now Attorney general of Minnesota . I myself am a Victim of Marriage fraud , my astraned wife was assisted through the Federal bureau investigation which is walking distance of my residents. I went to the Republican Party and they gave me similar answer which was distance yourself from these people Not only once Twice victim of marriage fraud . Wife’s from Philippines ,

    • How do you become a victim of marriage fraud? if you except marriage as God ordains, you don’t marry just anyone, Marriage is for the rest of your life if you decide to marry, besure of your choice, Let God have His way in your life and the (right) person shows up in your life…..what do I know? I have been married to the same woman for 65 years.

    • ODUMMA placed all those misguided people in close in one place to vote by “BLOCK VOTE” to get their rep in place to disrupt the voting public, which it did with “OMAR”


  15. It’s not much, but it’s a good start! ALL Muslims need deporting back to country of origin after noncitizen Muslims immigrants have their visas revoked and naturalized Muslims have their US citizenship and passports revoked! These policies should be permanent and should not be open for discussion! Future subsequent return to the USA 🇺🇸 of anyone adhering to Islam ☪️ who has previously been deported should NOT be a valid option. Likewise, first-time immigration visa petitions from Muslims should be routinely denied for cause.

  16. Well… from MY corner of Heaven it seems that
    1. We are largely victims of our own choice of government. Other Governments PROFILE!!!
    2. Because we have become soft n lazy, our schools and our government are filled with Socialist/communist
    believing (what kind of) People.
    3. We as Americans “put up” with law breaking troublemakers both IN and OUT of our borders… CRAZY!
    4. Because we have allowed crazy people to become judges… The 1st Amendment has been castrated.

  17. Wow!!!!…and after 15 years …it took 15 years…to figure this out…throw his ass out….If he did that in a restaurant or a bar…caused trouble, there would be no hesitation…WTF!!!!!!!!

  18. Like House rep Omar? She snuck in with a family that was granted
    citizenship. She wasn’t part of that family. She is out to destroy our
    great country. She was elected into office by radical Muslims in her
    community. She has broken the law several times and she is still
    in office. Something is very wrong with our justice system. It seems
    like the left get away with repeatedly breaking the law.

    • To Mr. Dennis and all of you Honorable Patriotic Americans named above have said the Honest Truth and I do agree with all of you, I Say HEAR! HEAR!! Nice and Loud!! It is all because Of Today’s Version Of The Progressive Liberal Democratic Party, which truly should change their Anti-American Political Name/Label to The Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist And Islamic Infested/Infiltrated Democratic Party! I am NOT saying all of those PLD Party Members agree with their new Political Party Questionable Next Door Neighbors! The serious old timers, of the PLD Party, I would say that they have been frustrated in many ways, to the point of changing over to the True Conservative Republican Party, or want to seriously wanting to go back to the middle 1960’s version of the US PLD Party, (Right before LBJ and the first FBI Director Mr. James Edgar Hoover [NOT related to President Herbert Hoover] schemed together in Assassinating both Kennedy Brothers [#35 JFK, who had won { his second} the 1964 US Presidential Election, and his brother RFK, who did in fact had won the 1968 US Presidential Election, to LBJ’s anguish}, because their questionable PLD Members have continuously crossed The US Constitutional Line, especially because of #44 = Mr. Barry or is it Barack Hussein Soetoro Alias Soebarkah Alias Dunham Alias Obama Being NOT A True Christian And Questionable Legal Immigrant/Citizen Of The USA, who continuously crossed that US Legal Constitutional Line (Stealing We The Legal Citizens And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA’s Hard Earned Tax Dollars, To ILLEGALLY Appease And Give Away The Said Hard Earned Tax Dollars To Those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens, who Never, In Their (IIA’s) minds eye, Never wanted to Obey And Abide/Conform to being A HONEST US American! It truly shows how these present Questionable PLCSAII/I Democratic US Presidential Candidates want to lean farther Left, espcially for one such person, whose name is Mr. Sanders went way too far left, that he wants to change The United States of America into The Untied States of America (A Russian puppet State)! Right now most of the previous/deceased US President’s are Seriously Spinning in their graves, including The USA’s Founding Fathers that thought of and drafted The US Declaration Of Independence, The Federalist Papers, Common Sense and including The US Constitution and other Pertinent US Documents, when The USA began and was called The 13 Colonies!!!


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