Adulterer Ilhan Omar Tells Congressional Black Caucus Crowd How God “Expects” Them To Vote

(Tea Party 247) – The left loves to whine about how Christians shove religion down their throats, but here’s Ilhan Omar, one of the darlings of the new left, chiding voters in to how her God “expects” them to vote.

Ironically, this is a woman who doesn’t seem to pay much mind about what anyone’s God says about the sanctity of marriage either.

In May, Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has long lectured crows that “God does not have a political party,” said that religion shouldn’t be wielded “a kind of cudgel as if God belonged to a political party, and if he did, I can’t imagine it would be the one that sent the current president into the White House.”

So…we shouldn’t shove religion down anyone’s throat, but only real followers of God are Democrats?


Friday, Omar, speaking at a “Plight of Black Immigrants” forum Friday at the Congressional Black Caucus’ annual Legislative Conference in DC, Omar discussed “getting off the sidelines.”

“God does not expect you to vote for people who will ultimately hurt you and other humans around you,” Omar said, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

“I beg of you, to really think about what is your role as a member of our community, our society, our country, our world to dealing with some of these policy challenges,” Omar said.

“Make sure you’re voting,” she said. “Make sure you understand why you’re voting. And make sure that you know who you are voting for. And yes, God has obligations to all of us, but God expects us to do the righteous work.”

The Washington Standard notes that she might not be the one to point out righteousness or God’s expectations for us:

Let’s go with Omar’s history. She’s been reprimanded (albeit preposterously lightly) by the House of Representatives after a string of incidents where she rather blatantly repeated anti-Semitic tropes in speeches or in tweets.

She’s a supporter of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, something she just came out in favor of again this weekend.

“I think what is really important is for people to understand that you have to give people the opportunity to seek the kind of justice they want in a peaceful way,” Omar said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“And I think the opportunity to boycott, divest, sanction is the kind of pressure that leads to that peaceful process.”

Oh, and by the way, that also proved yet again that she’s a liar: During the campaign, she made it clear to voters that she didn’t support BDS.

And then there’s her party, which has determined that Roe v. Wade must be protected at all costs, even if it means removing all roadblocks to third-trimester abortions.

This is to say nothing of the adulterous affair she had with a political consultant while both were married, before divorcing the father of her children as her paramour was divorced by his wife.

I don’t care whether you’re a Muslim, a Christian, or an adherent to the cult of the flying spaghetti monster, that’s just plain wrong.

Democrats have a hard time truly departing from religion because they’re the most sanctimonious, religious people around.

They love to set their own standards for virtue and righteousness and then not only demand that the rest of us adhere to these standards, but that the religions of the world adhere to their new standards as well.

Meanwhile, they’re far more sinful and unrighteous than the rest of us.


  1. how would this witch have any idea how God would want them to vote ! HA HA And of course the 2 you see in the picture hate america and americans they are the enemy !!!


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