Actor Michael Rapaport Proves He’s A Classless Clown After Going On Vicious Attack Against Melania Trump; What He Said Is Appalling

(Tea Party 247) – We all know that celebrities in Hollywood seem to be completely brainwashed into being mouthpieces for the liberal cause here in this country, and thus, all of them seem to hate President Trump with a passion for no real reason other than it’s the hip, cool thing to do, but when one of these clowns — who make a fortune playing pretend — go after the First Lady, well, that’s just a touch to much.

The president is someone who knows very well that criticism and hate from the opposing party comes along with the territory. However, his wife, Melania, shouldn’t be part of that vitriol. It’s just not right. It’s one thing to criticize things she’s done or disagree with her politics, but to get nasty is just uncalled for.

Actor Michael Rapaport viciously attacked Melania Trump Sunday, calling her a wide range of horrible things like “dumb animal” and “dumb FKC.”

Real class act, this guy.

Check out more from Breitbart:

Actor Michael Rapaport viciously attacked First Lady Melania Trump on Sunday, calling her a “dumb animal,” in response to her coronavirus PSA in which Mrs. Trump suggested safety tips and said “while many of us are apart, we are all in this together.”

Look at this DUMB FKC!!! She thinks this is SEXXXY TIME? Dumb FKC! You dumb animal @FLOTUS, Michael Rapaport said in his rant posted to Twitter on Sunday.

“MAGA!!!! Look at what you’ve done!!!” he said.

Look at this DUMB FKC!!!
She thinks this is SEXXXY TIME?
Dumb FKC! You dumb animal @FLOTUS
MAGA!!!! Look at what you’ve done!!!


— MichaelRapaport (@MichaelRapaport) March 22, 2020

Mrs. Trump appeared in a public service announcement in an effort to inform the public about the coronavirus, encouraging America that together we will get through these tough times and adding that “this is not how we’ll live forever.”

“Today I want to speak with you about coronavirus and what it means for you and your family,” the first lady says in the one-minute video. “While changes need to be made now, this is not how we’ll live forever. Our children will return to school, people will return to work, we will gather at the places of worship, concerts, and sporting events again.”

So, what, exactly, does this guy find so offensive about this message? There really doesn’t seem to be any problem with what the First Lady said at all. It’s a message meant to lift the spirits of American citizens who are anxious and concerned about the spread of this horrible illness and the impact it’s having on our economy and entire way of life.

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus has changed the entire world and that things will never be the same again. Sure, we’ll go back to doing a lot of the activities we enjoyed before, but there will always be that nagging fear in the back of our minds that this could all happen again.

Melania Trump is just trying to help calm those fears a bit. Rapaport is just an angry man looking for someone to attack and assault that he thinks he can push around with his rage. It really, truly makes him look pathetic.

Oh, and of course, the tweet in question is suddenly missing. Go figure. Guess Rapaport’s not such a tough guy after all.

Michael Rapaport has spent years taking cheap shots at the president and members of his administration. He was particularly triggered in October 2017, belting out a profanity-laced rant about climate change.

“Deviant Donald Trump. There’s no global warming, right? Look at your ice skating rink, you fucking dummy,” Rapaport said at the time. “It’s 80 degrees in October, but there’s no global warming. Fuck you, fuck your ice skating rink.”

The actor insisted last July that President Trump dreams of being a dictator, and also smeared Ivanka Trump.

“Dick stain fuck… let me tell you something on your stupid fucking independence day parade,” the Prison Break star said about the president’s proposed July 4th parade. “The only thing we want independence from is you, you fucking dog you. “You wanna be a dictator you ain’t no dictator, you’re just a dick.”

Someone who has this much of an anger issue needs to have their blood pressure checked. Rapaport is liable to give himself a heart attack if he doesn’t get some self-control and learn to process his extreme emotions.

At the end of the day, what he said was egregious and he ought to issue a public apology. We shouldn’t be attacking each other right now, but seeking ways to help and love one another, regardless of our politics.



  1. I would not piss on Mike Rapaport if he was on fire. He is has been that never was. Hollywood turds have sunk into the septic pond where they belong. Sad to see our movie folks become so bad..

  2. Haven’t watched for years in theaters latest SoCal Hollywood-produced movies whose egoist actors are overpaid, elitist, ignorant liberal fools spewing their banal, empty, insignificant, often cuss-laced opinions-DeNiro, Streep, Streisand, Cher, Rob Reiner, more.

  3. Know of Michael Davenport only from being a guest on Andy Cohen”s show. Knew they were both Trump haters. But this really shows your true evil heart and dark soul MD. Remember bad karma is real, and it’s a real b****! Done✌️OUT Left

  4. when are these washed up, never was much to begin with going to learn people don’t care what they have to say. what a waste. these actors and actresses need to keep their opinions to themselves. who in the world is this waste of time and space anyway. you don’t like pack your bags as quickly as possible and leave this country and find one that meets your needs.this is the first really elegant, beautiful and smart first lady we’ve had in a very long time. didn’t hear all these complaints when michelle/michael obummer was first lady. well she was everything but a lady. she was what we call 9th ward. low class, and ugly.

  5. I am serious about this. Michael Rappaport is probably the dumbest actor in Hollywood, and that’s saying a lot! I’ve seen him in interviews before, and listening to him will drop your IQ 10 points every minute he talks, that’s why he does so few interviews. He is astonishingly ignorant about almost everything. He is so stupid, his ‘dumb animal’ remark was probably accidentally about himself. Like everyone, I’ve run into not-so-bright people in my life, and some of them take a few minutes to figure out that they are little dim, or just un-educated. Mr. Rappaport’s stupidity is evident in about 3 seconds, and there is no doubt. Lucky for him he is in show-business.

  6. My roomate’s mother makes $67 every hour on the internet. She has been fired from work for nine months but last month her paycheck was $21270 just working on the internet for a few hours….

  7. I find it totally interesting that people actually listen to and believe the trash that comes out of the mouths of so called actors and actresses. These people lecture us on how things should be while showing total disdain for our president and even our way of life yet they spend their entire lives living in a fantasy world while pretending to be someone other than themselves. How in the world do we get to a point that we listen to and trust those with the least experience or grasp of what reality really is. These are the most narcissistic, out of touch of reality, individuals with the lowest level of knowledge regarding reality yet the ones who lecture us on it. Wake up America and start using the brains you were given. Stop relying on others for your thoughts and following the crowd. Get educated on the facts and then you have a right to speak unto others. Until then, shut up!


  8. Who is he?

    So, never heard of him, guess he thinks this is how to get his name out there. As the saying in Hollywood goes – any press is good press. Trump-hating has become blase at this point however, why can’t this so-called creative types come up with anything original or even entertaining?

    Seems like this tiny foul-mouthed angry little man gets off on attacking a woman. As a woman I think she would even with English being her fifth language talk circles around this obviously uneducated fool.

    Please child, seen some help- anger managment, vocabulary skills, a spelling tutor, and for sure an acting coach because if that is the best you’ve got it is amazing you have had any jobs at all. But then maybe you haven’t since I love TV/Movies and have never heard of you…Meh…thats about as much interest as I can show for such a fool.

    Melania has nothing to fear from an idiot like this, but I would feel sorry for his wife- if he is rich enough to have gotten one- since dearie, that’s about the only way a narcisist like you will land a lady.

  9. Who is this guy? I’ve never heard of him or seen him in anything. He sure has a limited vocabulary, nothing but crud and filth. Is this the Hollywood trash that’s on the left? We sure don’t want anyone like him in office. Are they all like this? It sure seems that way.

  10. I thought Twitter had rules on the use of personal invectives, obscene language and personal attacks. Don’t they have policies on decency, that you must observe or have your account suspended? If not then…Twitter can go f*ck itself along with the BOZO’s that use their platform. (Can I use the “F” word, or will my post be censored ???) As for Rapaport, he needs to hire a screen writer, because his language is so trite and juvenile, its hard to believe he is a sane rational adult, with such a limited vocabulary, composed mostly of four letter invectives., and has the gall to criticize an intelligent kind woman, who speaks several foreign languages, and carry herself with grace and poise…its called class, something that CLOWN obviously has none of, or has ever heard of.

  11. Mark Twain once wrote “it is far better to be thought of as a fool than to open ones mouth & remove all doubt”. Please, give him all the rope he needs!

    • So true, and I stand amazed at the level of intelligence, of Hollywood actors and actresses, such potty mouths, and childish language, good grief are they all so…..BRAIN DEAD.????????

  12. Listen to any interview of this a$$wipe and you can easily see why he gets movie parts. The director says he needs a real natural idiot and everyone points to Mickey, no acting required.

  13. Let me start by saying …… I am a conservative. I served 5 yrs. in the Navy as a SeeBee. I love god and my country in that order. Pelosi and Schumer are Not only scum they are the face of tyranny. To hold up the bills that are bipartisan congress had approved. With the new green deal and emissions and whatever else they can come with is insane.

  14. Another Hollywood narcissistic dumba$$ who is so self absorbed he actually probably believes people really give a rats a$$ what he thinks. I suspect most people outside of his circle of moronic friends even know who this idiot is. I don’t. Other than I think our FLOTUS is an intelligent woman and a total class act and support her message I wouldn’t waste the effort to even respond to his filthy brainless rant.

  15. I read that Melania Trump speaks 6 different European languages. This Hollywood idiot doesn’t even speak proper English. He must be looking in a mirror when he uses the term “dumb animal.”

    • All too true.

      Actually he speaks two languages – Substandard English, and Profanity.
      Melania Trump is surely much more proficient in any of the languages she speaks than Rapaport is in his native tongue.

  16. Who is he anyway and what has be been in?? I would like to know so I can avoid ANYTHING he is associated with. He should be ashamed of his foul mouth and attacks on our wonderful First Lady.

  17. Poor Michael, doesn’t he know they don’t give Oscars for rambling idiots who pick on women. You are not even a has been, but rather a never was!

  18. Michael Rapaport… Typical Hollywood douche bag. Someone should tie your ass up and put some good old fashion bar of soap down your nasty ass mouth. You are nothing a nobody. Your not even a man, that title is way to good for you!!!! You will never be nothing but a douche bag!!

  19. Michael WHO ? Never heard of this idiotic moron. He needs 95 grains implanted into his schyt brain along with the rest of the hollywood idiotic, moronic clowns.

  20. Why does Hollywood people think they have influence on us with their political opinions? Are we really that ignorant that we look to them to do our thinking for us? Hollywood is a dream capital with illusions. Films are not always portraying the real world. So, what is my point? Actors are paid to play a part only, their personal politics is immaterial. If they are so concern about our society, why don’t they start with their own industry? Seems to me they have allowed serious criminal behavior to go on without these political mouthpieces saying one word. Hypocrites!!

  21. I am wondering if this so called unknown unimportant Hollywood celebrity received a visit from the Secret Service. His comments border on license and not free speech. Are they possibly inciting his very few demented fans to do something dumb and stupid as he himself has proven by his vitriol? He has shown what a classless total jerk looks like. Refresh my memory, what top earning popular movie did I miss seeing him? I don’t recall.

  22. And he got so badly ripped for it that either he or Twitter removed the whole tweet and post. Guess this was one of the place brain into action BEFORE opening mouth type of instances. And as I said to him, who the f**k is he and why should I care what he thinks.

  23. Perhaps some people need to be put in isolation…permanently. That is not to say that everyone does not have freedom of speech, we still do. Sort of. Unless you are a conservative or Republican. This guy needs more than anger management.

  24. How can anyone have so much hatred towards another person that they have never met? Talk about being brain washed. Why the nasty words? Doscen’t be know to speak properly to get his point across? What a dumb man!!! Needs to be boycotted at the box office to bring him back to reality!!!

    • I am for boycotting him and the other mouth-flappers in Hollywood, tv, and radio. They are a “swamp,” too.

  25. Rappaport is just one of many. He believes his message is a prophetic and worthwhile one. Just another self-righteous idiot that thinks it is OK to insult 60% of the country. You go Mike!!!

  26. Do you have any words that are not slang or dirty.

    Do you speak 5 languages? Why attack a person who is trying to support us. It’s a good that you had a script to follow for your movie

    Seek help for your TDS.

  27. My roomate’s mother makes $67 every hour on the internet. She has been fired from work for nine months but last month her paycheck was $21270 just working on the internet for a few hours….

  28. Another piece of trash in the garbage pit that is Hollywood. Oh yeah, it’s ‘hip and cool’ to be a Trump hater, apparently so is being an a**hole too.

  29. The pooh thing is so stupid,his vocabulary is limited to ordering french fries and a burger. His parts in movies are about idiots ,written for idiots and played by idiots. He is the village idiot standing on the street corner ,watching his slobber string itself to his flipflops in amazement . What a twerp!!

  30. don’t know who he is! has he ever had any class? my guess is not! another lame no name running there mouth about something they know a lot about…… nothing!! btw she speaks several languages yet you speak one… “trash”

  31. I wonder what Mr. Rappaport would do if f——k wasn’t a word? You are an idiot and no one pays attention to your profane words!

  32. All these Hollywood celebrities think they are holier than thou and that they are privileged to say whatever they please. It only shows how little they are and it certainly gives them no admiration. Justice the opposite. I would never watch a movie with him in it.


  34. He is just a punk! Has little education (which is different than one’s schooling), and is a vulgar, foolish, pathetic ass!

  35. Never heard of this POS. Must be trying to get some work in Hollywierd – where work is controlled by China or criminals just like DC.

  36. Sounds like a total P.O.S! IGNORANCE AT IT’S FINEST! Another phony actor. reaping millions of dollars from the public by acting in fantasy roles of zero importance. To hell with the Hollywood phonies that present themselves as retaining political expertise, but coming across to the public as full fledged idiots at best! GO set in your “safe rooms” and suck on your pacifiers. and absorb your cartoons, if some one will turn on your TV’S for you! Mrs. Trump presents as a totally top class Lady and exceeds the requirements in values/honorable statements, along with her beauty and completely shames prior first ladies in comparison!

  37. Wow, half his vocabulary would be gone if he had to delete the f word. Talk about dumb. People who have a small vocabulary use the f word otherwise he could find a more sophisticated way to express himself. Rappaport, is that how you spell his name. I’m not sure who this idiot is. Is he famous? Why so we care what some random actor says?

  38. I remember who he reminds me of. When we were children, 8 or 10, there would be a kid who would streal cigarettes from his parents and strut around the other kids as if it made him look tough. All the while he would be talking loudly and using foul language. All to be noticed. Some people just never grow up. He is not a child anymore. He is just a unknown hasben piece of useless vulgarity wanting to be noticed.

  39. This individual has had anger issues his entire life. He was expelled from one high school and finally graduated from MLK, which is ironic considering his racial issues. He is not funny and he is not smart. He is an embarrassment to the human species. Why are we giving him air time?!!!

  40. Why do we even call these people stars or celebrities. They are nothing more than actors or singers or musicians that lucked out in getting a job in the entertainment field. And it appears this guy doesn’t know any words over four letters long. They should also learn how to do a pros versus cons list, maybe they might learn something. To me they are no more than another person and each person has a special talent even if you don’t know what it is. I have basically quit going to movies and concerts, why should I give my money to some idiot that is so full of hate?

  41. What can you exoect from a guy who has learned lines without thinking about them. I wonder what his political IQ is? It sees to me to be ZERO

  42. He had better get used to her. There will be 4-1/2 more years of the Trumps in office. That’s all these morons do is create more empathy for the first family. The left is just too stupid to realize this. Liberals,(not the Left) , independents, and conservatives look at this and say- is this what the left is all about? Yes it is. The Most intolerant group of people in this country. Keep it up. It only makes you look ignorant.

  43. Rapaport and his cess pool of fellow actors is a major reason I know going forward in the future that I will never support movies or television shows. This overreaction to a new strain of flu has taught us that we don’t need the entertainment industry especially the self centered and arrogant portions of it.

  44. How low can any one person go? I could never watch him in any role again. I am beginning to realize why so many people are repulsed by the Hollywood establishment.

  45. What total BS . You got a lotta nerve. Your organization is the most divisive in the country!
    You came into being pretending to care about the deficit and taxes and rode Obama into the
    ground based on that claim. All while the republicans drove the country further into debt and
    you said and did NOTHING. Your followers are truly MORONS!

  46. A liberal pig is always a pig. Pigs get slaughtered in November. Not even worth putting lipstick on this as$hole, nothing changes. A classless piece of excrement, not to say $hit.You freaking Hollywood elites think you know best, you are just a bunch of pretend people, basking in your own delusion. Why don’t you all pack up and leave, leave this great country for the brave.

  47. Nasty mouth! And Dems say republicans talk nasty——-talk about PROJECTION. The people spewing the most violence and HATE are on the LEFT. If they followed the old adage, “If u can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” All we’d hear are crickets. Every time they open their mouths something evil or nasty pours out. THEY PROMOTE HATE. Tlaib should have been kicked out at her “swearing in” ceremony!!! She calls THAT a good example for our children?!?!?! And yet, NOTHING ever happens to these HATE MONGERS. VOTE THEM OUT. VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

  48. Never liked the pee brain anyway. You can tell he has no intelligent thoughts unless written on a que card. Actors are just people who are always acting and never truly experience reality. Please don’t take political advice from a brain dead actor.

  49. Don’t confuse pronouns on people who aren’t what they look like, but it’s still okay to verbally curse at a woman ? What’s funny is violence against women includes both verbal and physical. So this man(?) Is abusive to women . Stop watching all these idiots , and I mean all content of him and his ilk. Hit them in the wallet. I stick to history channel, don’t even watch news. I’m so tired of watching people who have been blessed by God to attain their dreams, think it is okay to disrespect that and think they are somehow superior to us and their opinions matter to us. Which they don’t, as the old saying goes, “that’s your opinion, and opinions are like butt holes, everybody got one. ” Melania will handle it, she’s strong and unlike him has a lot of class.

  50. Rapaport is a sick goon like the rest of the so intelligent nut jobs in jollywood .. These clowns dont have the first clue of what goes on in the country . They think the US is their little dream world . Get the f**k out of jollywood and into the real world and stop listening too the BS media .

  51. This is what becomes of people who have nothing better to do than work in a fantasy world and play pretend everyday and they lose touch with reality because their lives are all about pretending to be someone else all the time and we are supposed to take people like that seriously. They have been doing this for so long that they are just clueless.

  52. This can be expected by someone that everything coming out of their mouths are read from a script, so when they do say anything which is not written for them is usually senseless, derogatory, deranged stupidity showing how intelligent they are not. Keep to reading a script, it makes you look less ridiculous, stupid and deranged.

  53. This is a contributing factor why people no longer go to the movies,rent their movies!!! Hollywood elite are as selfish and ignorant as members of Congress!!!
    Notice the difference in our President, in which, they are attempting to help average people, while members of Congress will do insider trading and nobody holds them accountable to the same laws of ordinary citizens?
    This actor just proves his ignorance and news channels promoting his hatred is just liner for feces!!!
    God bless America and President Trump and family!!!

  54. Who’s he ? How many great part’s has he performed ? How many oscars has he won ? Seem’s no one has heard of him much . The only thing known about him is His Grand Canyon mouth, that blows wind that he sits on ! The only thing in his head is brown which he also sits on ! He’s pure unadulterated shit !

  55. I only clicked on this to see who this rapaport was . I still dont know . I do know that he should not be aloud to to talk like that , it is vulgar , shows he has no class at all and even sounds like he is very uneducated . we all in the so called fly over states know how evil Holly Wood has become and we have quit going to movies like we use to , watching award shows and we do not even care what they think, or say anymore . Satan is behind most of them no days, they sold their souls to spread his evil . if we could keep those people who seem to hate us from receiving what we produce in the fly over states , we would and you would die out . even the farmers in California do not believe or vote like you socialist people do . may God have mercy on you , may he open your heart and eyes and ears before you die and end up going to live for all eternity with the one who’s will you are doing now Satan .

  56. I have never heard of this f#$&ing moron before. This goes to show far out of touch the Hollywood elites and the MSM is to the regular Americans


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