Absurd: German Leftists Are Now Triggered By People Being German

(Tea Party 247) – A German man in Dresden, Germany was fired from his job after placing a sign on the bus he drove which read, in German:

“This bus is steered by a German driver.”

A triggered passenger took a photograph of the sign and sent it to the Dresden Transport Company (DVB) through social media, demanding an explanation.

At which point the working man lost his job over such grievous and heinous thought crimes as declaring him to be from Germany, in Germany, and writing it on a piece of paper.

So let me get this straight: it’s totally OK for all the “multicultural” people coming into Germany from the Middle East and North Africa to completely fail to assimilate, to maintain their own language, customs, religion, and sense of respect for the law, and to remain in Germany, supported by German taxpayers.

These people bring strength through diversity.

But a German man, in Germany, is verboten from hanging a simple sign in the bus that he is employed to drive which says he’s German?

“He is no longer on the road and this behaviour will have consequences,” the company responded.


  1. I have both Italian and German heritage, does that make me a Nazi Fascias. No; nor does it make the people who live in these countries. There is nothing wrong with being proud of where you are from and your heritage. It gives you a sense of belonging, a sense of identity and stability into your life.Being proud of who you are and doing honor to your family and its name is something we should all strive for.This is not political nor religious in nature but is the result of hundreds of years people that has come together to make you. The sign, huh I don’t see how it could insult anyone.It is nothing more than a complaint from a fanatic terrorist who lives in Germany but hates Germans.

  2. I am sick of what is going on in Germany and all the other countries being invaded by these animals. Our military has to learn the customs and respect people in any country they go in but they can be the horrible animals everywhere they go. Don’t think it is not already happening here because to many are putting their heads in the sand thinking our government will take care of them when all they do is give them everything that belongs to our own people. I had always planned to escape to Germany when the shit hit the fan but that is out along with anywhere else on this planet. Plan two fight back and people unless you want to be like these animals you better get ready. It’s here and they are taking over now and Congress is helping by keeping the boarders open.


  4. Merkel has made of Germany a garbage can as well as the European Union. President Trump is doing the right thing to build a wall. He will win in 2020. He will not going to be impeached.

  5. Amazing how foreigners can take over a country without even firing a shot and at the same time being supported on welfare by such countries.

  6. There is a little more to the story, as usual, that needs explanation. The sign was written in “Fraktur” (sometimes referred to “Gothic” in English) which was used in German printed material until the mid 20th century. This includes the period of the Third Reich, and appears to be the favorite script of right-wing supporters. That seems to be the main reason why the sign caused such a reaction.
    Nevertheless, the Germans are bending backwards trying to integrate outsiders who mostly don’t want to be integrated. The brainwashing of the German mind is the consequence of the bad conscience most Germans still have because of the horrible acts during the Nazi era.

    • Angela Merkel will rue the day regarding her decision to allow so many immigrants to enter Germany and for that matter other European countries as well. They would be wise to begin deportation proceedings before it is too late.

  7. While much of the world has been content in allowing their country to turn into a dog eat dog society, where whoever has the most guns or power makes the rules, the US has remained a country ruled by laws voted in by the people. Millions of refugees continue to pour back and forth across international borders trying to make a mockery of our sovereignty. This must end immediately. The America first agenda must remain paramount. America is not up for grabs by anyone!!!

  8. No, it’s being a proud “white” German that is the problem for these folks. Same thing happening in US. It’s going to be a crime to just BE white in the world before too long.

    • Mrs. Ghandi and Mrs. Mier and other women leaders of the past had their downsides, their strenghs and glory, good people, not perfect, only good for their times.

    • In European public transport more and more drivers are recent immigrants. Their driving skills and cultural background at times causes driving patterns that are different from locals.
      In Finland, a usual complaint was vs. Somali drivers who in winter drive in shirt sleeves setting inside bus temperature to accommodate that while passengers were sweating in their winter clothes, etc. etc.

  9. I grew up on Germany and I cried when I left there a year ago. The invasion of immigrants and their failure to assimilate has ruined that country and it was a great and wonderful place to live and grow up. Now they are dumbing down the country and the people should step up and protect it before it fails worse.

    • I grew up in what use to be West Germany. Such beautiful place to live until the invasion of all the Foreigners started in the 60’s. I believe Germans have lost their will to fight, otherwise how could this happen? At this point Germany and Europe are beyond repair unless they elect another Hitler.

  10. Most of you are so naive, swimming in polite exchange and bull crap.
    Muzzies must be eliminated !!!!! Figure out how to do it and GET ON WITH IT !!!!!
    WAKE UP YOU PANSIES……………….WAKE UP !~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Russians came out of WWII determined to break the German spirit . They penetrated every aspect of the East German society to such an extent ,that within the first 20 yrs The East Germans were bigger believers in the communist utopia than the Russians themselves. When the Berlin Wall fell, East German communist apparatchiks did exactly the same to their West German brethren. Voila, country and people with no soul, conviction or national pride. The Germans today consider themselves Globalists first, European second , and heirs to Comintern(Communist International) third. But don’t underestimate their drive and meanness. They can turn on a dime and elect another Hitler.

  12. Mind blowing. Germans are likely among the highest educated people on the planet yet they have Merkle and many migrants from many foreign cultures. Very hard to understand.

  13. The Germans deserve this – they don’t have the stuffing to stand up for themselves. They need to get rid of Merkel by whatever means necessary – stage a coup. And get their lives, the country and their self-respect back.

  14. Maybe soon the same result will happen if the sign says ” This bus is being driven by a male”. OMG – someone in the LGBTQ community will say they feel uncomfortable.

    • Merkel’s regime jailed a poet (Jan Bohmermann) insulting Erdogan of Turkey under a law that you can’t insult a foreign leader. And wants to extend that law of it being illegal to insult leaders. She is an authoritarian through and through. She does NOT want freedom of speech- which leads to freedom of thought. The thought police are alive and well and global.

  15. Next thing you know, America will be sued by Germany because our lunacy has spread across the pond. Perhaps they will help us build a wall to contain our contageons.

  16. German patriotism is largely nonexistent. Therefore, Germans don’t know what to think when a German is proud of being German and think there must be something wrong with that person. Germans could learn a lot from us as patriotic Americans regarding pride of our country and of who we are.

  17. Doesn’t this driver have a union? I , as an American, refuse to kowtow to anyone! Germans, as well as other Europeans, had better wake up and vote out “woke” politicians. Great Britain is beginning to make things better for their citizens. The United States may not bail out Europe for a third time.

  18. You wait and see, this nonsense is coming to America. Send the Muslims back to where they came from, and out of our Judeo Christian culture. They will never assimilate, and they don’t want to. They are bent on of changing our culture into Islam. Please, don’t be blinded Islam is not a religion of peace.

    • same as the invaders of our southern border. Dont want to ASSUMILATE, just drag you crap up here and file for free stuff

    • Thats been proven over and over, never been a religon of peace. Just readabout the life of Mohammed. What a pervereted animal!!!!

  19. Wake up folks, there IS NO limit to this madness! I think they compete with each other to see who can be the most ludicrous and get away with it.


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