A Routine Traffic Stop Leads To The Rescue Of A 22-Year-Old Woman, But That’s Not All

(Tea Party 247) – Human trafficking is one of the modern scourges of our society today, a brutally wicked and evil black market trade that strips women and children of their dignity and turns them into nothing more than used up play things for sick and twisted men who deserve to be swinging from the end of a rope.

This is why so many organizations are popping up to help combat human trafficking and why so many conservatives are totally on board with destroying the men and crime organizations that profit from this vile practice.

Just recently, a traffic stop in West Baton Rouge Parish led to the rescue of a 22-year-old woman and a major sex trafficking arrest, which is a big win for folks who are trying to end this despicable crime once and for all.

Here’s more from WBRZ:

State Police say they pulled over 44-year-old Ruben Guadarrama Delgado (pictured above) of California around 7:30 a.m. on I-10 near Port Allen. Troopers became suspicious of Delgado after speaking with the female passenger. Investigators with the Louisiana State Police Special Victims Unit learned the passenger was coerced into traveling with Delgado.

Delgado is booked into West Baton Rouge Parish Jail on Human Trafficking, False Imprisonment and Improper Lane Usage charges.

The Advocate has a few more details about the suspect and his arrest:

Ruben Guadarrama Delgado, 44, was driving driving on I-10 near Port Allen in a Dodge Caravan on Wednesday morning when State Police pulled him over, said Trooper Taylor Scrantz.

Investigators grew suspicious when they spoke with Delgado’s 22-year-old female passenger, Scrantz said. State Police Special Victims Unit learned Delgado had coerced the woman into traveling with him for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex trafficking.

Delgado was booked into West Baton Rouge Parish Prison on counts of human trafficking, false imprisonment and improper lane usage.

Sexual crimes are some of the most devastating that exist in our fallen, broken world. These crimes strip away a person’s dignity and often times leave not only their bodies broken, but their hearts, minds, and souls as well. It’s tragic to think of the many lives that have been ruined by sickening perverts who use people as objects for their own pleasure rather than fellow human beings.

This is a testament to the teachings of the Bible that demonstrate the heart of man is continually wicked, and that without salvation through Jesus Christ and the principles of Scripture undergirding our society, there’s not much hope available to stop such awfulness. Thankfully, God is good and always at work, even when things look their darkest and most bleak. We are not a people completely without hope.

Let’s hope that as time continues to pass, we see more and more people willing to stand up for women and children who are victims of human trafficking and see the rings who profit from this disgusting practice destroyed and each individuals participating in it brought to swift justice.





  1. This individual should never be let free. He will attempt to do the same thing or similar. These criminals do not overcome this kind of thing. Containment is the only answer.

  2. This “practice” is morally corrupt. Offenders need to have their members removed as punishment MUST fit the crime!

    • What does his ethnicity have to do with him being a pervert? Do you subscribe to the notion according to Trump that ‘some are rapists and murderers’. It did not say that he was an illegal. If he is a citizen than he has as much right to be here as you or I. The only difference is that this guy is a POS as are some other citizens who violate moral and legal laws. and who come in all ethnic groups including white.

    • What a coincidence, Bob E.
      I just read another email verifying tht 90% of illegals who have been arrested for crimes have previous criminal records.
      Just nice people fleeing from persecution, right?

  3. I would bet 2 to one this was an illegal alien who is doing that,Will not be reported when this illegal problem in this country is worse than the Democrats and the media will ever ever portray as they are after disarming us and that’s what’s on the agenda and that is all, more crimes are committed by the illegal aliens in this country that all crimes in this country but that’s being kept quiet by the communist a.k.a. Media and their Pimps the communist in Congress,And you can see if you have an odd that they could care less about the American people or women or children trafficking of children and women or a peek in this country because of the illegal alien population in this country that’s draining our system of the money the people worked for and thrown into like Medicare and Social Security!

  4. Ok how is the human trafficking. When she willing went with him. They have made music video together. Why is she in jail to. They more to this story. Everything sound fishing. It’s just because their was Hispanic. It’s all base on some cops still being racist. This isnt the first they has been. Harassed by cops.

    • That’s exactly it, RACIST right wing politics making minorities “suspects” while the voting for child molesters into office to represent the Republican party.

  5. A good deterrent might be to string up the guy in public with his privates tied to a bucket. As people walk by they can drop rocks in the bucket till the weight takes away the problem.

  6. look at that pervert in the police car…it looks as if he’s almost smiling..he’s probably not worried about any thing.i hope he gets prison for a long time cause he deserves it

  7. “It’s tragic to think of the many lives that have been ruined by sickening perverts who use people as objects for their own pleasure rather than fellow human beings.” Exactly,how is one supposed to interpret this sentence? They are using fellow human beings for their own pleasure, no? Perhaps rewrite this to convey intended meaning.

  8. The Democrats are not fully on board about human trafficking as they were the ones who advocated for slavery early in our history. They were still pushing for keeping the minorities down in the last century. There were members of the KKK in congress back then-Robert Byrd for one and Woody Wilson for another.

  9. I say the following as an honest and meaningful comment and it should not be misconstrued as a harsh or ridiculous comment. Public display of retribution to criminals has always been a deterrent to future crimes. In the last 75 years America has become soft and ashamed of punishing violent criminals IN PUBLIC. The chances of making a criminal prayerfully sorry for his crime is rare if not impossible. To prevent the public from seeing what the consequences are for committing a crime does nothing. Hanging or castration in public is a real deterrent.

  10. Unfortunately some of the women that are victims of these criminals go back to them as they become so brainwashed. I met one once. She was in a safe place, but left and went back to the trafficker. It’s a very complex problem.


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