A New Rasmussen Poll Reveals How Many Americans Think Jeffrey Epstein Actually Killed Himself; This Is Perfect Meme Material

(Tea Party 247) – By now, just about every human being alive who has access to the Internet and a social media account of some kind, is well aware of the fact that the vast majority of individuals, both left and right, think infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was indeed murdered while in prison and did not actually kill himself.

Memes galore have sprung up — many of them gut-bustingly hilarious — that have expressed this idea creatively in a thousand and one different ways, each earning various degrees of “dank meme” points depending upon their execution. Maybe “execution” is a poor choice of words here?

Well, now a new Rasmussen poll has been released that reveals the actual percentage of folks out there who think Epstein really did kill himself, and boy is it laughably low.

Check out this report from Summit News:

A new Rasmussen poll shows that just 21 per cent of Americans believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself while 52 per cent believe he was murdered.

With the clear majority of Americans not believing the official story about the billionaire sex trafficker, the national telephone and online survey also shows that 27 per cent of American adults remain undecided.

The numbers are up on August, just after Epstein died, when 42 per cent of Americans believed he was murdered.

As we reported earlier this week, the first image of the noose supposedly used by Jeffrey Epstein contradicted the official story of his alleged “suicide.” It shows a clean cloth with so signs of blood stains despite the fact that Epstein’s neck was bloody.

Dr. Michael Baden, the forensic pathologist who observed Epstein’s four-hour autopsy on behalf of Epstein’s brother Mark, continues to assert that Epstein was murdered.

“There were fractures of the left, the right thyroid cartilage and the left hyoid bone,” said Baden. “I have never seen three fractures like this in a suicidal hanging.”

“Going over a thousand jail hangings, suicides in the New York City state prisons over the past 40-50 years, no one had three fractures,” he added.

Yesterday, new photos were released showing former President Bill Clinton on board Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ private jet posing with an alleged sex slave.

The ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ narrative has become so ingrained in popular culture that it is now a normie tier meme.

Recently, comedian Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globe awards and in true comedic fashion, crafted a joke about Epstein not killing himself that clearly made his viewing audience very uncomfortable.

“You can binge watch the entire first season of Afterlife,” the comedian said. “That’s a show about a man who wants to kill himself after his wife dies of cancer. It has a second season though, so he obviously doesn’t kill himself in the end — just like Jeffrey Epstein.”


That’s how comedy is supposed to be done. If only our culture would return to eschewing political correctness and allow comedians the freedom to be so offensively on point like they once were.

Regardless, it’s pretty clear Epstein didn’t kill himself. All we can do now is hope those involved eventually get caught and brought to justice, though in all honesty, no one is weeping about the loss of a sicko pedophile.

Source: summit.news/2020/01/09/rasmussen-poll-just-21-of-americans-think-jeffrey-epstein-killed-himself/


  1. I new they would kill him no question you don’t need a pencil and paper to count the rat Democrats that broke the law and still walk the streets . If a normal citizen did that he would have been tried and hung already I don’t believe justices our justice system we’re a blind fold maybe a one eyed patch there going to have to start locking before the citizens believe in this department of justice

  2. maybe if we let the story die the the truth will out like some soooooo ……..many want it to they can bring up new evidence

  3. If he is dead then I believe he was murdered by someone. Also a possibility that he is a live and in witness protection because he sure knows a lot on many people! Hopefully some day these people will stop getting away with their wrong doings! No way he killed himself!

    • No one will ever find out nit while the Clintons are alive. I am sure they had something to do with it. But again a lot of politicians and Billionaires and more than likely all of Hollywood’s stars. Were at one time or anorher at that island and if he is dead look at all those peoples hand to see Epstein s blood on them. Or he is alive and well with a new face and different ID.


  5. Definitely murdered! The men (and women) who were complicit in this insult to humanity were keen to eliminate the definite probability that when Epstein was brought to trial that many, many names of those
    who participated in this horrific debacle would be identified. It appears that those individuals were powerful and wealthy, with enough connections to arrange for his assassination.

  6. No, the Clintons are a paragon of virtue! Bill was a choir boy. And Hillary a hospital candy stripper. And both had back yards with cherry trees that were never chopped down! That is proof that the Clintons would never ever ever lie !!!

  7. And then there are yet many who consider Epstein as being yet still alive….and all the murder, bludgeoning, suicide, missing tapes, yada yada, yammering on and on….“Who’s on first?”….deflective dialogue is simply that….deflection from reality. Reeks of the same bait and switch as the much-touted/highly dubious bin laden incident which was ‘finalized’ with his burial-at-sea(?).

  8. Of course it was a murder. It’s just humiliating for them to think we’re that dumb to believe he did it to himself with a sheet, by the marks on his neck any one with common sense can tell it was murder!

  9. this is still GARBAGE by the media to get the sheeple to accept that he’s Dead.

    NO, he’s NOT DEAD and the EVIDENCE supports that notion.

    They tried to kill him off a couple of weeks before the “death” and it was reported how he was roughed up. THAT was when he told them that he had an “insurance policy” whereby if he died, somebody would release all the info that implicated many in high places.
    They couldn’t allow him to stay in prison and then testify.
    So, they sent in guys into the prison. They found some guy who was about to be released. They did a body swap. that guy screamed (reported in news). that guy got his neck broken (reported in news). that guy was wheeled out on the gurney (pictures of that showed it wasn’t him). He waltzed away, pretending to be the guy who was to be released.

    SHOW me a fault with that theory if you don’t agree!

    • i agree with you. his faked death is all a cover up to cover for all the demonrats and repubs in our government as well as the clinton crime family………….

  10. I am happy he will meet his final judge, but all this publicity after his death makes him into some evil folk icon. Investigte and get on with it

  11. Another coverup taking place, Epstein was murdered, just like Judge Scalia. But nobody was ever prosecuted for either crime. Typical of our CORRUPT government, FBI/DOJ DEPTS. SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

  12. The FACTS say his death was not Suicide. His first supposed Suicide says it was not one. See they found him in his cell unresponsive and nothing around his neck. They found bruises but NOTHING that could have caused them. Then there all the things surrounding his second supposed Suicide. First his cell mate was moved out suddenly. Next the two most overworked guards in the entire prison system were assigned to watch him. Then the last thing both of the cameras set to record what happens in the cell went out. Then there is what happened in the outside world that makes his death even more less likely a Suicide. That is the supposed leak of two names from Epstein’s 2,000 plus pages of records on who visited his homes and used his plane where they also partook of Epstein’s wares so to speak. I should say one name and one description since the member of the Democraps puppets the MORON MEDIA did not name the other Person’s name since he was a Democrap as well. The name Prince Andrew and the description retired Democrapic Senator. Now with Epstein gone the records have doubt attached and the Democraps in them won’t be exposed as they should be.

  13. If anybody in the high left is going to be implicated in any thing Hillary Clinton is an example evidence always goes missing always just like the door that was shot in by the BATF at Waco Texas and the guy that did the investigation 40 years old had a heart attack in the door disappeared in that amazing?

  14. It’s perfectly clear that powerful Democrats close to Clinton and tied also to Epstein were able to do an inside job and kill Epstein to keep him from testifying and exposing them to criminal charges and prosecution. This fact indicates that the CIA was involved in the murder as the method of Epstein’s death provided evidence of that form of murder agents are trained to use. The big problem is getting evidence needed to get past the Democrat roadblock to nail the actual killers. That points the finger towards Obama, Clinton, and George Soros as key figures considering that many still want Hillary to take on Trump. We must also realize that key top Democrats both in and out of office also don’t want exposed as it would cause the destruction of the Democrat Party and the DNC. Big Union leaders and organized crime have also been considered as well but Americans may never know the truth behind the murder or even the Clinton’s associates deaths ruled also as suicide but are highly questionable as evidence points to professional murders staged to appear as suicide. Definite major issues are at stake in solving these 51+ deaths linked to the Clinton’s.

    • The Griz – are you referring to the several deaths of Clinton ‘associates’ who were determined suicide by way of a gun shot to the back of the head?? I was really impressed with those guys…. musta been contortionists in their ‘real’ job!


  15. NYC must have employed the Keystone Kops to watch Epstein. Nobody else could possibly screw the pooch any worse than the clowns in the NYC prison. The more that comes out-pictures of the body, of his cell, his bed, the sheets,…. , the more it looks like an inside job.

  16. Just another coverup to protect the Clintons. More people have committed suicide around them, than combat units have lost. Give me a break. Even her daughter told someone “my mother will kill you”.

  17. I personally don’t not believe he is dead. I think the government has him hidden away and they are pumping him for information on his client list.

  18. From what I’ve read, the Clinton’s have a long list of fellow associates who turned-up missing or dead.
    The last victim, the police classified as “an apparent suicide,” was a man found on a sidewalk inside a park area. A bullet wound in his head, BUT NO BLOOD ANYWHERE! A head wound produces a lot of blood!

    The theory was that he was killed in another location and then dumped in the park. Probably by someone who owed the Clinton’s either money or a favor.

    Hillary & Bill Clinton, now locked in a tie with the Mafia for “Criminals of the Century!”

  19. That arrogant pedophile was too much of an egotist to kill
    himself. He had so much dirt on so many of our so-called
    elite that he was taken out by his ‘own’. It was much safer
    to eliminate him than to depend on his keeping quiet about
    them. Now I wonder how long his pimp is going to survive.
    I hope she has eyes in the back of her head, even with those
    who she trusts. Most of the people in her arena have a price.

  20. Just too many corrupt BIG SHOTS involved–hell he would have exposed most of them before killing himself–HOW DUMB do these big shots think WE the average American think we are?? Some day hopefully SOON the real TRUTH will come out –it always seems like it takes some BRAVE truthful ones to come forward! How can B. Clinton take many (over 20 ) trips to the “Island” and NOT be involved–where the hell is OUR FBI under WRAY?? Sad how these folks demand a huge salary with such POOR performance–where the heck is Congress’s overlook–?? Sitting on some STUPID impeachment JUNK–neglecting their OFFICIAL Duties–As a former DEMO I WILL be voting MANY out–never should have been voted in–most need a MENTAL exam ! dgl

    • dew lars You’re right and smart to leave the DEMO party! Welcome to the conservative side for we are the party of the “righteous!”

    • I’ve often wondered that myself. The way our government works at times it wouldn’t surprise me. Just look at lesser things people have fallen for


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