A Close Look At Twitter’s Chief “Fact-Checker” Reveals Sick, Anti-Trump Bias…You Won’t Believe What He Said!

(Tea Party 247) – On Tuesday, the Twitterverse exploded when the tech giant Twitter decided to, for the first time, “fact-check” a post.

Of course, it was President Trump’s post that they “fact-checked,” and yes, his statements had not been as false as they’d leave you believe.

The president had warned of the potential for voter fraud as states introduce more mail-in voting, something which many have speculated.

Just hours later, the DOJ announced that a West Virginia mailman was charged with attempted voter fraud.


Well, the idiocy of fact-checking such a statement is compounded by the fact that the man in charge of fact-checking Twitter posts has a history of brazen anti-Trump tweets.

The Daily Mail reports that Yoel Roth, the “head of site integrity” for Twitter, once referred to Trump officials as “actual Nazis in the White House” as well as voters in flyover states as racist.

Wow, he sounds like he has a lot of integrity.

He also compared White House adviser Kellyanne Conway to the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Roth wrote: “Today on Meet The Press, we’re speaking with Joseph Goebbels about the first 100 days…’ – What I hear whenever Kellyanne is on a news show.”


These past comments came to light after Twitter put a “fact-checking warning” on two of Trump’s tweets about California’s plan to introduce mail-in voting for November’s election.

Twitter’s fact-check cited anti-Trump organizations, like CNN, to claim that Trump’s warning was “unsubstantiated.”

Conway reacted: “This guy is constantly attacking Trump voters, Trump, Mitch McConnell, you name it. He’s the head of integrity at Twitter. It’s horrible the way he looks at people who should otherwise have a free and clear platform on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, Trump threatened to regulate social media companies if they won’t cease from their bias…or shut them down.


  1. I consider most of what I read on Twitter, not worth my time, unless it is a conservative writing the post. Now after learning about this so called “fact checker,” I think my assessment is even more correct that I imagined. I consider Facebook the same. I am not on either.

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  3. I agree with you, and what I believe to be your intent, Sandra.

    But I think you would be stating the case much better thusly: Roth’s conduct is clearly delusional, biased, and anti-American/Constitution. Therefore, his character, being of absolutely ZERO INTEGRITY, he is totally unqualified for the high position he occupies.

    These things being the case, Twitter has placed themselves in a VERY AWKWARD position. (I’m losing my recall abilities, thus can’t recall the Twitter owner’s name. Jack-something. . . . And I’m too tech challenged to be confident of duckduckgo-ing it and getting back to this post instead of losing it to the cloud-osphere. So I’ll just continue by saying) – Mr. Twitter Owner, it’s YOUR time to PROVE TO THE WORLD YOUR OWN LEVEL OF INTEGRITY. Either you admit your mistake and correct it by replacing this embarrassment with someone who “acts the part,” thereby proving they have the integrity their job title gives them responsibilty for – within YOUR COMPANY, Mr. Twitter – or you don’t. It’s that simple.

    Trust us, NONE OF US wants to see you or your business platform fail. The fact any of us is even ON IT should say we’re all seeking a platform for our voices to be “heard.” Please sit down, shut up, and let the public square your business sets up function freely. The Nazi’s that leftists claim that conservatives are had a salient feature of their institutions. They dis-allowed ANY DISSENTION OR FREE DEBATE. THEY stifled free speech. Right now, the only one pointing the Nazi-Finger (your own Mr. Roth) has three of them pointed back at himself, is THE ONLY ONE ACTING THE PART, and is destroying YOUR BUSINESS for you.

    Like I said, Mr. Twitter, choice is yours. Please make the right one.

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  5. It Breaks my Heart hat the left hates America so much. Breaks my Heart even more that their followers can not see what the Lefts end game is.

  6. I believe in the first smendment, Roth , obviously is Trump hater, with little cred, is totally biased. We are entitled to opinions, but not the facts. The lib’s just don’t get it, never will, and “won’t let a good crisis go to waste” we will survive all of this.

  7. Fortunately this young man did not live through the NAZI era! He uses the term NAZI To bring up the most hideous of times to make his point. Unfortunately he is.not arguing his point in normal language by debating his point but using the NAZI tactics of bullying HIS ideas onto the viewers. This exactly why for all his bluster…he is the one who is more like the dreaded NAZI.

  8. I don’t do social media. I thought it was originally a fun way for friends and loved ones to communicate. It didn’t take long to become an avenue of anonymity for pervision, bullying, hatred, shaming, crime and treason with the protection of the first amendment. The founders and administration of these sites bear no responsibility for the rapes, murders, suicides, fraud, and other heinous crimes because “they can’t control what their members say”. Yet they can control what they don’t agree with politically. Talk about “double standard”.

    This young man is a prime example of the non-parent nurtured generations. They have no manners, no morals, no respect, no empathy. They are selfish and only interested in their entitlement. Teachers see these flawed young ones and are forbidden to correct or discipline. These people born after 1958 are what I call the modern day Neanderthals – discovering life on their own, creating their own laws and just plain doing whatever they want.

    IF you want to stop the out-of-control social media, STOP USING SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Get a traditional landline phone and actually talk to your associates. Don’t put yourself out there thinking you are doing so privately on the computer. There is a cloud. Your input will follow you all of your life and thereafter. Scary isn’t it. Never put anything in writing or print you don’t want anyone else to see.

    • First. My children( born after 1958)don’t believe in this socialist crap
      Second. The teachers promote this socialist crap and you see it in their actions
      Third. Let what i believe(republic and capitalism) be announced. I dont give a rats behind what people think of me.

  9. So, in otherwords, if Trump and his supporters state something, and in fact it’s not true, then they get a “free pass” because, well, like, he’s President Trump…”Our Glorious Leader” (say with dripping sarcasm!) Sorry….I’ve heard enough of Trumpisms for over 4 years naw, and it’s getting worse. Can you say Dictator Wannabe?

    • Can you say conspiracy. Or you still believe the lying polls. Another 4+ years of my orange man good

    • Try this on for size………… if Biden or his followers say something, and in fact it is not true, they get a “free pass” because, well, like,he is our moron….our glorious idiot ( say with dripping sarcasm).

      If you do not understand what free speech is, then you are the true danger to our nation. Regardless of whether or not you agree with someones speech, you must respect their right to say it. If that offends you, then you do not have any understanding of the founding principles of this country.

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  11. another “SNOWFLAKE” U.S. hating socialist liberal on the loose. How many crying rooms did it take for him to finally realize that the GREAT USA is back on track for greatness again? Go find another crying room you cry baby. Start reporting the truth. Maybe you’ll become an adult some day.

  12. The only time that we had ‘-voters by mail fraud’ took place was by the Republican Party. in N.C in 2016. Trump’s comment wasn’t deleted, but they just asked you to fact check his statement.
    The Tea Party doesn’t want you to fact check any of Trump’s statement, because they know that he lies all the time. Yes, they are provable
    Steve Eichler along with the other Alt-right wants to do away with the free press and only use the state-approved media and Tea Party is a fascist organization that is echoing what Hilter was saying as he rosed tom power. Y’all is being played big time.

    • Only time, Ric???

      Thou havest no clue about which thou speaketh.

      But of course, “absolute” truth, having been thrown out of our culture by the leftists – along with God – (It’s part and parcel with God/Absolute Truth that Absolute Truth is a CHARACTERISTIC of God, with and by which He operates. Thus, when you throw Him out, you throw out Absolute Truth, too.) – gives the leftists just what they wanted!! Now THEY (or whichever OTHER Nazi’s hold power, such as the historical Nazi’s of Hitler’s “Third Reich”) get to define WHOSE RELATIVE TRUTHS will we call The Truth TODAY!!??

      To put it quite bluntly, Ric, YOUR truth ain’t. But NOTHING I say to you will ever change your mind. I know that, and therefore won’t argue with your closed mind. I’ll leave THAT miracle-required task to the Miracle Maker.

      But back to you and I, Ric. One thing I WILL OFFER you on the miniscule poss . . . . IF your hypothesis WAS correct, that THE REPUBLICANS ARE the only ones who’ve EVER CHEATED in a vote-by-mail scheme, then the Democrats WOULD NEVER SEEK EXPANSION OF THOSE CAPABILITIES. In reality, ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, it is OVERWHELMINGLY DEMOCRATS (leftists) demanding massive increases in vote by mail, and Republican’s (conservatives) arguing against it. WHY WOULDN’T/ISN’T there SUBSTANTIAL BI-PARTISAN EFFORT AGAINST IT?????

    • Current news just caught and convicted an electoral judge swapping repub for demo ballots for more than three years. Try to stay current in the news or not.

  13. Don’t talk about shutting them down….do it. The longer you wait the more people are deluded into a misguided thought process.


      I don’t know how, or why, but the CLUELESSNESS is smeared ALL OVER the guy and his book cover. The hard part, for me, is somehow justifying KNOWING THIS ASSUMPTION IS CORRECT, when I also KNOW how WRONG I normally am when I ASSume things, especially things about people.

      But, these things, contradictions and all, have all been borne out in my 65 years of experience.

      Semper fi, Jeff.

  14. I am 71 years old, a lot older, and a lot smarter than this little snot-nosed kid! He is in charge of “integrity?” This little punk probably doesn’t even know the meaning of the word! Oh how I would live to get in his punk face, and give him an education!

  15. Good, how is it they are able to keep a FCC or a FTC license when they control the narrative of conservative patrons? They delete accounts, shut down accounts and if someone is offended by the truth, they block your post.

    • I don’t think they need any kind of license from gov. Need FCC approval for radio & TV because airwaves belong to the people.

    • As of now, social media are not regulated by the FCC, the FTC, or any other alphabet agency. They need to be. While they are private companies not officially subject to the first amendment, they are effective monopolies, the only games in town. If honest operators had the resources to set up competing platforms, it would take a long time before they drew enough subscribers away from these operators to become viable alternatives. The only short time solution for their biased actions is government regulation. As a free market person, advocating that makes me choke, but reality dictates that it must be done.

  16. The “fact checker” at Twitter should have his ungrateful Marxist ASS stomped to within an inch of his inconsequential LIFE, and that’s a FACT!

  17. How can he be fair…..he is very biased! He would have an eye opener if he had lived under the Nazis regime! He has no idea what he is talking about!

  18. Regulations are way past due AND shutting down the social platforms for violating the rights of Christians, Republicans, and Constitutionalists would be a good day. Double standard crappy lack of ethics, slanted opinions disguised as facts. China owns the media and alot of America is unaware of the perilous danger of being mislead by the propaganda panic, fear, and out-right lies and treason against America.

  19. Yoel Roth is an example of what he is criticising: of living in a communist country such as Venezuela. His lack of respect shows that he does not know what democracy is.

  20. This idiot Roth should be fired for the remarks he has made about President Trump and his supporters!!!! Just who does he think he is!!!! I use to think Twitter was fair and balanced, but obviously that is not the case. What a disgrace!!

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