A Brand New Poll Reveals How Many Americans Are Actually Interested In Taking The Coronavirus Vaccine And It’s Terrifying

(Tea Party 247) – A brand spanking new poll from Reuters/Ipsos has been published and it reveals that almost a quarter of Americans have no interest in taking the coronavirus vaccine once one is developed and approved. That might seem like quite a few folks, but when you look at how many are actually are interested or “somewhat” interested, it will blow your mind.

Apparently, 66 percent of individuals polled are giving some serious thought to getting the vaccine once it is made available. These folks have no idea just what they might be putting inside their bodies with this thing. Fear has pushed them to the brink of being ready to accept anything that gives them a possible solution to avoid this illness.

Here’s more from Newswars:

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, said “It’s a little lower than I thought it would be with all the attention to COVID-19,” adding “I would have expected somewhere around 75 percent.”

The Reuters report notes that health experts believe “at least 70% of Americans would need to be immune through a vaccine or prior infection to achieve what is known as “herd immunity,” when enough people are resistant to an infectious disease to prevent its spread.”

Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine noted that “It’s not surprising a significant percentage of Americans are not going to take the vaccine because of the terrible messaging we’ve had, the absence of a communication plan around the vaccine and this very aggressive anti-vaccine movement.”

The poll also found that a total of 36 percent of those who responded to the survey said they would be less willing to take the vaccine if President Trump said it was safe. Obviously, these are the same kind of people who are in league with Democrats and on board with their strategy of opposing the president no matter what he says or does. These people are idiots. Don’t be like these people.

A week ago, Trump announced “Operation Warp Speed,” to fast-track the development and distribution of a coronavirus vaccine by January 2021, tapping experts and resources in science, medicine, the military, and the private sector.

Trump has suggested that the military will be deployed to distribute the vaccine, but has suggested that it will remain voluntary, noting that it will be for those “who want to get it,” and “Not everyone is going to want to get it.”

Of course not everyone wants to get it. We don’t really know what they make these vaccines from. Besides, in the case of coronaviruses, we’ve tried to make vaccines for them before and they are largely ineffective. Why would we subject ourselves to possible suffering without some sort of high guarantee it would work? And that kind of information won’t be available for a long, long time.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out once the vaccine is available.

Source: newswars.com/poll-a-quarter-of-americans-are-not-interested-in-coronavirus-vaccine/


  1. The vaccine is not a cure all and not necessary for all. We’re not talking about small pox, polio or other dreadful diseases that a vaccine can be helpful in preventing. For some the vaccine will be good, but not mandatory for all.

  2. Never will I allow any so called “vaccine “ to be injected in me especially since it is being hawked by that mass murderer Bill Gates.

  3. The first line up should be the democrat governors, congress, WHO staff, those at the very senior level starting with Tedros and senior officials of the CPC. when it has been tested on the above people and only after we know it is safe, then everyone else.

  4. I am 73 Year old I don’t take any shots I work every day very seldom do I even have a cold I Did get struck by a bolt of lighting when I was 35 it took several years to get back to near normal and I never missed a day at work so why worry about anything now that may or may not happen

  5. Why should we take a vaccine when we know Bill Gates is trying to get us all to inject under our skin a dye color to show we have been infected with the virus. He is/was a member of the Club of Rome and their aim is to depopulate the world. That female scientist that worked with Dr. Fauci told us what Fauci did when they could have helped HIV/AID infected people much earlier. These days I don’t trust practically anyone. I read or listen to EVERYTHING. The democrats have been taken over by the communists for a LONG, LONG time. I am not saying to trust all republicans, but they are the party that voted FOR the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Too many people do not take the time to do historical research. The MSM doesn’t even take the time to verify/research the news that they print or say is fact. At least Fox news tells us and shows videos of what is going on around our country and the world. The MSM is crickets if there is anything good about our president. I am going to vote for President Trump because he has done much for America and I do not want our country to become a socialist country. Too many uneducated voters listening to sound bites and voting democrat. MAGA!

  6. People need to take risks by choice. No new normal! Masks if requested but not for much longer….restaurants, Sporting events, plays, movies, gyms, salons, beaches and parks up to us… those at risks protected but up to them. Vaccines as others before…some Mandatory, for schools, some not

  7. It will be a cold day in hell, when I would take a coronavirus-vaccine that the anti american demorats would claim to be safe….

  8. If there is a large portion (at least 4%)
    this is a low no.) of the population that has antibodies & 66% get the vaccine,
    then that will give us the 70% for now. As time goes on the herd immunity will continue to increase.

  9. I will not be taking it. The Deep State is too deeply imbedded to ever trust the government for anything. You have a better chance going with the virus.

  10. There is many people that are not up to speed in helping themselves and everyone else in this Great Country. If this was the concept of all others vaccines we would stay infected with something 100% of the time.

    • News flash, the only vaccines I ever got was polio and the one that leaves a little scar on your shoulder but then I never had any childhood diseases either, not even mumps. I never had a flu shot and only had the flu once and that was 50 odd years ago. Why would I want to take a shot to prevent a virus that causes you to get the virus and chance getting this virus? The vaccines for flu are made of live viruses. Think about it. Everyone I know who got flu shots got a mild to severe case of the flu. Hell-o, I don’t think so.

  11. Alot of brainwashed public out there, willing to take the vaccine. Josef Goebbels would be very proud of the mainstream media.


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