81 Million Vote Getter Joe Biden Greeted By Massive Crowd Of Two Dozen Supporters At Ohio State University Speech (Video)

(Tea Party 247) – Wherever President Trump went throughout the duration of his 2016 campaign and his four-year term in the White House, he was met with massive crowds.

His supporters would wait through all manner of inclement weather just to get a glimpse of Trump and if he was holding a rally, supporters would stand for hours upon hours to get into the venue, sometimes even camping overnight.

He was easily the most popular US President in modern history, that is, until Joe Biden came along.

Joe Biden and his unprecedented and improbable 81 million votes has shattered all previous records and measures of popularity for US presidents. The crowds of tens of thousands of people that gathered for Trump were nothing compared to the stunning show of support for Biden yesterday in Columbus, Ohio.

A crowd of about two dozen people gathered together on one corner of an intersection on the campus of Ohio State University, where Biden was scheduled to give a speech commemorating the anniversary of Obamacare on Tuesday.

The massive crowd was able to maintain polite behavior and instead of aggressively clapping or waving signs of support, they simply waved to Biden as he drove by in his presidential motorcade.

This groundbreaking display of support is exactly what you would expect from the most popular and most voted for president in US history.

Of the couple dozen people who showed up to welcome Biden, ABC6 reported that around 20 of them were Trump supporters who waved flags in opposition of Biden that said things like “Biden is Not My President.”

No matter. Love trump hates and clearly there were about 14 or so people who seemed to enthusiastically support Dear Leader Biden.

Sure, more people showed up for President Trump in Florida to welcome him home after he left the White House on Inauguration Day than showed up in Washington DC for Biden.

That’s just an optical illusion though. Had the Dems not been forced to lock down the Capitol and surround it with tens of thousands of National Guard troops, surely the American people would have flocked by the dozens to see Biden be fraudulently and illegitimately inaugurated.

Back in February, in California, the most unwanted Vice President in US history made a trip home and was welcomed by a massive crowd of 2 people.

Video taken by a local reporter shows an elderly couple standing on the street as Harris’ motorcade passed by. There was no one else on the street except for news videographers.

In Florida, on the other hand, this was the scene on President’s Day in West Palm Beach for President Trump:

Obviously our lying eyes deceive us. Clearly Biden and Harris are wildly popular among Americans while Trump is hated and despised. The crowds don’t lie.

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