“60 Minutes” Openly Lies To The American Public About Crowdstrike

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday night, 60 Minutes attacked President Donald Trump as well as reliable pro-Trump news site The Gateway Pundit in what TGP is calling “another shoddy hit piece.”

According to the program, Crowdstrike was correct in their assessment that the DNC was hacked by the Russians in 2016.

However, all they offer as proof to this laughable claim is hearsay and weak arguments.

TGP declares, “60 Minutes and Crowdstrike are dead wrong AND WE HAVE THE PROOF.”

For years now the FBI and Mueller investigation claimed that Russia hacked the DNC during the lead up to the 2016 election. This is central to the Russia-Collusion narrative. But the actual evidence shows the Russia collusion scam is one of the biggest lies pushed on the American people in US history.

Last night 60 Minutes had a report authored by Scott Pelley, regarding Crowdstrike’s claims that Russia hacked the DNC in 2016 before the Podesta emails were published by Wikileaks. In their piece the far left media outlet suggested The Gateway Pundit (TGP) pushes conspiracy theories and flashed an image of a 2017 TGP report.

This was a bold move considering the topic of the 60 Minutes segment. 60 Minutes insinuated that what TGP posted in 2017 that was conspiratorial, but our 2017 post shared a chart that was also published by WikiLeaks at that time.

They go on to explain that in 2017, they reported that the website Cyber Berkut published a chart along with links showing connections between Ukrainian officials and the Clintons:

60 Minutes, of course, can’t point to any disinformation in the above link, as they got it right from the Cyber Berkut website.

The program went on to push the discredited Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, which the Deep State’s own sham investigation couldn’t even prove:

The segment is the first report that we are aware of where the media actually addresses the fact that the favor President Trump asked of the Ukraine in a recent call was related to Crowdstrike. President Trump only discussed the Bidens on his call with Ukrainian President Zelensky after they were brought up by the Ukrainian President. 60 Minutes says, “Mr. Trump asked for [Crowdstrike] even before his request that Ukraine also investigate the son of Vice President Biden.”

Clearly if you read the call transcript you can see that the President’s request was regarding Crowdstrike and the Bidens only came up after their corrupt actions were noted by the Ukrainian leader.

This is a major misrepresentation by Scott Pelley.

60 Minutes’ Pelly relies on the word of anti-Trump Ambassador Bill Taylor, who you may recognize from the sham impeachment inquiry in the House, as his expert witness on Ukraine. What a joke!

Taylor claims he knows nothing of any connection between Crowdstrike and Ukraine.

Pelley shared the following in his report:

Robert Johnston dealt directly with the FBI as an investigator of the DNC hack for CrowdStrike, a leading cyber security company hired by the Democrats. He told us the FBI didn’t physically examine the DNC servers because CrowdStrike gave the bureau copies of the data from the servers.

“If there is a server or a computer system of any kind that’s involved in the incident you can take an exact bit for bit digital copy of what’s on that system. Now that digital copy is just as good as having the real thing,” Johnston said.

“As far as you know, the FBI got what it needed and what it wanted?” Pelley asked Johnston.

“Exactly and evidence of that is you don’t hear the FBI complaining,” Johnston said.

He’s right. A former senior government official, familiar with the investigation, told us the FBI would have preferred to work alongside CrowdStrike’s investigators, but the Democratic National Committee decided to give the bureau digital copies of its servers instead. The official told us this was “acceptable,” in fact even typical in FBI investigations.

TGP calls these people “shameless liars,” and for good reason.

Crowdstrike is linked to Ukraine through Ukrainian billionaire and a longtime contributor to the Clinton Foundation Victor Pinchuk as well as linked to James Clapper and the Atlantic Group:

Pinchuk serves on the International Advisory Board of a Washington-based think tank called the Atlantic Council. This group is “connected to Ukrainian interests through its “Ukraine in Europe Initiative,” which is designed to galvanize international support for an independent Ukraine within secure borders whose people will determine their own future.” Also serving on the International Advisory Board of the Atlantic Council is James Clapper, who served as Obama’s Director of National Intelligence. Funnily enough, Bongino discovered that the Chief Technology Officer of “the only company that investigated the hacking of the DNC’s servers and quickly determined it was the Russians, is a nonresident senior fellow in cybersecurity” at the Atlantic Council. His name is Dmitri Alperovitch (owner of CrowdStrike).”

In July 2015, Google invested $100 million into Crowdstrike:

Google Capital, the two-year-old growth equity arm of search giant Google (GOOG), announced its first security investment on Monday morning.

The fund has pumped $100 million into cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. It was joined by cloud computing company Rackspace (RAX), which is a customer, and the firm’s existing investors Accel and Warburg Pincus. The new infusion represents a Series C round for the Irvine, Calif.-based company, bringing its total funding raised to date to $156 million.

As for the claim that “Russia hacked the DNC emails,” there are a lot of holes in this claim, much of which TGP has reported.

There have been several individuals who previously shared they have sources that claim Crowdstrike never even examined the DNC servers.

It has also been revealed through the Roger Stone case that Crowdstrike gave the US government three “draft reports” on the so-called Russia hack that were full of redactions and the FBI was apparently satisfied with this. It was also reported that the DOJ never received unredacted copies of Crowdstrike’s reports:

Bill Binney, a former NSA whistleblower, previously reported that he has evidence that the DNC emails were not hacked but most likely copied on to a flashdrive or some other similar device.

TGP, who notes that Binney is “brilliant,” explains:

Binney has proof for his assertion but Crowdstrike and the DNC to date have provided no support that it was Russia who hacked the DNC.

Binney also claims that the Mueller gang wouldn’t even look at his data because they knew it would show something different than what they presented in their final bogus report (i.e. Mueller’s dossier as referred to by Devin Nunes).


  1. Why make a big deal out of it? Russia hacked the DNC and everything else out there. They will continue to “hack” what ever they want to interfere with the American way of life. Don’t forget the Chinese are on the same path. Doesn’t seem to really bother Capital Hill or the “Donald”

    • You must have your head in the sand or listening to CNN or MSNBC. Trump, per the Epoch Times is addressing cyber security in a big way.

  2. Distrust of the MSM is justified and has been earned. . . Just about every story presented by the MSM may be considered to be true and accurate . . . IF the story line is flipped upside down.

  3. The Awan brothers are the likely culprits. They managed the DNC server. It’s known they stole over a terabyte of data from various email and data accounts in the House of Representatives. They managed most of the servers, desktops and laptops used by Democrats in the House Intelligence committee and their staff. They had the holy grail of law enforcement: motive, means and opportunity, and they were about the only ones that did. Especially if you agree with the many techies who have examined the data and conclude that this data transfer required physical access to the server. The data shows it could not have happened over the Internet. The data transferred too fast to have been done that way.

  4. Not surprised at this “yellow journalism” as we used to call it because in the 1950s CBS referred at the time to Fidel Castro as an “agrarian reformer”. If I remember correctly I think it was Walter Cronkite who said this. Wrong! Mr. Castro was a communist and buddies with the communists running the Soviet Union at the time. This “agrarian reformer” caused so much trouble for President Kennedy that it led to the missile crisis where Kennedy to his credit held firm and forced the Soviets to remove missiles in Cuba aimed toward American soil. CBS has a history of getting it wrong.

  5. They have no credibility. There’s a good reason Lara Logan left 60. This is another one. 60 and cbs are occupied by ancient people. They’re viewer demo must average about 75. What few credible reporters they once had are dead or retired. Many of their current reporters look and act dead and retired. They do underlines (repeat and answer) to emphasize the gotcha. It’s more fake news. Rudy’s report and Durham will show the truth and more in line with the above. Count on it.

  6. Like Watergate, what ultimately lies at the root of Spygate is the 1963 assassination of JFK by CIA and other USG elements — what today we call the Deep State. The coverup of that conspiracy was led by the LBJ White House and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, with the help of CIA media assets, including many at CBS. Most of the original conspirators are now gone, but the conspiracy continues.

  7. Yeah, we know is who really hacked the DNC by downloading the emails onto a flash drive…Seth Rich, who’s parents were probably paid off to the stop the investigation into his murder. Another Clinton Mafia hit that the MSM conveniently does not pursue. There’s your “collusion”. They are embarrassed to let it out that one of their own employees, probably disgruntled for some reason, downloaded these email and leaked them. Some 27 year old kid! How embarrassing for them! So they had to concoct this Russia BS to try to blame it on Trump! That is, after they obviously had to “get rid of” the kid! Ffs can anyone with half a brain figure this out??

  8. The American public just went through the MOST biased, one-sided, inquisition of a POTUS I can remember (~69yrs old) which was conducted by Mueller, house of rep., &US senate separately over the last 3 1/2 YEARS without any conclusive results. For CBS to give a 15 minute biased recap and damning conclusion to the American people was infuriating and insulting no matter how smugly it was presented by a clown in a tie.

  9. The Awan brothers are the likely culprits. They provided the IT support for the DNC server and are known to have stolen messages from Democrat Congress members and their staff, especially from those on the House Intelligence Committee. They had motive, means, and opportunity. They are virtually the only ones who could do it given the amount of data and timeframe it was transferred required a direct connection. Eg; physical access to the server.

  10. You have just opinions and no proof, while 60 Min had proof as well as the Muller team.
    You’re just trying by all means to “clean up” after the fact, that Trump was indeed elected with a lot of Russian cyber-help. Why don’t you go back in time and adjust the undeniable LOW number of attendance of Trump’s inauguration as well as the number of the popular vote (clearly not for Trump).
    In your aberrant world are even these numbers from the Labor Department sort of fake because they show that more jobs were created in the last 3 years of Obama than in the first 3 under Trump?
    Have you checked the National Deficit? We’ll all pay (not him & family sucking Gov. $$$) for his unsustainable gambling with the US economy.
    The real lifelong track record of Trump is fake it and pass it!

  11. I understand that the liberal lady journalist met with Assange and was told to tell Rich’s family that their murdered son sent him the computer files. If true why haven’t she been interviewed by our intelligence agencies. Could it be they don’t want to look stupid as they pushed the Russians.

  12. Crowdstrike is the Rosetta Stone to the entire coup attempt and cover up for the Seth Rich murder.
    Seth Rich is now known as “Russia”


  14. It is a sad situation in America when 60 Minutes becomes a Democrat Propaganda Machine. Freedom of the Press should never included the ability to lie. I remember when this was left up to tabloids but it seems most of today’s media are nothing more than Tabloids. If I were still a young person and had the knowledge I have now when we start the longslide officially downhill my target would be Politicians,Lawyers and The Media.

  15. To all: Most of you and your comments are correct and on the button. In my opinion, we’ll never know the unblemished truth until years from now.
    God speed,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc (Management Consultant)

  16. Such incredible BS. It’s scary how many people buy into such nonsense. Anyone with a working
    KNOWS Russia is behind the hacking. The evidence is there for any reasonable person to see.
    You do a disservice to the country by promoting such baloney.

    • Point to the evidence which proves that Russia was responsible for the DNC server hack, or supplying info to Wikileaks. (“Everybody knows it” doesn’t prove *anything*…except a lack of intellectual integrity.)

  17. Please make your reports available to share with other media, ie; TWITTER.com…Don’t always read these reports because I know I cannot share them with Twitter!

  18. 60 mins is gone to the dogs oops sorry didn’t mean to insult the dogs of the country lol no one with a brain at all watches or takes these morons seriously any more go Trump 2020

  19. 60 Minutes and their goons are the “Brown shirts” of the DNC. They are some of the MSM who spread propaganda for the Democraps.

  20. Due to “,60 Minutes”, program last Sunday I will never watch another segment of that program except to note all ads & then boyoot all sponsers after writing to let them know. I have watched the program grow more & more to the left. TOO Bad.

  21. The “Big Lie” technique is based on the theory that any lie will be accepted by most people is the lie is stated in an authoritive manner, repeated constantly, and guarded against critical analysis.Hitler used the “Big Lie” technique in his campaign. Think about that!!

  22. Don’t all these corrupt media companies and so called news stations realize they are only making themselves seem like little Hitlers? Don’t they realize we DO get the real truth and what they say as untruths makes them seem like the anti-Christ? One day, hopefully soon, they will rue the day they ever became news stations and their so called “journalists” are minions of hell and we will laugh at them-laugh right in their faces! They are making themselves complete idiots!

  23. So! Crowdstrike is a stooge of the DNC! For some reason, information concerning this organization has been somewhat irregular, spotty, and vague in its reportage. At least, that’s the way it appears to me. Then again, there’s so much more going on that it’s hard keeping track of it all! It may have been hiding in plain sight the whole time! Something else to look forward to!

  24. I never liked Scott Pelley because he seemed to be supercilious. When he took over CBS nightly news and tried to be warmer, I decided to give him a chance. But, no, he couldn’t do it. He became more opinionated, judgmental and condescending. Well, he wound up back at “60” with the other trashy prevaricators. THEY give real journalists a bad reputation and should be ashamed.

    We do get truth from newsletters like this and Judicial Watch because employees research the facts before they are presented. Unfortunately, the majority of people only want their news from “60”, other TV magazines and Facebook.

  25. The Russia hacked DNC has a lot of “HOLES” in it?
    Sorta like the Russia holes in the Iranian civilian aircraft, and lets not forget the Russian holes in the Civilian aircraft shot down over Ukraine.

  26. Ok, one more time! MSM lying about ANYTHING is not news, much less a bombshell. If they ever reported honestly, now that would be newsworthy!!!

    • Honest reporting by the MSM would truly be a bombshell. News sights need to come up with another word, bombshell is getting very tattered and old.


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