2017 Advertisement Features Young Girls Dressed In Lingerie – Normalization Of Pedophilia On The Horizon

(Tea Party 247) – For years now pedophiles have been working to get the “P” added on to LGBT. These are not just creepy, basement-dwelling social outcasts. They are some of the most powerful people in the United States. Just look how the mainstream media refuses to call it for what it is, instead sympathizing or brushing it under the rug altogether.

Back in 2017, Dr. Phil McGraw and a team of investigators exposed a “highly coordinated, elite pedophile ring” on national television.

In a 2017 Evil.news report:

An escaped victim, born into the child sex industry as an infant, came out on an episode of Dr. Phil. Caged and raped as a child, she was later forced to procreate to provide the elite pedophile ring with new child victims. Forced to kill and rape other kids, this escaped victim revealed an unfathomable world of evil taking place among some of the world’s richest and most powerful people in Hollywood, politics, government and business.

Absolutely horrifying.

Because of the fact that the leaders and participants of these pedophile rings are so wealthy and powerful the push to normalize it is aided along by the media. In 2017, a highly disturbing advertisement was filmed at a shopping mall in China. The ad features little girls, as young as 5, in provocative and suggestive lingerie strutting on a runway as if in some kind of Victoria’s Secret show. The room is full of adults taking pictures and filming the young girls. No one saw how wrong that was?

The same year, Kim Kardashian launched a children’s clothing line featuring scant bikinis and lace slip dresses. How is that appropriate for little girls? Is there no innocence worth protecting?

The media would have us believe that pedophilia is a condition that the perverts are suffering from. They are the real victims here. Having sexual feelings for small children is just how they were born. How dare we judge them? Or worse yet, punish them for acting on their deviant actions!

In 2016, the New York Times did a piece inspiring sympathy for child sexual abusers.

The Times article tries to “normalize” pedophilia by comparing it to a condition that the offender has no control over. The Times tells us that anyone who fantasizes, exploits, or rapes a child is actually the victim and we should have sympathy for them and their condition.

This mentality is still very much alive and well today. We are supposed to feel sorry for these perverts and just accept it like any other “sexual orientation.” The fact is the entire LGBT spectrum is sexual deviance and since we have slowly accepted more and more of it, pedophilia is the natural next step. It should make you absolutely sick to think of a grown adult desiring a young child and acting on it.

It seems as though so many Americans are afraid of being labeled “intolerant” or “hateful” or “bigoted” so instead of standing up to sexual deviance and perversion we just step aside and quietly accommodate the demands of the LGBT community. Even at the cost of our own children. Just look at the current push to groom children for sexual abuse in the form of Drag Queen Story Times that are popping up in cities all across the country.

These events serve ZERO purpose other than to normalize sexual perversion in the minds of our children and lead them to believe sexual relationships with adults are OK. These “story times” have gone from men dressed up as boorish women reading LGBT propaganda to children to drag queens outright showing children and teens how to dress in drag and do makeup. In some cases there are shows being put on in which children are encouraged to dress in drag and perform in front of rooms full of adults who throw money like they are at a strip club.

This has gone too far and will continue unless we bravely stand up and say ‘no more.’ If we don’t speak up we will one day see pedophilia being a socially acceptable sexual preference and while the masses won’t agree with it and will think it’s wrong and immoral, it will be too late. We won’t be able to stop it then.

Featured image credit: australscope


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