14-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped In Germany; Here’s What Authorities Won’t Reveal

(Tea Party 247) – Liberalism is ruining the world one country at a time. One of the biggest cornerstones of the left is cultural relativism that basically dictates that all cultures are equal. As we know, and anyone with a half of a brain can recognize, that simply is not true. Some cultures are extremely dangerous and this is being clearly proven by surging crime rates of many European countries thanks to an influx of “asylum seekers,” most of which are young, Middle Eastern men.

Cultural relativism sends the message to young girls that they can travel anywhere they want in the whole world and they’ll be fine. This has resulted in death after death as young women have traveled to some very dangerous places and ended up literally dead. What happens when these violent cultures are introduced into cultures that are generally considered safe? Like most of Europe, for example.

Well, gang rape is one product of such a situation. Thanks to Germany’s radical liberal stance on immigration, the flood gates have been opened allowing thousands of Middle Eastern “refugees” to pour across her borders. Women are getting gang raped at an alarming rate, is it any wonder?

The leftist government in Germany would rather throw every single one of its own male citizens in jail before admitting there is in fact a link between the gang rapes and Middle Eastern asylum seekers. That’s why German authorities are concealing the identities and nationalities of a group of young men suspected of gang raping a 14-year-old girl.

We should mention, two of them are still at large so instead of releasing information to the public that would be helpful in finding the child rapists, German authorities are more concerned with maintaining the narrative that all cultures are equal and Muslims aren’t violent. Aren’t police paid to protect and serve their own communities first and foremost?

InfoWars Europe reports:

Police arrested a group of male migrants suspected of gang raping a 14-year-old girl in Ulm, Germany.

Five alleged perpetrators, aged 14 to 26, were identified as ‘asylum seekers,’ although their nationalities are being kept confidential by authorities who say the information has “no relevance to the process,” Bild reports.

The teen was with friends on Halloween night when she ran into the suspects, one of whom she reportedly knew.

The men lured her back to a residence, where she says they proceeded to rape her.

“In the home of one of the suspects, the teenager was then raped, she later described to her parents, then the police,” a police report explains.

“The police have now identified all five suspects. Last Friday, officers searched four apartments in Stuttgart, Filstalgemeinde, and in Illertalgemeinde.”

Suspects aged 15, 16, and 26 were apprehended, while two more suspects, aged 14 and 24, remain at large, police say.

Well, how thoughtful of the police to protect these men at such a vulnerable time in their lives. Heaven forbid the public develop a fear of any particular group of people because of their culture. What a tragic thing that would be.


  1. Asylum seekers used to be people that were oppressed, in one way or another. In today’s world, though, they are considered asylum seekers if they just want a change of venue just by saying they are oppressed. Obama, for the United States, allowed many thousands of alleged “refugees” to enter our country stating that they were “fully and tirelessly vetted”. That was a bold face lie! How could the Syrians be fully vetted when the areas most of these “refugees” came from were occupied by ISIS? Do you really think Americans are stupid because most of us are not stupid. Then there is the military age men that came over here. I don’t understand these “men” at all! I love my country and would stay and fight for my country. Why wouldn’t these “men” fight for their country? Once they were here, though, bad crap started happening. What did our politicians do about this? Not a damned thing! Legally, kind of, they caused barriers to protect the guilty by employing sanctuary cities and states to impede ICE from going in and taking the potential “refugees” or illegals. How did that help Americans? It didn’t help Americans but it made the criminals feel warm and cozy. Those “refugees” that came here, most of them, at least, have or had no want or need to assimilate in this country. They are here for their own agenda, not to become loyal American citizens. Look at immigration laws in Middle Eastern countries. If you cross the border into some of them, you are killed while other Middle Eastern countries you are imprisoned for God only knows how long. Our country, under Obama, has become “soft”. Any country needs to have at least an element of hard line rules/laws to follow. Not in America, after Obama. Under President Trump, though, the rules of the land are being forced to be followed, for the most part. Trump wants America to remain a great country and the Democrats want a change from a democracy to Socialism, with a slight lean towards Communism. The Democrats are not what they were 11 or 12 years ago. Obama put this country into a tail spin that Trump is trying to pull us out of. All of the jobs that Trump has brought back into our country Obama said it would never happen unless Trump had a magic wand. That was not true. Hard work brought these jobs back to America from President Trump. Obama didn’t have “the stones or ability” to bring these jobs back. Yet, so many Americans are still pissed that Trump won the election? I guess Hillary Clinton was right when an open mic caught her saying, ” My people believe everything I say or do because they are stupid!”

  2. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ for He said, “I am the way the truth and the life. Nobody goes to the father but through Me.” John 14:6

    And whoever loves Him will know and keep His commands (John 14:21), and whoever says he knows Him but does not do what He commands is a liar and the truth is not in him.” (1 John 24)

    Do not be a hearer of the Word and so deceive yourself but be a doer of the Word. (Jm 1:22)

    The only difference between the sheep and the goats, once you are invited into the kingdom of God and once were sent to the lake of fire are the sheep obeyed God’s commands where as the goats profess to be Christians with flattering lips or empty words; they were hearers of the Word but not doers.

    And Jesus also warned that only a few are on the narrow way that leads to eternal life. Which one are you? Because where are your going, so likely are your children. Choose wisely!

    In Christ.

  3. Why don’t you German men if you are men grab some of those Muslim women, gang tape them(wear protection) and then see what happens to you. These scum sucking worthless pigs need a third eye.

    • The fact of the matter is Those German Men don’t have any balls. There allowing the Muslims to take there women and children and do as they wish.
      That’s how your wonderful authorities are viewing Islam as peaceful? Wake-Up you dumb Asses. There’s no such thing as peaceful Islam, read there Koran.

    • There was s time when a man or father would never have put up with this. The German people have lost their balls , no longer the brave nation they once we’re (excluding any Nazi scum). They were known in history as warriors now they are known as wosses. No longer man but half faggots and cowards. I thank God for not letting something like this not happen to my girls as I promise you that the police would not find the bodies of these bastards.

  4. These COWARDS should be captured, gorged with pigs blood and their bodies cut into pieces and displayed publicly for several days. This would insure they would NOT be destined for paradise!

  5. One of the Hebrew definitions of Ishmael’s name, means wild, savage man. It’s very appropriate for some of these men (boys) that perpetrated this crime. The laws of any civilization should be obeyed, regardless of ethnicity. If these savages don’t obey the laws, and you are afraid to enforce it, then get out of the country with them! That child is your FIRST responsibility. She needs protection! Not just sympathy! Do your jobs! Here too! This country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, stop beating around that Bush! Socialism is no where near that!!! Come back to what works. If you’re not able to care for the children, put a stone around your own neck, and jump in the ocean! Our Lord, no matter what faith, wants the children taken care of first!

  6. sound familiar. that’s happening here in america now with illegal immigrants. they rape, murder, steal, and flood the country with drugs. and then their never held accountable for their crimes. let back in to society to commit the same crimes again. while americans and even germans are charged with the same crimes and sent to jail. what happened to this young girl should’ve never happened but incidences like this is happening across europe and is happening here as well. these criminals should have their junk cut off and made enuchs. maybe then they will think twice before they do it again.

  7. The identity of the culprits remains a secret? Hmmmm….let’s do this by the process of elimination. I’m confident we can eliminate Methodist, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, Baptists, Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Lutherans, Seventh Day Adventists, Buddhists, and every other religion except ONE….Think about it, people. Think!

  8. It’s not only Germany that’s hiding information like this, a lot of the other European countries are experiencing the same in rape crimes. It’s been well documented by politicians to tell the police to stand down or don’t release statistics to the public. It’s gonna make its way into mainstream America soon if immigration isn’t policed. They’ve already started desensitizing young children in the United States to crimes of this nature,by changing school regulation on sexual education programs.

  9. We are ‘Dumb and Dumber’ in Washington DC, the Pentagon as well, and repeating the horrible mistakes of Western Europe, the UK, and Australia..

    As they say.. …You can take the man out of the cave, but, you may not take the cave out of the man..

    Such people are rabid animals, and should be treated accordingly.

  10. Negroes and Muslims. It’s always Negroes and Muslims. Noah should have let the die in the Flood. They both live by the law of the pirate – Take everything you can, and put nothing back.

  11. There is a need to rescue the term “Liberalism” and several other euphemisms which are used by the “Left” to sully some great ideas. Liberalism has a “good” history for making words meaning “giving, generousity, and other good things.” a “bad rap”. By allowing the “Left” the ability to misuse words, with cognition overpowering definition, we are trashing the culture.

  12. America fought long and hard to become a civilized country. We went from needing to carry protection to not needing to fear for our safety. Now thanks to our political leaders importing people from semi-civilized countries and the radicalization of some of our own citizens we are needing to go back to carrying protection. Except our political leaders are trying their best to keep law abiding people from being able to protect ourselves from our newest threats.

  13. How are the Radical Islamic Muslim rapist and criminal infiltrators working for you Angela Merkle ? How can she allow these animals to get away with such horrible crimes, and the people of Germany aren’t allowed to accuse or talk about the crimes of these Radicals .
    This is coming to America as we speak !

    • The rapists have a good defense and will probably get off. If the girl was not dressed per Islamic law she is considered a whore and deserves to be raped. We must adapt to their culture when they are let into ours.

  14. Before The US became the civilized country that was envisioned for itself while at the time it was necessary to carry weapons for protection from people who refused to act in a civilized manor is where we are going again. All of that progress is evaporating while at the same time some people think no one should be able to protect themselves. Our own Govt. brought in people from regions in the world where acting and behaving civilized is a foreign concept and dumped these uncultured heathens on law abiding citizens. NWO is forcing everyone to pay with our lives for their agenda.

  15. Unless these pig ignorant retards are removed back to their own countries the RAPE AND SEXUAL ABUSE OF ALL WOMEN AND GIRLS IN EUROPE AND BEYOND WILL ONLY ESCALATE. iT IS ONLY THE UNCARING SELF ELECTED ASSHOLES IN BRUSSELS WE HAVE TO THANK FOR THIS. But these hypocrites won’t do anything as long as it is the girls and women of Europe that are being raped and sexually abused as well as MURDERED and not those in Brussels. Integration with animals from the jungle will never work and this NEW WORLD ORDER instruction MUST BE IGNORED and migration as such stopped.

  16. I have great respect for British troops when I trained there with them at Aldershot base. The local police were always considered a joke. Now I know why.

  17. What about the child who was gang raped? Who is protected her rights? It’s hard enough for an adult to survive gang rape. How much harder must it be for a child? Some women can’t recover from rape at all. Some it takes years just to recover enough to have a normal relationship.I was date raped when I was 18, I didn’t trust a man enough to marry until I was 28. If my husband hadn’t been the gentlest man I ever knew I don’t know if I could have done it even then.

    • Thanks for speaking out. And so sorry it happened to you.
      In England a Muslim rapist was acquitted because “that was accepted in the country he came from” and “didn’t know” it was against the law in England. That’s some excuse.

  18. It’s not where they’re from or what their religion is, it’s that these guys are bad! The same thing happens in America where white so-called “Christian” men are the perps. Look at how often it happens at fraternity or sorority parties.

    • Sorry, that is just not true. In their culture a woman alone is considered fair game, especially if she willingly enters a home without a male relative. The testimony would not even be heard in their courts, because she is a woman without collaborating witness. It is a cultural, sharia law, thing. Yes, there are evil people in every culture, but some cultures actually give excuse to commit horror on those who do not follow their rules.

    • Name one legitimate case of gang rape occurring at a Frat party. Don’t even mention the false claim against the La Cross team that was proven a scam by the so called victim. There may be cases of frat party rape occurring between a drunk boy and a drunk girl where they were both impaired to the point of not making reasonable decisions for themselves but it is nothing like the epidemic of gang rape in European countries by Middle Eastern “Asylum Seekers”, who are the people committing the rapes there. Islam teaches that if a woman does not show the correct amount of modesty and cover every inch of her body and dares to go in public without a male member of her family escorting her that she is a whore that deserves to be punished for her sins. These men committing the rapes truly believe that they are doing God’s work on earth and their actions will make them righteous and get them into heaven. Does that mean all Muslim men are that fanatical no. However, there is a huge number that are and that is the problem. Sticking your head in the sand and denying it will not make it go away. We need to stop worrying about offending a culture that does not care if they offend ours and don’t respect women as they should while demanding respect for their own beliefs.

    • So called Christian men, so they are not Christian and not men, the problem is so much of the world has turned away from God and the devil has entered in. When the devil enters in you and we turn away from the bible the books of God teaching and the rules for our lives, the free will give the devil free rein over us. God has the strength to forgive and to heal.
      i once read if we don’t stand against the wrong today, we will tolerate tomorrow, and will not be long till it is excepted as norm.

    • Yes it matters what faith they truly belief and not all that call themselves Christians are Christians for the bible tells us that but by our fruits we will now if we are truly Christian’s
      If they truly believe with all their heart in Jesus and the God’s Bible and love their neighbors as thyself
      People wouldn’t be doing not only this kind of sin are any other kinds of sin adultery, stealing, killing God gave us ten commandments Exodus 20: 1- 17 and the first four commandments are about him and the last six are about how we should live
      No man made law will stop this except Jesus
      Jesus deals with the soul n man deals with the flesh
      If man n woman go back to reading and believing God’s word that was written over 2000 years ago instead of man written books to solve man’s problems
      We can make and change laws to fit our sins but God’s commandments has never changed in over 2000 years
      God destroyed this world once Genesis 6:11-13 once because of this reason
      If people don’t believe this then there is no hope for us
      Christmas is coming lets celebrate the birth of son of God
      Who not only came to save us but to change our wicked heart
      For this is my prayer for all man kind
      In Jesus name

    • WTF,where did you get your facts from, what a completely unsubstantiated ignorant thing to say but what you would you expect from a far left idiot like yourself

    • Hey JR this is typical of your kind pointing fingers at others,I’d we already forget about Mr. (and I use the term lightly,)EpSTEINand Mr. WienSTEIN I don’t believe they were good Jewboys, so as I said before you point fingers look in your own backyardasshole.

  19. Why do you say “thanks to” when attributing a vicious act to someone or something? You mean, of course, “due to” or “because of.” “Thanks” is an expression of gratitude. It’s entirely the wrong word for rape of a fourteen-year-old and other similar acts for which none of us would be thankful for.

  20. If the Germans allow this to continue it will only get worse. Islam is a product of hell. It knows no peace only violence and hatred.

    • Anyone ask the local Muslim leaders what they think about this? Do they condemn this activity?
      The Koran says that women and children will not be harmed. These morons are going to face ‘Allah’ and be sent to Hell for eternity!!

  21. The left is demonically evil and they sick as good communist the destruction of the cultures of the world so they can instill the culture that they want to impose on the world. They need to be destroyed I don’t mean verbally they physically need to be destroyed, as they will have this world living in sin total send it make you except it or lose your life but in the end they will lose their’s forever.

  22. Absolutely disgraceful! Every time I see a progressive sycophant echoing their group lust for America to be more “European,” I fall back on thoughts of these very situations. Just like here, when an Illegal Alien kills a US citizen, and the leftist mobs rush to denounce conservatives for demanding justice. They call us “Nationalists” for such outrageous behavior…then I guess I Am A Nationalist. A first generation one, at that. God help this 14 year old Child, that she may heal and be able to lead a normal life. And may God punish the animal, Islamic excrement that carry out their “Rape Cultures” in their newly adopted homes…and punish the enablers that allow these evils to propagate.

  23. I believe the germans have got to drop this guilt complex that has been forced on them since the war like a breaking a chain with a dead weight from around their neck. This BS has gone on long enough. Then they can see things for what they really are and take proper action. You cannot blame a whole country for something that a dictatorship had conceived and the 70 years of indocrination after the war has had its effect. What I’m really surprised of is that I think Britain has let themselves go down this hole even more so than mainland Europe and they weren’t under the intense brainwashing the germans were under, starting with their children in the school systems which we had a part in implementing after the war.

  24. If you want this to stop then you need to send a strong message. Those guilty of the rape are immediately after a fair trail sent to prison for no less then 15 years and then immediately deported back to the Middle East. Where the rest of there families will already be waiting for them in the Middle East. They were offered sanctuary
    And repaid it with rape and violence.



  26. George Bush said:”This is not a war against Islam” but it is. Christians believe we should forgive our enemies,Muslims believe we should KILL them. Which is the savage?

  27. Today, I told my German dentist, that as I had practiced immigration law, it was my experience and knowledge that the Moslem religion is essentially antithetical to Western values. Although she acknowleged that there was a dramatic increase in anti-semitism, she bristled when I advised her of my opinion!

  28. Like when convicted of stealing in their home countries – they cut off a hand… they should have their penises cut off! If not get the death sentence! Or leave them each in a room alone with the girls relatives for half an hour.

  29. I think this is insane. What you happened to our children. We should protect them first. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from you do the crime you do the time. We need to close all the borders to stop the crimes.

  30. Even though we in the U. S. are used to the Liberal cover up of crimes by non-white inhabitants, we are even slower to acknowledge that Muslims are much more prone to commit violent crimes. In the Islamic world, crimes against women are dismissed as irrelevant. and that philosophy doesn’t change just because they decide to come to the U.S.. The media usually doesn’t even reveal the perpetrators if they are Muslims, and pictures of the guilty rarely accompany any news stories in those cases. The fact that Islam and freedom are incompatible will not be surfaced.

  31. Merkel destroyed Germany by accepting all of these immigrant and so called asylum seekers and ordering the Police to protect them. The Police need to go back to enforcing the old German law

  32. The West needs to understand that there is a war going on between Christianity and freedom versus Islam and shariah law. Liberals believe in tolerance while Islamists believe that those who don’t follow Islam are infidels. In some cases they are allowed to practice their faith but must pay a tax and cannot convert others to their faith. In other cases they must convert to Islam or die.

  33. I am a Muslim and I don’t believe in violence.

    I read the Quraan regularly and I study the life of Prophet Mohammed (mpbuh) and neither in the Quraan or in the Prophetic tradition is violence being preached.

    I am in contact with hundreds of Muslims and the vast majority are very peaceful. There are a few that may have a short fuse, but they should know their limits and are not above the law. If they do act out, know that it is not condoned by the majority of the Muslim population.

    I live in a multicultural society and I see elements of peace and violence among many different cultures…..and it is usually a minority in any faith based group that acts in this way. It would not be fair to paint the entire population with the same brush as a small deviant minority.

    Rape, sexual assault, gender based violence in any form cannot be tolerated in any society and any person guilty should face repercussions.

    Given an opportunity I and many other Muslims would certainly stand up against anyone whether they be Muslim or of other (or of no) faith who engages any of the above heinous crimes.

    Instead of building walls, let us build bridges and find common ground and stand against these vices wherever they may occur

    May Peace be with you

  34. This should Never be allowed! The citizens of Germany need first to remove the idiotic officials, then the problem of migrants! Send them back!

  35. THis is sick. The govt officials should be ashamed of them selves. Go home and look at your wife and daughter (if you have one) and imagine they could be NEXT.Everybody seems so afraid of hurting one of the monsters and their (RIGHTS) that we push the victim away. Our world has gotten very weak when they let 2 Supreme Court judges say they have used SHaria law to judge a case. WHAT? Are they stupid? Are they antiAmerican? These left wing mentally disturbed people , need to be locked away. BUt nowadays, we shake their hand and say “Watch yourself”! DOnt do this again! WHAT A JOKE THESE PEOPLE ARE. THEY ARE DISGUSTING SUB-HUMANS.

  36. You all are sick and say racist, bigoted horrid things. Most of you who claim to be Christian are clearly doing the devils work. Ye shall be judged harshly as you have judged others. See you in hell bitches!

  37. How twisted society has become, protecting those who commit crimes, giving in constantly to the “special interest groups” because companies and advertisers (amongst others) are afraid to stand up for what they believe is right. This country as well as the world, is becoming a giant cesspool of vile, putrid, no good politicians who care more about “not offending,” that they completely ignore everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    • “Reverend “Kurt Schnaffer

      You are as vile and sick in your rhetoric as the worst of them.
      In fact, the poison you spew out is as bad as I have ever heard. Disguise your crap as “Godly”.
      Dagon perhaps. How dare you pose to represent the God of Love? Your words make my Spirit cringe.

  38. Why oh why are police not protecting citizens in their countries but instead, fail to arrest and prosecute foreign offenders that have been identified committing crimes.
    Does the saying, “It’s always the money!”, apply? Or is it votes which lead to power and money?

  39. Since you are not German, don’t even presume to know what goes on in their society. Your article is Muehl – that’s German, look up what it means.

    • Es hat nichts mit Deutschsein zu tun. Auf der ganzen Welt ist es dasselbe. Politiker interessieren sich mehr für “Special Interest Groups” und die LGBTQ-Community und weniger für alle anderen.

  40. Wonder if Germany has set up “Sanctuary Cities” like some Liberal States have established?? There’s gonna come a point when a new Hitler is elected to control this insanity!!

  41. They will not and are unable to simulate into our Christian Judeo culture. They desire to take over the world . Can’t people wake up to their admission to that .

  42. You might say, what do I care , that happened in Germany. Well, that is what the socialist in our country want for us, The type of jurisprudence that is now taking form in Germany, leftist want for you here in the U.S.A.

    • Rev. K Schaffer : You’re absolutely correct; as you know it’s a spiritual war we’re in, and we need to stay grounded in the word. And to overlook the invectives & vitriol coming out of left field which serves no good purpose.

  43. Well. What comes around goes around. Catholic and Protestant Germans did these to millions during the Holocaust. What comes around goes around!

  44. This is PRECISELY why we DO NOT have “open borders” as per GLOBAL elites pushing their Socialism/Communism policies. Our U.S. Citizens come FIRST and trumps ANY UN policies trying to NEGATE our Sovereignty. Anyone attempting to do so need to be removed ASAP to their country of origin, NEVER to return. YOU are NOT welcome

  45. A tall tree and a short piece of rope should take care of this situation.To rape a 14 yr. old girl,sick bastards.All cultures are not alike.This bullshit that the liberals are spouting off about,is pure sickness.Some cultures are not for the best interest for the rest of the world.

  46. That’s bullshit protecting illegals. People better get a handle on this situation. Problems are coming to a head. Then the situation will get out of control.

  47. Germany is totally lost as a country and society unless the citizens rise up and clean house politically. I can’t imagine the men of Germany tolerating this unless they’ve been totally wussified.

    • They’ve been arrested and sent to jail for protesting. The EU and UN is behind this. Research the Kalergi Plan. A new book comes out next year, hopefully before elections. Title: World Beyond Reason: The Orwellian Factor. Buy it! Read it! You’ll know what to do. There may be two volumes. If you have read many books, or don’t usually read, READ this book(s)!!!

  48. That is so unbelievable, How dare they protect the criminals, it’s not racism putting out a description of the criminal. It’s just what it is, our cities mainly have issues with latino’s & african americans & illigal immigrants flooding in from S. america. So proud of our WALL going up! Germany must do something, just check out San Fran California

  49. Germany is my home country, which I loved for 75 years of my life. Since then, i. e the last three years, I see with deep sadness, pain, outright horror, and shame, of what has become of Germany, and where it appears to be going. 100 years ago Oswald Spengler wrote a book titled “Der Untergang de Abendlandes” – translates to “The Decline of the (European) West” say Germany, France, Italy, England, Holland, Belgium. He may not have foreseen how this develops in actuality, but in principle he was dead right: Europeans have become a spoiled, careless, mindless mass of people who do not care of what comes tomorrow when our children and their children grow up.
    I migrated to America, where not all is well, but where we have a president who works hard to return people’s understanding of values, ethics, safety for all.
    Shame on you Germans who maintain governments who are a total sell-out to those for whom all are equal, regardless of the consequences, such as 14 year old girls being gang-raped.
    Shame on you!

    • Yeh! U loved the Nazis too? Germany has no right to exist! The genocide committed by Germany still exist. Tens of thousands of your like minded war criminals walk free in Germany.
      You say”where not all is well” referring to America. Why don’t U go back to Germany? Allas Uber Deutschland! Let the Almighty allow more of these “refugees” migrate to Germany and all of Europe. Major countries in Europe were very enthusiastic in solving the Jewish problem. All of Europe should have a tsunami both via nature and the hordes of the middle east. Dummkopf!

  50. They should be tried, and given the maximum time possible in prison, and then deported back to where they come from. This should not be happing to a 14 yr. old girl. Germany

  51. It is perfectly acceptable in the religion of Islam to RAPE girls, or women, so don’t be shocked if it happens, again, and again ! Angela Merkel should have NEVER allowed these people to come into Germany !

  52. This is happening in America with illegals. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party don’t care about the safety of American citizens only the illegals matter.
    When are the American people and European Countries going to wise up. People that come from different parts of the world have different or no values. In there culture it is normal to rape, murder and commit crimes. This shows you can’t have uncivilized people in civilized countries. We must have justice and accountability for all people. Germany is following the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party in treatment of illegals.

  53. I’ve been stationed in the military in West Germany and later Germany. Both times I noticed an unusual amount of foreigners. The cities were overrun with foreign men attempting to date young women. It always looked like a bad situation to me.

  54. This is Germany’s fault for not enforcing laws and being lax!
    German Citizens should come first and not alien rapists!!
    Germany has lost their country
    to another culture! They need to step up and take it back and deport or jail all rapists, etc!
    It’s not too late!!

  55. I have a fried who is a decent person and a religious Muslim. In response to an article claiming Koran allows a man to beat his wife for disobedience I asked him about this. he said that a man is allowed to sort of slap her on the arm. I asked but if she still “disobeys?” He didn’t answer

  56. I pray that this young woman’s life isn’t ruined by these assholes that did this. Those assholes s/b castrated and hung in public for this!

  57. Liberalism is what made america a world leader. Liberalism symbolically became our brothers keepers, liberalism built schools so that we can analyze things before we act. The despicable act of gang rape does not only lie on migrants, and that is also a fact. Liberalism experienced the Boston tea party, free to elect people to government. Etc etc

  58. not unique to the new European liberal left. when David Dinkins was (the first black) mayor of NY perps were never described as black or Hispanic. they were 25 yo males with curly hair flat nose 5’8″ and around 200 lbs…..
    if the public never finds out it never happened……

  59. Middle Eastern, Muslim culture is still in the 4th century AD and won’t change as long they adhere to to the Koran, which recognizes male only culture and will not update. The only way to deal with these people is recognize and punish these idiots and deport all transgressors after serving their sentences.. May take a while but playing along with them is plain stupid.

  60. Animals deserve to be in cages – to call these animals human beings is an insult to humanity – castrations for everyone of the bastards – put them on public display so we can taunt and spit on them and abuse them everyday of their lives – eye for an eye !!!

  61. Germany needs to get her head out of her arse! Fire the current politicians who are in office and elect some who care about the German public”s safety and the German people!

  62. High time to crack down on these savages! Where are the German men! Have they become cowards and refuse to protect their women?
    Wake up and band together! If the Police won’t protect the Women from these marauding rapists maybe it’s vigilante time! And just maybe time to throw them all out BJ if the Country!

    • The American public is ignorant; they have no idea what is going on. it always is the “other guy” . WA K E UP A ME R IC A! YOU’RE NEXT!

  63. Yes, and it’s coming here. We have been invaded by these monster Muslim middle Eastern men, and we will be another Germany as their population grows. They have no respect for our culture. BO infected us with them with the plan to dilute our Judeo Christian culture. They breed like rabbits, and unless they are sent back to their home countries immediately it will be Cowboys and Muslims one of these days

  64. These incidents will unfortunately continue for as long as there is no limit and scrutiny regarding the large amount of “refugees” that Germany,as well as the rest of the EU admit into their nations.Many if not all of the subjects perpetrating these crimes are from Middle Eastern origin and enter as “asylum seekers” only to turn around and trample the laws of the nations that admitted them.The “Open Borders” system has been a failure.

    • my wife is at a business meeting tonight. perhaps I should escort her home. and bring my 12 gauge cruiser grip with buckshot. NY used too be a Judeo-Christian town. Now there are more hijabs than yarmulkas.

  65. Savages from the Satanic spawned religion, Islam, show their true colors – again! Muhammed was a tool of the devil. Women are chattels.


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